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The Dragon that stole my Heart (Malereader X Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) by ArenFera1870
The Dragon that stole my Heart (Ma...by ArenFera
You were a Rogue, Wanted from Numerous Kingdoms but a Hero of Others. Wanting to get away from them, You counseled the Most Powerful Sorcerer of the Land and now you ar...
  • kanna
  • fafnir
  • malereader
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The Spider and The Dragon (Tohru x Spider-Man) by wtjohnston6
The Spider and The Dragon (Tohru x...by wtjohnston6
Yuuto doesn't know where he is or what happened to him. And he doesn't remember anything about who he was. Read an action packed story about love, family, and becoming...
  • misskobayashisdragonmaid
  • romance
  • japan
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Dragon Sweethearts (Kanna x Saikawa) Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Fanfic [FIN] by JaffaDJGirl
Dragon Sweethearts (Kanna x Saikaw...by Jess Jaffa
Saikawa finally builds up the courage to make a move on Kanna. But as they are so young, Tohru wants to put a stop to their relationship so Kanna doesn't get hurt. Will...
  • dragon
  • kanna
  • saikawaxkanna
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Lustful yet sweet to me? by KK_Read_it
Lustful yet sweet to me?by KK_Read_it
(Kanna X Saikawa) In this story Kanna and Saikawa grow up as teens with a roller coaster of emotions from sad to happy, infuriating to delightful, maybe even innocent to...
  • maid
  • anime
  • crossover
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The dragon hero ( bnha x kanna reader ) by steven326977
The dragon hero ( bnha x kanna rea...by steven326977
Y/n is a dragon, no her quirk is not dragon like. She is a real dragon means she is way older then you see. She is now going to U.A. and becoming a hero. But being a dra...
  • femalereader
  • kanna
  • crossover
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Deku's Dragon Maid by All_Mighty_Loki
Deku's Dragon Maidby All_Mighty_Loki
What if while walking home Izuku stumbled upon an injured Tohru. Izuku then shows Tohru that humans aren't so bad. To repay the young boy Tohru become his maid. She also...
  • dragonmaid
  • bnha
  • kanna
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kanna x reader by Otaku_Jade
kanna x readerby kanna look a like
you are a middle schooler that just started school. And when you meet the most cutest girl you have ever seen, you feel a weird but compelling feeling about her. (it's n...
  • kanna
Riko Saikawa x Kanna (Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) by Vindicus152
Riko Saikawa x Kanna (Kobayashi's...by Vindictive
Simply put, this story is about how Riko falls in love with Kanna. Though, let's face it, love with a dragon is going to be difficult.
  • saikawa
  • kobayashisdragonmaid
  • kanna
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Hallowed End by MlleMary
Hallowed Endby Mary
Lucy déménage dans la petite ville de Magnolia à la réputation plus que controversée. Ostracisée, isolée du reste de Fiore, des histoires de monstres et de fantômes cour...
  • kanna
  • stingue
  • nalu
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/A Knight at Kobayashi's/ Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid x male reader by Hobo_writer
/A Knight at Kobayashi's/ Miss Kob...by H080-Wr1t3r
YN LN is a knight from the other world, who came to earth for one purpose to hunt down and kill Tohru.
  • elma
  • xmalereader
  • misskobayashi
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The dragon tamer ( bnha x male reader x dragon maid ) by steven326977
The dragon tamer ( bnha x male rea...by steven326977
you are bakugou's the twin brother. you are best friends with midoriya and he calls you nekochan. but one day a villian capture you from your family. you escaped and now...
  • mha
  • bnha
  • bakugou
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Kaguya's daughter by Nofe0419
Kaguya's daughterby Nofe0419
Just an and in case you're interested: Buy Naruto Merch with FREE Shipping here https://narutoeverything.com use Code (nofe) for a 10% Discount *** Nanami Ōtsutsuki is t...
  • hagoromo
  • otsutsuki
  • sakura
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Miss Kobayashi's... cousin!? by Chubby_Pervert
Miss Kobayashi's... cousin!?by Chubby_Pervert
You, (Y/n), are moving to Japan to live with your cousin, though, you find it interesting that she's a lesbian. warning, fluff!!!! Btw, the reader is Kanna's age and thi...
  • xreader
  • misskobayashidragonmaid
  • childreader
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Keiji Shinogi x reader (The death game) by UnkilluableKillua
Keiji Shinogi x reader (The death...by UnkilluableKarma
this is a Keiji Shinogi x reader story im making with my friend i hope you enjoy
  • reko
  • nao
  • deathgame
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True Love??!? *ON HOLD*(Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid Tohru X Female Reader!)  by Kadohki
True Love??!? *ON HOLD*(Miss Kobay...by Kaylee~
This a fanfiction between the beautiful Y/N ( Your Name ) and the lovely Tohru!
  • tohru
  • misskobayashisdragonmaid
  • kanna
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Various Oneshots by Deotakukids
Various Oneshotsby Deotakukids
Oneshots of anything and everything. It can be a straight ship, or hella gay. It can be cute and fluffy, or angsty and emo. It's up to you our dear readers. Hope you enj...
  • hitoshi
  • yoi
  • viktuuri
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Our Daughter is A Dragon! by YukinaFrost
Our Daughter is A Dragon!by Ai
This is my first Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid fanfiction. It's a crossover and this is the Hunter x Hunter Version. I'm planning to make some book like this again with a...
  • machi
  • kanna
  • geneiryodan
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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OneShots! by explodingemos
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OneSh...by Jay
Why aren't there any more books about this anime??
  • lucoa
  • reader
  • romance
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Mysteries unfolding- Kanna x Saikawa (On Hold Before Final Chapter) by Whitewhisper221
Mysteries unfolding- Kanna x Saika...by Whitewhisper221
A boy asked Kanna out but she rejected him, she is popular with guys, but is she even into them?
  • dragon
  • saikawa
  • misskobayashisdragonmaid
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Kobayashi-san Maid Dragon One Shots! by Feena_The_Killer
Kobayashi-san Maid Dragon One Shot...by uwu
Character X Character Character X Reader Boy X Boy Girl X Girl Girl X Boy I take any request! No HARDCORE lemon pls ^^
  • lucoa
  • tohru
  • shouta
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