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Field Trip Gone Wrong by Nyx-Sealdog
Field Trip Gone Wrongby Nyx or Airay
My take on the field trip AU for Danny Phantom. It's senior year and the Team is still at it. Only now, a few more have joined and Danny got a new title. When the studen...
Danny Phantom x Female!Reader  by LayceJ25
Danny Phantom x Female!Reader by RJ
You and your parents move from (hometown) to Amity Park because your father got a job offer at Axion Labs. Few days after you move, you start your new school year at Cas...
Danny x Vlad ~Complete~ by Darkwolf2957
Danny x Vlad ~Complete~by Wolfie-sama
Danny and Vlad have been enemies for 2 years now, Danny thought it was a good time to finally confess his secret of Danny Phantom but they didn't take it well saying tha...
Phantom Files by LittleNightling
Phantom Filesby EyesOfCrows
After a tragedy, Danny decided to pursue psychology and become a therapist. After much consideration, he decides to take a job years after. What happens when he takes t...
Ghosts in Gotham (On Hold) by Mask1005
Ghosts in Gotham (On Hold)by Mask1005
Batman x Danny phantom "Danny we love you but we need time." "It's for the best if you leave Amity Park son. At least for now." Those were the last w...
Back to 'Normal' by turquoiseblitz
Back to 'Normal'by Loki
This is a Vlad Masters and Older Danny Fenton story. Don't like then then don't read. I am horrible at summarizes so if you want to read go ahead.
Danny Phantom X Oc- The Outcast by AnimeMavy
Danny Phantom X Oc- The Outcastby AnimeMavy
Her name is Aero. Her father was born into a family of famous engineers and researchers. He grew up, knowing he was gonna be one as well, but he became fascinated in one...
Two undead boys  by idk_or_care785
Two undead boys by idk_or_care785
Danny liked to annoy Vlad, his friends knew it, his parents knew it, everyone knew it. He played pranks on the man constantly, flew to his mansion and stole food on many...
TMNT & Danny Phantom  by LadyNoir303
TMNT & Danny Phantom by LadyNoir303
Danny runs away from Amity when he saw his family and friends betray him in a time of need. While Danny was heading to who knows where he fell unconscious in a alleyway...
Phantom Nightmare by FariyFlare
Phantom Nightmareby FariyFlare
Danny falls through a portal that came out of nowhere beneath him that takes him to a whole new world. What will happen on his new journey? Will he find his way home? Wh...
Danny Phantom Reveal (Oneshots) by CrazyyFruitloop
Danny Phantom Reveal (Oneshots)by GEeKyGhoSt
This book contains different stories on how Danny's identity was revealed whether it be in school, by his parents, accidental or forced reveals. Be ready for new adventu...
The Small Ghost by LolaOnTheInterweb
The Small Ghostby Lola Saga
Danny was taken by the GIW when he was six. They killed his family and they're the only people he has ever known. When the Young Justice team find the boy at the facilit...
A New Teammate and A New Family (A Danny Phantom and Young Justice Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
A New Teammate and A New Family (A...by MolMcN
One fateful day, the friends and family of Danny Fenton are ruthlessly murdered. Danny has no place to call home, so he is forced to go and live with a distant relative...
PitchPearl Oneshots by Gomarnic
PitchPearl Oneshotsby Gomarnic Yumika
Yes, another one-shot. But this time, I'll let my imagination get me through with it. So no requests plz Warning, some one-shots will be taken personally so don't like...
Young Phantom of Justice *Adopted by friking-awsom-kitten by croupilaura
Young Phantom of Justice *Adopted...by Balaura
Danny Phantom x Young Justice Crossover No Phantom Planet Ever since the Accident, Danny's life went from bad to worst. If crazy ghost parents weren't enought, now he...
A Ghost of a Chance... by Jeny442
A Ghost of a Chance...by Jeny 442
This is a Danny Phantom fanfiction... This will be a DannyxVlad, don't worry, Danny shall be 18 in this story, but; It's been four years since the accident... Tucker and...
Danny Phantom X Reader (DISCONTINUED) [✖] by LuvAnimeSongs
Danny Phantom X Reader (DISCONTINU...by Gabriela
[OLD BOOK. NOT THE BEST ONE. WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? IT'S VERY CRINGY.] [[No edition]] You are a Latina/Hispanic girl like Paulina, but not like a popular girl like he...
Half Brother by MaiDemonLord
Half Brotherby Alice XxX
This is my first try of a crossover along with different shows. Cx In this story Dick is Danny half brother who's been trying to save him from Vlad. What he doesn't know...
My Real-Life Fantasy (Danny phantom x reader) by jiminisr00d
My Real-Life Fantasy (Danny phanto...by ❥margarita
You're a popular girl at Casper High,with your best friend being Paulina, with your boyfriend being Dash, being on the cheerleader team. You had a perfect life! But not...
The Apprentice of Thanatos by LombaxMechanic23
The Apprentice of Thanatosby MoNinja Gamer
One night after a long day of ghost fighting, Danny meets Thanatos, the Greek god of death. The god tells Danny that he needs the halfa's help, and offers to make him hi...