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When You Touch A Troll's Horns by CiravaHermod
When You Touch A Troll's Hornsby Ya boi
Oh boi you're in for a treat <<C O M P L E T E D>>
Homestuck X Reader Oneshots by Tanavermillion
Homestuck X Reader Oneshotsby Caslin Vermillion
A series of one-part stories featuring Y/N (You), and a multitude of characters from Homestuck. Taking requests.
Homestuck x Pet!Reader by ItsPsychaPanda16
Homestuck x Pet!Readerby ItsPsychaPanda16
So, this is a new series I've been wanting to make for a while and just now finally got around to doing. I'm not sure how I'll go about this, so I'll love if you guys gi...
Just A Bet by SalemTheMortician
Just A Betby 🔪🐰Jupiter/JJ🐰🔪
4 siblings make a bet... Who can kiss the new kids first... DirkxJake DavexJohn RosexJade RoxyxJane inspired by that_fren (was an unfinished story this is my ending to i...
Roxy Writes Fanfiction by Dark_Pigeon
Roxy Writes Fanfictionby Callum
Roxy gets bored and makes some ships of themselves and their friends in a notebook, alongside some notes and extra stuff. It has a little bit of plot as well and some ma...
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenerios~ by a_lover-and_a_sinner
Homestuck Boyfriend Scenerios~by Kiwi your Wattpad mom
there are only beta kids and trolls. there are the girls too, don't worry~
homestuck headcanons by householdobject
homestuck headcanonsby householdobject
homestuck headcanons,,in my 2021,,? god help us
Multiple Fandoms x Reader (requests open) by timaeusTestified413
Multiple Fandoms x Reader (request...by olivia/gamzee/eridan
haii i write for homestuck, metalocalypse, (AGED UP) south park, sally face, danganronpa and more :33 I WILL NOT WRITE LEMONS OR LIMES. i do not own any of the character...
(Davesprite x Reader) A small peep by Tom_the_alchoholic
(Davesprite x Reader) A small peepby glaze i guess??
Your name is (Y/n) you're new to a highschool you're going to and you have a slight crush on the first day... (ik i suck at making descriptions)
Homestuck x Reader Boyfriend and Girlfriend scenarios || by HarumiMegido
Homestuck x Reader Boyfriend and G...by Haru
I don't own any art or pictures unless said otherwise. Homestuck and it's characters belong to Andrew Hussie. Any gender. ⚠️Trigger Warnings⚠️ Swearing I may not being a...
Homestuck One Shots by PastelFandoms28
Homestuck One Shotsby Sydney
I make these when I'm bored... Which happens a lot
Random Homestuck scenes/quotes in Shakespearian by phanperson2232
Random Homestuck scenes/quotes in...by I'm on A03 now babey!! banana...
I found this English to Shakespearian translator thingy to clearly I had to do this. This will contain spoilers, obvs. Also, I'm taking requests for homestuck quotes/sc...
The Pages Between Us (Karkat Vantas x Reader) by astrometrixx
The Pages Between Us (Karkat Vanta...by 𝖆 𝖘 𝖙 𝖗 𝖔
You have been paired together with Karkat Vantas to accomplish a partner diary. Meanwhile, you try to figure out your flushed feelings for your online friend, carcinoGen...
Homestuck oneshots male readers by MichealEz0
Homestuck oneshots male readersby Micheal Ez0
yeah, I'm bored and saw that there weren't many homestuck male readers so I made this i manly do girls and guys x male readers so tell me of u want a gender neutral or n...
Call it Fate by AlternianFangirl
Call it Fateby Was Kath, is Now Devon
It's one a.m. on a Thursday night (morning?) when Karkat's presence was "blessed" by the oh so irritating Dave Strider. At first, neither one thinks anything o...
Mistletoe Kiss (Johndave Oneshot) by psych0-ruins
Mistletoe Kiss (Johndave Oneshot)by leruid
It's Christmas time bros. Everyone is up and doing their thing, playing with their presidents n' shit, having a fucking blast and there he is. Just looking derpy ad fuck...
Homebound | Homestuck AU by Dark_Pigeon
Homebound | Homestuck AUby Callum
This is being rewritten! However, here's how it will go when it finally starts: Kaden (also known as Kennedy) really wished her brother was kidding when he asked to play...
ૢ་༘࿐ CUTLERY┊homestuck roleplay  by -IDSMILE-
ૢ་༘࿐ CUTLERY┊homestuck roleplay by -IDSMILE-
( 🎀 ) ꒷꒦⌒⤿ homestuck roleplay ! STATUS: CLOSED (11.21.22) STARTED: 11.05.20
horrid henry reads homestuck! by gallowsGrip
horrid henry reads homestuck!by hm
so henry reads homestuck and starts dating jade and for some reason oingo boingo keeps coming out of nowhere. this is probably the worst story I've ever made. everything...