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These Paths We Tread by TMWolf
These Paths We Treadby TMWolf
Catherine Wolf has been friends with Sam Witwicky for as long as she can remember, and been in love with him for the past two years. Unfortunately, Sam has been in love...
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Warriors by RenegadePhoenix
Warriorsby Phoenix Skywalker
Sky Witwicky, Sam Witwicky's adopted sister, has a secret. She's not really what she claims to be: a human. Sky was from the planet Cybertron, a planet with a species si...
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A Different World (COMPLETE) by Sboyle92
A Different World (COMPLETE)by FanofFandoms
Anna Stark is the estranged younger sister of Tony Stark. After running away when turning 18 because of the inattention from her brother, she changes her name to Anna Ja...
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Song Quiz by Luna_talia
Song Quizby Ťäĺïæ
The title says it all.
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Intruders in the ghost zone - DP field trip story by SusieIsObsessed
Intruders in the ghost zone - DP f...by Suzanne
Another Danny Phantom field trip story!!! Yay... Only I've got my own huge twist to it. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Danny has not got much left in...
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|Fast and furious| Sunstreaker fanfic  by tfp-fanfiction
|Fast and furious| Sunstreaker fan...by Tf bayverse
I wasn't born as a monster, though my choices certainly have made one, but I can't stop myself... I just can't. Causing pain to others when I'm suffering soothes me... _...
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Danny Phantom: Anti-Gravity by Acrobirdy
Danny Phantom: Anti-Gravityby Acrobirdy
'All the blood that we're bleeding could fill up a broken heart. The secrets we're keeping could be used to light the dark.' When Lancers class is pulled into the ghost...
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Wattpad's Got Talent 2 by music
Wattpad's Got Talent 2by Music & Audio
Calling all lovers of the auditory arts... Wattpad's Got Talent is back for Season 2! That's right! We're back! If you've been yearning for the spotlight once again, sh...
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Grownish (Sky Forster) by milamila82301
Grownish (Sky Forster)by milamila82301
Vic is a new to the college and ends up making a few friends and falling for one of them. let's see how that goes.
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Intertwined Fates (Transformers Fanfic) by LunarStar2798
Intertwined Fates (Transformers Fa...by Minako Namikaze-Uzumaki
*Under editing* You all know of Ratchet as the cranky Medical Officer of the Autobots. What you didn't know was that he once had a sparkmate and a sparkling. Star his sp...
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FIRST KISS (High School Romance - FYI - In need of redrafting/rewrites) by RJRyder
FIRST KISS (High School Romance...by Pseudonymous
Mel and Bryce have been best friends for, like, ever. Bryce looks like a movie star, captains the football team and is the guy in school that all the girls crush on. Bu...
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The Next Step (James) by Lereyi
The Next Step (James)by lereyi
Yasmine is a little ball of energy when a new girl Michelle becomes an A Troupe tensions rise, cliques are exposed, and a little bit of love grows
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Uneasy ~ Transformers [Bayverse] Fanfiction by WaywardBumblebee
Uneasy ~ Transformers [Bayverse] F...by Bee
Elaina Witwicky is Samuel's older sister, who despite wanting to "get the hell out of dodge", is still in her hometown and can't seem to escape the crazy antic...
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Warrior of gold - Sunstreaker fanfiction-  by tfp-fanfiction
Warrior of gold - Sunstreaker fanf...by Tf bayverse
Electra is a 17-year-old girl and on a turning point of her life. After the sudden death of her father, the girl finds something horrifying in an old town somewhere in t...
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Adopted by who now? [DISCONTINUED] (Up For Adoption) by Expo_skeleton
Adopted by who now? [DISCONTINUED]...by Breana Maggard
Alexis Jones who goes by Alex is a 10 year old orphan girl who's parents and her two older brothers died in a car accident when she was a baby, she gets picked and abus...
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Totally Unbothered ▶Grownish by Turtlesstipfallm
Totally Unbothered ▶Grownishby Doodle bop
"I am not changing because of what happened between Kara, Connor, and myself. I am seperating myself from the pain and negativity this is how to remain totally unbo...
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Little One (Transformers Prime/Bayverse/G1) by Harmony_205
Little One (Transformers Prime/Bay...by White_Black
This is a Transformers Prime au fanfiction so basically, there are some added characters from G1, Bayverse, and my Oc. I hope you enjoy! •w• - - - - - Rating: T (I DO NO...
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Trolls: World Tour  by xbroppyx
Trolls: World Tour by ❄️ Em
Poppy and Branch discover that there are six different troll tribes scattered over six different lands. Each tribe is also devoted to six different kinds of music -- fun...
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Sunstreaker- honor and gold - by tfp-fanfiction
Sunstreaker- honor and gold -by Tf bayverse
Sapphire is 17 and lives in Florida with her mother two brothers and one sister and has a lot of trouble at home. All her life she's alone and don't mind much, she likes...
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I Just Loved (COMPLETED) by JhingBautista
I Just Loved (COMPLETED)by hiatus. indefinitely.
Femi loves Rico. Rico loves Gale. Gale loves Toby. Toby loves Jasmine. Jasmine loves Rico. Magkakaibigan. Magbabarkada. Masaklap. Pero sa story na ito... sasaya na sila...
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