Kawaii High 2: Electric Boogaloo (RoseMary Edition) by lolhomestuck
Kawaii High 2: Electric Boogaloo ( Lily Ampora Harley
all the kawaii high you know and love, but from the perspective of the iconic lesbians themselves
  • jade
  • lily
  • jadeharley
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Dave Strider x Reader (Alternia High) by rainyadventures
Dave Strider x Reader (Alternia sof
You're the new girl at Alternia High. With a horse-obsessed principal and popular girls bossing you around, you don't know how long you'll survive here. I do not own the...
  • strider
  • reader
  • andrewhussie
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Davekat Fanfic by KillerFruitcake
Davekat Fanficby Trash
Wtf? Karkat like dave?! why that prick? BUT WHATS THIS?! TEREZI IS DATING DAVE!!!! Karkat finds out at a bar? Terezi gets drunk? WHAT HAS THE WORLD BECOME!!!! Yeah, this...
  • davekat
  • terezipyrope
  • karkatvantas
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Burning Love ~ A johndave fanfic by thatgeekygirl2001
Burning Love ~ A johndave fanficby whelp
Dave has a problem. He was born with the power to control fire, into a city who aren't very accepting to the fact these certain people are different and "not norma...
  • homestuck
  • gamzee
  • feferi
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Homestuck x Reader {GRUB EDITION} by CandyKitty222
Homestuck x Reader {GRUB EDITION}by Lake
Okay, this is going to be kind of unique. I'm not doing any that involve relationships in this book. This is going to be where either the reader is a grub or the Homestu...
  • dirkstrider
  • equiuszahhak
  • roxylalonde
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Did I Really Just Say That? (Pepsicola/DavexJohn) by spunkysalamanderr
Did I Really Just Say That? ( oof
Dave Strider is your stereotypical popular kid. Or at least, that's what everyone thinks. Dave has got quite a bit of secrets that no one else in the world can know. So...
  • davestriderxjohnegbert
  • homestuckfanfic
  • jadeharley
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Apocalyptic Love (Dave Strider x Reader x Dirk Strider) - Hiatus by venomouslyMelodious
Apocalyptic Love (Dave Strider x jay
Panting, we rush out into the ashen grey field. We were being chased. - Your name is (y/n), you've been trying to stay alive during this war outbreak that went even more...
  • dirkstrider
  • sadstuck
  • dave
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Homestuck X Reader Oneshots by Tanavermillion
Homestuck X Reader Oneshotsby Caslin Vermillion
A series of one-part stories featuring Y/N (You), and a multitude of characters from Homestuck. Taking requests.
  • karkatvantas
  • johnegbert
  • trolls
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Davekat - Free Troll by Davekat_Fever
Davekat - Free Trollby Davekat_Fever
Dave Strider works the DJ at the Alternian Bar. One night as he's walking he sees a troll in a box. Will he take the troll, or will he leave it to possibly die?
  • dirkstrider
  • roselalonde
  • karkatvantas
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Ink Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by TurtleGirl91
Ink Makes the Heart Grow Fonderby J. A. M. Smith
She never knew what the tattoos meant. Once she found out, Rose was positive that she never wanted to meet her soulmate, whoever they were. *Warning this thing is AU loa...
  • homestuck
  • kanayamaryam
  • soulmate
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Ask The Homestucks!!! by A_sliver_of_sunlight
Ask The Homestucks!!!by A Sliver Of Sunlight
Ask the humans or trolls anything!! They'll answer, eventually. Also, keep it PG13 please.
  • jakeenglish
  • mewlinliejon
  • jadeharely
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When You Touch A Troll's Horns by CiravaHermod
When You Touch A Troll's Hornsby Ya boi
Oh boi you're in for a treat <<C O M P L E T E D>>
  • gamzeemakara
  • janecrocker
  • karkatvantas
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Homestuck Pictures(mostly davekat) ;3 by Nat_Cat3000
Homestuck Pictures(mostly davekat) Chipotle-Is-Mah-Life
  • johnegbert
  • vriskaserket
  • gamzeemakara
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Homestuck Prompts and Giftfic by Farla_Blackdragon
Homestuck Prompts and Giftficby Farla
A variety of one-shots.
  • homestuckfanfic
  • dirkstrider
  • tavrosnitram
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THIS FANDOM'S ABOUT TO EXPLODE (homestuck multi-character rp) by -queenoftheclxuds
"cascade, morse code, this fandom's about to explode!"
  • homestuck
  • meenahpeixes
  • rp
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(Some Original Title) by cupcakethekiller
(Some Original Title)by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) it's matt guys (...
~~cover art not mine~~ KanRose. I think it's PG at the moment.
  • roselalonde
  • rosexkanaya
  • kanrose
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It's A Miracle! (Homestuck x Reader) by sOur_mOOnz
It's A Miracle! (Homestuck x sOur mOOnzZ
(Name) is just a regular fan of a web comic called Homestuck, written by Andrew Hussie. Well, maybe not regular.. They ADORE the comic, and they make fanart, fan fiction...
  • kanayamaryam
  • homestuck
  • tavrosnitram
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Changed by Jelyjamz
Changedby Forever Unreliable
*Being revived and rewritten!* John - psychopath Jake - broken Dave and Dirk - murders Jade - freak-show Rose - normal? Jane - 'perfect' Roxy - addict Once regular kids...
  • jadexrose
  • johnegbert
  • johndave
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John Egbert x Reader (Rainy Nights) by rainyadventures
John Egbert x Reader (Rainy Nights)by sof
You and John have been in the same schools since you were little. You both have also been in the same classes and project groups but somehow you both have never really h...
  • homestuck
  • jade
  • davestrider
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Partners In Crime (Naruto/Homestuck Crossover) (HIATUS) by BunBlitz
Partners In Crime (Naruto/ Rayne
When he's seven years old, Naruto finds solace in four thirteen year-olds who don't know where they are, and don't really want to go home. With more knowledge about the...
  • majyycks
  • johnisamotherhen
  • roselalonde
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