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Ready Or Not (Optimus Prime x Male OC)Transformers Movie verse by Katknightmare
Ready Or Not (Optimus Prime x Clockwork Master Of Time
Tak was Sam Witwicky's adopted brother, every thing was normal till they went to get a car. now every thing has gone from normal to chaos. Now it up to them to help save...
all in one, j. poole by jordanpooles
all in one, j. pooleby 333.
" she's my everything, all in one."
SoulSpark: Optimus Prime X Reader | Book 1 by Fury1416
SoulSpark: Optimus Prime X Dragon Master
(Y/N)'s whole life would change the day she chose to buy a pair of glasses off of eBay. what will happen when she gets caught up in a war between aliens? When she meets...
The Great Katsuki Bakugou Textmergency by loveyou12575
The Great Katsuki Bakugou loveyou12575
All right. Fine. Katsuki Bakugou loves Izuku Midoriya. The first step is texting that information to best bud Eijirou Kirishima. The second step is to accidentally send...
Chance of a Lifetime (Louis Tomlinson) by StephWrites98
Chance of a Lifetime (Louis StephWrites98
Danni Williams was just an average band nerd in high school, but now she gets the opportunity that will change her life forever. To become the Guitarist for a world reno...
°This can't be happening...|Optimus Prime X OC|Book 1° by SHizuLeftTheChat
°This can't be happening...| ◆ShizuWantLeave◆
Helping a friend isn't that bad, right??Its not like we're going into an alien war??? • Optimus Prime x Oc • ❗WARNING❗ ❕Grammar❕ ❕Harsh words❕ ❕I may change the lines in...
The Mummy Returns by TashaAmy1803
The Mummy Returnsby Таshа Амеlia
Phoebe is back in a whole new adventure. Eight years on and still no sight of a future with her star crossed love Ardeth. Living with her brother sisters in law and neph...
TMNT 2014 Reader inserts by ivyshadowwolf4
TMNT 2014 Reader insertsby Chelsea
Here are some of my reader inserts featuring the 2014 turtles. These guys need more love! I do not own TMNT.
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Miss Braxton: Home and Away Fanfic by TheSnowWolf
Miss Braxton: Home and Away Fanficby TheSnowWolf
Alexis, better known as Alex, is the new Braxton in town. If there's anything she's learnt from her harsh upbringing on the rough streets of Melbourne, it's that life is...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Beyond by MeghanLovelace0
Beyondby MHozier
eventual Ardeth OC. rated M. anya gets transported back to 1926
PAW Patrol: Katie's Secret [COMPLETE] by crazyinnitfam
PAW Patrol: Katie's Secret [ crazyinnitfam
"Katie has been acting real weird lately. As her boyfriend, I must find out what's going on about her." . . . "Ryder, it's nothing..." "Babe, I'...
The Keys by Stxrmii
The Keysby ѕтχям
You know how the story goes. You got the rich people vs. the broke people. The rich people don't hang out with the broke people, because well, they're too "good&quo...
Time by babymgocrazy
Timeby babymgocrazy
17 year old Amouree has a little brother named Ace and a bestie named Trin. One day at Pe she bumps into the thug of the school, Sosa. They didn't like it each other at...
Human ( A Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes Fanfic) by Vanessa_Anthony
Human ( A Winter Soldier/ Bucky Vanessa_Anthony
The Winter Soldier The name that gives you goosebumps and the shivers. Thee name that makes Steve Rogers upset thinking of his friend Bucky Barnes. But not Ray, the st...
it girl // milo manheim ✰ by lanie-keernheim
it girl // milo manheim ✰by lan <3
a girl living in the bay area, had a simple celebrity crush on milo manheim. after months of fangirling over him she never thought she'd run into him at the happiest pla...
Business With A Band by Ackmcback
Business With A Bandby Ackmcback
Legit just the average ' Tommy-Is-A-Singer and so are the rest of BB ' but tommy isnt the full main character and its dream smp is real AU . If i get too bad just tell...
[TTLB] by Linso_imbored
[TTLB]by Iam_pathetic
So basically ttlb is Tommy ,Timedeo ,Lukeorsomething and bitzel and Tommy goes from the dream smp to smp earth and and comes back with 3 dudes and yes they are in the g...
All That I Wanted by cashmomey
All That I Wantedby Infamous Nobody
Who was she now? What was she supposed to do after all of this? Max wasn't who she used to be. She had blood on her hands and voices in her mind that meant more than sh...
The Guardian (Mummy Love Story) by Seraphis88
The Guardian (Mummy Love Story)by Ashley
Being the middle child was never easy. Especially when you have a drunk and gambler for an older brother, and a book-loving, clumsy conservative for a younger sister...