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Whelve' (fempercy x batfam) by eveaning_stars
Whelve' (fempercy x batfam)by LJ
We are back on track:) I kind of got an obsession with fempercy x batfam and read them all, so while i wait for the amazing writers to update i might as well donate my c...
Batmom & Batfamily Imagines 『√』 by problematicwoman-
Batmom & Batfamily Imagines 『√』by Kaz Rose
A book full of imagines / oneshots about the batbrats and their father. Oh of course you as their girlfriends or their badass mother! Hope you enjoyed. [This book was...
Love Charms and Donuts (JenLisa) by TheMissusM
Love Charms and Donuts (JenLisa)by M
An attempt has been made by the author to write a fluffy JenLisa fanfiction. Credits: Awesome artworks used as a cover and in chapters are from artist @kookomik (thank y...
Injustice and Injustice 2 Imagines by batmanwife13
Injustice and Injustice 2 Imaginesby batmanwife13
Another original book. Message me if you have any requests!! If it says: Injustice (1), it's Injustice: Gods Among Us If it says: Injustice (2), it's Injustice 2.
The Bird and The Sea by PJfanforever
The Bird and The Seaby Daughter of Khione
After the giant war, Percy Jackson is pulled into a portal and thrust into another dimension. How will he deal with this? And will he ever go home.
A Crazy  Summer (COMPLETED) by Hazelkit_25
A Crazy Summer (COMPLETED)by Hazelkit Writes ♡
During summer vacation girl from America went to a Province called Patio Elloisa.. And then she me a girl named Lalisa.. They became friends, they only see each othe...
The Sea's Princess ▶️ by siMP_666
The Sea's Princess ▶️by weeb
REWRITE DESCRIPTION Percy Jackson is running from her past After an interesting in counter with the vigilante known as Batman she finds herself becoming the daughter of...
STORM.    (Young Justice and Percy Jackson ) by AbiMorwani
STORM. (Young Justice and Percy...by AbiMorwani
All rights reserved Percy and the Justice League and the young Justice
The New Brother (PJO and the Batfamily Crossover) by Unifin21
The New Brother (PJO and the Batfa...by Unifin21
All his friends die in the second Giant War, and when he comes home he finds something unexpected. Embark on an exciting journey with many twists and turns throughout th...
Persephony Jackson (PercyJackson x Justice league) by eveaning_stars
Persephony Jackson (PercyJackson x...by LJ
I'm older. Monsters are more afraid now and avoid me for easier pray. I got a job and started my own business. everything is now normal. Ya that didn't last. Find out ho...
Ask YJ, JL, Batfam! by ImmaGeminiBitch
Ask YJ, JL, Batfam!by Scarlett Wing Pax
Yes another ask or dare book 😅 we have: ships beating up people hugs and many more things! just send me some questions and dares 😓😓😓😓😩 I do NOT own ANY of the phot...
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The Phantom Of A Bat by mysteri1425
The Phantom Of A Batby mysteri1425
Summary : The Young Justice ran across a teenager while on their way solving their mission. As the Batfamily make their way into the teenager's life they stumbled upon t...
Batfam Mafia by Sammy_freak
Batfam Mafiaby Sammy
Instead of superheroes protecting Gotham it was ruined by mafia groups. That we're either good or bad or just both. Since no mafia group was just good they have at least...
The Return of the Miraculous (ML x JL crossover) by Rosie_Rose1405
The Return of the Miraculous (ML x...by Rosie_Rose1405
Marinette thought when she defeated Hawkmoth, she and the other holders of the Miraculous would finally rest. No trouble, no more Ladybug, Ryuko, King Monkey. And if the...
BEST PART by limaleokim
This is just JENLISA One shoot story, not to short not long! Ps: Lisa - G!P (18+)
 Warriors In Love by Romanita85
Warriors In Loveby Emilin
Dicen que los dioses deben estar juntos pero como la mitología lo ha probado esos dioses inmortales mueren por los humanos, Steve Trevor enseñó a Diana Prince lo que era...
The Killer's Return by that-weird-reader
The Killer's Returnby that-weird-reader
When Tony Zucco breaks out of prision with a plan to take on Robin, the Young Justice team is in charge of taking him back where he belongs. ~{I don't own DC comics, or...
The Magician of Justice by Middernacht1
The Magician of Justiceby Ga'Hoole
Wrote this when I was on a humanitarian trip in Nepal about a year ago I felt disgusted my team mates took their phones for granted there while I only had a journal. the...
💖DC One Shots💖 by FanOfDamianWayne
💖DC One Shots💖by Damian Is Mine
just like the title says, a bunch of one shots about DC characters. I'm open for suggestions.
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Flame Sibling's (HIATUS) V1 by ShipperCC
Flame Sibling's (HIATUS) V1by 🏳️‍🌈
Potter twins are born, one forgotten while the other is viewed as a hero, but instead of the fame getting in his head Godric Sirius Potter cares for his sister, his twin...