Call of Duty Oneshots by brontideandsough
Call of Duty Oneshotsby Madison
Just a bunch of Call of Duty moments between all our favorite characters and the Reader (you)! Some oneshots include characters from, but are definitely NOT limited to: ...
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  • keegan
  • fanfiction
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LOSER by Ashiq_grande
LOSERby Ashiq Mohammed
it's a story about small teenage boy bit sweet story , some mistakes are there , don't mind that, this is my first story.. just read and enjoy it..
  • life
  • simple
  • story
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TF Wolves by Black_Angel_of_White
TF Wolvesby @White_Angel_of_Black_Music
And what if heroes of the "Transformers" turn into wolves? Here I will give a hint of every part of Optimus' and Megatron's story.
  • wolves
  • sentinel
  • optimus
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I Don't Think We're in Nevada Anymore by julescardy
I Don't Think We're in Nevada Jules
oh nose, the TFP Autobots have been sucked through a malfunctioning ground bridge that spat them out in transformers animated! what chaos will ensure? everything from an...
  • magnus
  • optimus
  • humor
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Chasing Fate  (Sentinel & Guide) by MEWills
Chasing Fate (Sentinel & Guide)by Erin Wills
Lafayette "Fate" Robinson is a rejected guide just trying to live out her exile in quiet solitude. She's got everything she could ever want: a house, a dog, an...
  • luna
  • guide
  • curvy
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The not-legit stuff I wanted to write ~ Sentinel/Indigo/ShadowSong by Skyhuntress
The not-legit stuff I wanted to Skyhuntress
Scenes, things and stuff from Sentinel, Indigo and ShadowSong that I wanted to write but aren't actually part of the story and definitely/most likely will never be part...
  • light
  • hard
  • mythic
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|-Betrayed-| {A Transformers Fanfic} by Ghostwave
|-Betrayed-| {A Transformers Ghostwave
[Completed] {Book 3 of The Hidden Twins; Dark of the Moon} They've been given the title of Prime by Primus. When the pair, along with their sparkmates, find out that a l...
  • dotm
  • bumblebee
  • transformers
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The Sentinel by Magenkop
The Sentinelby Magen Kop
Sophia Hunt, a genius bored with catching cheaters, runaway teens, and keeping her sister out of jail; has worked as a private investigator for her entire adult career...
  • romance
  • villain
  • scifi
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Transformers Knights of Primus. by jtprime
Transformers Knights of The Creator
Read and find out
  • transformers5
  • thriller
  • romance
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Hi I'm sentinel  by TFA-Sentinel
Hi I'm sentinel by SENTINEL (PRIME?)
Book about ranting and...... Mostly ranting.
  • autobots
  • sentinel
  • transformers
Brawlhalla: The Story by graylikemysoul
Brawlhalla: The Storyby graylikemysoul
This story of villainous foes and epic heroes, follows many characters. We'll meet in-depth legends along the way. Like Lucien, Bödvar, and Caspian.
  • sentinel
  • scarlet
  • diana
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A little bit of music by Stormywrites
A little bit of musicby Stormy Lian Mariline
The old description truly didnt match this story that well so there wont be one just read if you want to. Just so you know some songs will repeat like god is a woman but...
  • optimus
  • bumblebee
  • prowl
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The unknown present. by Nessa_Prime
The unknown amber
Amber is a normal quiet school girl ,she loves transformers do to it being the only thing to help her through her life but when she stays at her dad's for the summer...
  • jetstorm
  • transformers
  • prowl
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The Death of Hope: Shattered Past Book 6 (Destiny 2) by FactOrFunction
The Death of Hope: Shattered UWantARefund
The annihilation of the Hive from two years ago left the world at peace finally. With the death of James-17 hopefully being the final nail in the coffin, leaving the wor...
  • vanguard
  • sentinel
  • cayde-6
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