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Kamen sentai group chat by AriaGuardian
Kamen sentai group chatby AruIzLost
Ever wonder what happen if the kamen rider and the super sentai have a group chat? Well here it is, I don't own neither two nor the cover, along with the pictures used i...
Kamen Rider Decade X Senki Zesshou Symphogear (male reader Insert) by datguyjax
Kamen Rider Decade X Senki datguyjax
A new Decade is forced to go on a Journey within a new world, what types of people will he meet on it? Y/N will need to face new challenges in it. Will he destroy the wo...
The Destroyer of Worlds (Kamen Rider x DxD) by DecadeDark
The Destroyer of Worlds (Kamen DecadeDark
A Being in a armor of sorts could be seen walking up to the Abandoned Churches door His Visors glowed setting in a unpleasant aura as he walked into the church ...
Fairy tail zero x kamen rider decade(the destroyer become a guradian) by amazon3623624
Fairy tail zero x kamen rider amazon3623624
This is the story how tusaka know about fairy tail worlds and why he get sougo and his friend to that worlds,well all will be reveal in this spin of the jounery of kamen...
Fate Grand Decade by jonathanwynn777
Fate Grand Decadeby Ultimate Lightning 2.0
Yn Ln is chosen by Kamen Rider Decade traveling different worlds saving it until Tsukasa gave special cards to help him fight his biggest battles that he grew up with an...
Fairy tail Harem x kamen rider Decade: Fairy Tail's greatest distroyed of worlds by JustinTurner855
Fairy tail Harem x kamen rider Kamen Rider Anime 555
Y/n L/n have been travelling to different A.R world's for years after he was given the neo driver by Tsukasa. In one january he arrived at a new A.R world with no riders...
Decade/Super Mega Red of Union World by jonathanwynn777
Decade/Super Mega Red of Union Ultimate Lightning 2.0
Not Male Reader Soren Azure from Normal World until Kodaya Tsukasa the first Decade chose him to go Union World of Anime World too save it from Villain Alliance and res...
Kamen Ride: Arifureta by Ronindzsuwito
Kamen Ride: Arifuretaby DZSuwito
Tsukasa, Kaito, and Natsumi are now teleported into a world without Kamen Riders and most importantly alongside a white haired guy with guns and his harem
DxD: Return The Decade by Shimuza
DxD: Return The Decadeby Shimuza
Issei as Kamen Rider Decade, that's all. Warning: AU Don't own anything pls don't sue me ;-;
Second Chance [OLD VERSION] by laurachelseaa_
Second Chance [OLD VERSION]by Laura
What some people don't realise is the person you love the most can also be the person to hurt you the most. Charlotte Evans had been in love with her best friend since s...
My Hero Academia: The Hero Legacy by AkiraTigerMask
My Hero Academia: The Hero Legacyby Akira Taiga
Luke Walker is known as the traveling interdimensional hero known as Dimension Hero has fought against his greatest enemy and finished him. He was going home but.... He...
Adventure of the decade by Dratinibro
Adventure of the decadeby Dratinibro
anon is kamen rider decade a person who will save the world and he has just moved to canterlot city to finish school but he did not know he would help a pony princess sa...
Solo Gamer ALTERNATIVE by RexCelestial
Solo Gamer ALTERNATIVEby Morax Incognito
A spin-off to my original Solo Gamer book, what if Y/N not only achieved the Shadow Sovereign ability but also taken all the Kamen Rider belts and Ultraman transformatio...
The Joker: On thin ice by moo43276
The Joker: On thin iceby Mitchell Gardner
Luan has always been one to look on the bright side, but with her siblings turned into half human-half element beings and Marshall somewhere in Kaiba Corp's network, sh...
Kamen Rider Decade X MLB: Miraculous Decade (Slow update) by Kamenriderfan2005
Kamen Rider Decade X MLB: Kamenriderfan2005
Bad at Description Disclaimer: I do not own anything of Kamen rider Decade or Miraculous Ladybug, their respectful owners do. (I'll think of a description later)
Super Sentai/Kamen Rider Oneshots (SLOW UPDATES) by MaidenAndPirate
Super Sentai/Kamen Rider The Realm's Guides
Authors: 👑 & 💎 This Oneshot book contains oneshots with different Male OR Female Rangers from Super Sentai (mostly male) AND Kamen Rider Characters (Male OR Female). I...
KING OF TIME by Dragondiego
KING OF TIMEby Dragondiego
Naruto aquel niño despreciado por su familia y su aldea por no poseer poder de hyubi se convertirá en el rey de tiempo junto a sus aquellos que siempre lo cuidaron y apo...
Kamen Rider Neo Decade by kaikun47
Kamen Rider Neo Decadeby kaikun47
Three years after the defeat of Gyze, Shindou Chrono wanting to get into college to learn astrophysics, but his life has changed after he received his neo decadriver and...
How Train your Dragon x Kamen Rider Decade by Assassin1177
How Train your Dragon x Kamen Assassin1177
During race to the edge a mysterious boy named Lucas appeared and has has been living on dragons edge for awhile but he is no longer an ordinary boy he is now Kamen Ride...