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Remnant Decade (Abused Kamen Rider Male Reader x RWBY Harem) by Time_King
Remnant Decade (Abused Kamen Zero_Point
Y/n Rose always being abused by his father, Tai because Y/n don't have any Semblance. Ruby and Yang just can see you being abuse. Summer don't know about this. He will a...
Highschool DxD X The Ruler of Time and The Destroyer of World's by Assassin1177
Highschool DxD X The Ruler of Assassin1177
What if the Kamen rider's power leaked into the world of highschool dxd and has gotten the attention of the ruler of time nd the destroyer of world's now these two must...
Second Chance [OLD VERSION] by laurachelseaa_
Second Chance [OLD VERSION]by Laura
What some people don't realise is the person you love the most can also be the person to hurt you the most. Charlotte Evans had been in love with her best friend since s...
Power Of Decade & Zi-O In Hentai World by jonathanwynn777
Power Of Decade & Zi-O In Hentai Ultimate Lightning 2.0
Soren use to live an normal life until fighting a Rider War and survive now wielding both powers from two different Kamen Riders, he travel a world that is endanger. Fig...
Car Crash Hearts-m.f by chanelwhoree
Car Crash Hearts-m.fby Harry’s maid
It's the year of 1996 in the small town of Wimberly, Texas. The new kid on the block; Harry Styles, has the balls to go up against everything that makes a teenager royal...
Senran Kagura/Queens Blade:Next Decade by jonathanwynn777
Senran Kagura/Queens Blade:Next Ultimate Lightning 2.0
Not Male Reader Jonathan Azure was reincarnated to world of Senran Kagura and become a hero but unfortunately like his luck from the boy former life it's........not good...
Herrscher of the Beginning: He Who Transcends the End by Kaizuriel
Herrscher of the Beginning: He Ohma Emperor Azrael
Time. A concept that has existed ever since the start of everything, time takes away lives, time takes away functionality, time takes away powers, time is endless. It de...
senki zesshou symphogear X Kamen rider Zi-o (Male reader insert) by JakTsu3
senki zesshou symphogear X Kamen Eliseo Flores
(Y/N) have lost his family by the Noice the only family that he have left was his sister Snow. But sadly she died, before she die. She left something for (Y/N). She left...
Fairy tail Harem x kamen rider Decade: Fairy Tail's greatest distroyed of worlds by JustinTurner855
Fairy tail Harem x kamen rider Kamen Rider Anime 555
Y/n L/n have been travelling to different A.R world's for years after he was given the neo driver by Tsukasa. In one january he arrived at a new A.R world with no riders...
It's not pink! It's magenta! Mina Ashido X Childhood friend Male reader by Lucky-Leaf-Studios
It's not pink! It's magenta! luckyleafstudios
Two childhood friends decide to become heroes together. But one of them only gets their power through cards. An almost useless quirk compared to other heroes like All Mi...
Kamen Rider Zi-O - Dark Time by MitchellDonnelly
Kamen Rider Zi-O - Dark Timeby Mitchell Donnelly
In one of of the many Kamen Rider worlds, Y/n, is a normal young man, until his homeworld was destroyed. But just when he was about to die, he was saved by a cloaked man...
bruise  ⟡  hs  by DEATHLY-THRILLED
bruise ⟡ hs by ASH
⟡ It's 1983 when amateur fighter and professional bum, Harry, gets the chance of a lifetime to make a name for himself in the boxing world, as well as getting the chance...
Kamen rider Decade X Marvel: Journey throughout the Marvel universe  by JustyTurner
Kamen rider Decade X Marvel: New Kamen rider anime 555
The universe is huge and the Marvel universe is one of them with many hero's fighting crime and saving the world against evil super Villains and saving the world against...
Kamen Rider Neo Decade by kaikun47
Kamen Rider Neo Decadeby kaikun47
Three years after the defeat of Gyze, Shindou Chrono wanting to get into college to learn astrophysics, but his life has changed after he received his neo decadriver and...
Kamen rider Decade X Animeverse by Doctmar123
Kamen rider Decade X Animeverseby Rider Anime Lover
The young man loses all his memory doesn't known his parents. After 10 years later, he worked the photographer living his adoptive grandfather and sister. But there is a...
Super Sentai Gokai Red Male x Pretty Cure Star Twinkle by TrueRisingFTW
Super Sentai Gokai Red Male x TrueRising
What happen when a red space pirate arrives on Earth? Why is he here? What is his goal? Who are these new powerful enemies? Little do the people of Earth know, these new...
Overlord or Hero?(Kamen Rider Zi-O male reader x my hero academia) by EXGogeta
Overlord or Hero?(Kamen Rider The ultimate exfusion
The Heisei Area of Kamen Riders,a time full of brave hero's who would risk their lives to protect the hopes, dreams and smiles of people has passed and the next generati...
Kamen rider decade x akame ga kill(the destroyer/saviors of the dark world) by GiaNghiemVoQuoc
Kamen rider decade x akame ga GiaNghiemVoQuoc
The traveler/destroyer has enter the world it seem to be normal but behind of it is the dark side of it,the corrputed was everywhere destroying and rulling people life m...
Historical Faceclaims by city85
Historical Faceclaimsby much aesthetic ~
➞ faceclaims for different ages, eras, decades, years, etc! ➞ diverse!
Super Sentai/Kamen Rider Oneshots (SLOW UPDATES) by MaidenAndPirate
Super Sentai/Kamen Rider Maddy & Mei
Authors: 👑 & 💎 This Oneshot book contains oneshots with different Male OR Female Rangers from Super Sentai (mostly male) AND Kamen Rider Characters (Male OR Female). I...