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The Pages Between Us (Karkat Vantas x Reader) by astrometrixx
The Pages Between Us (Karkat Vanta...by 𝖆 𝖘 𝖙 𝖗 𝖔
You have been paired together with Karkat Vantas to accomplish a partner diary. Meanwhile, you try to figure out your flushed feelings for your online friend, carcinoGen...
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED} by Stamp_Crab
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED}by Noodleneck 💀
"The Jock and The Nerd always get together." DIRKJAKE HIGHSCHOOL AU by trashcanofhomestuck
"The Jock and The Nerd always get...by vin
This is schoolstuck. Dirk Strider is your not-so average nerd. His intelligence in robotics earned him a few teasings, which is quite cliché, yet he isn't your classic...
When You Touch A Troll's Horns by CiravaHermod
When You Touch A Troll's Hornsby Ya boi
Oh boi you're in for a treat <<C O M P L E T E D>>
It's Gonna Be Okay [Stridercest] by KeyAndCravat
It's Gonna Be Okay [Stridercest]by KeyAndCravat
[TRIGGER WARNING.] Dave is struggling with suicidal thoughts. Maybe it's better to just end it already. Will Dirk be able to save him, or will his life slowly fall apar...
Strider Strife ((Dave x Reader x Dirk)) by Unme_i
Strider Strife ((Dave x Reader x D...by Teenage Dirtbag
Dirk is Dave's twin who thinks it's fun to tease Dave with everything, mostly because Dave is the younger twin. When Dave meets (Y/n) and quickly falls in love, Dirk mak...
Demonstuck [Davekat] by TheFloralWizard
Demonstuck [Davekat]by ❄️
Your name is Dave Strider. You're 16 years old. You have an.. Interesting career. ---- 16 year old Dave Strider is a demon hunter with his older brother, Dirk. The Stri...
I Don't Bite: A DirkKat Fanfiction by lexibird210
I Don't Bite: A DirkKat Fanfictionby ~Lexi~
After decades of living the immortalized, bachelor lifestyle of a vampire, Dirk Strider stumbles upon Karkat Vantas, a young man who's fiancé had been swept away from hi...
Convictstuck by red_homestuck_101
Convictstuckby Caitlyn Morgan
john gets framed for 5 murders and sent to jail for life. his cousin jake is there for 27 years. john is an innocent boy who makes quick friends with the guards but...
Rissa's Art Book by rizza_artisty
Rissa's Art Bookby ─ ; R1ZZ4 ⁉️
This Book is Full Of my Art. im multifandom whattheflip! So Enjoy and Support Me..? : Instagram: rizza_artisty Twitter: Rissa_Artisty Tiktok: RisArtist And yeah I only...
Homestuck Headcannons!! by gayassmaterial
Homestuck Headcannons!!by Adder, He/Him
read the title lmao includes: Sadstuck cannons, Sexstuck cannons, etc.
homestuck x readers (all male pov) by turnheadTechgod
homestuck x readers (all male pov)by do not perceive me
a book of homestuck x reader oneshots except theyre all from a male pov coz for some reason none of those exist
Hope and Hearts [Dirk x Jake] by Nepetaloveskarkitty
Hope and Hearts [Dirk x Jake]by Kelli
This is High school stuck. Like my other story I have no clue what its about, or whats gonna happen, Just be prepared for DAH FEEEEELLLSSS
You're Mine.  (Deaf Karkat X Yandere Dirk) by Comical_nightmares
You're Mine. (Deaf Karkat X Yande...by XxX Romii XxX
yes im doing a yanderestuck. Fuckass. Dirkkat is my ship bitch there will be blood, guts, swearing, suicidal acts, homocide. and alot of gore. Karkat is a freshmen in sc...
Hacked IInto my heart ( davesol ) by erisolshipper
Hacked IInto my heart ( davesol )by ESS
DaveXSollux (Applebees) Sollux's parents died when he was young, leaving him and his adopted sister, Aradia to survive on their own. To survive, Sollux is a criminal...
Just a friend? (Completed) by AiresBerries
Just a friend? (Completed)by IWillYeetAnActualChild
Original Description: dirkjakedirkjakedirkjakedirkjake A fanfiction in which my 13 year old self cultivated into my most viewed book... oh man ...nu....number 60 in home...
Six by ArtytheDragon
Sixby Knight Of Space
This story is now not being updated UnU You may read what there is left however! But the good news is that there is a webcomic version of the story which you can start r...
50 Shades Of DirkKat (Dirk X Karkat)  by Sam_the_bad_boy
50 Shades Of DirkKat (Dirk X Karka...by Karkat Vantas
Just random Homestuck smut my bestie Dirk wanted :-p I hope you enjoy :0) P.S. : If you don't ship it that's fine just dont hate on me.
Kill Me Romantically: A Davekat Fanfiction by lexibird210
Kill Me Romantically: A Davekat Fa...by ~Lexi~
It's difficult enough for a young mutant prince to choose between the hand of the princess of the sea dwellers and the prince of humans. Add one begrudgingly attractive...
Third Time's The Charm (DirkJake) by erisolshipper
Third Time's The Charm (DirkJake)by ESS
Plane Crash/ Survivor AU (DirkJake) After boarding a plane for a family event, Dirk and Jake reunite awkwardly after a horrible past when they realize they have to si...