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A Home Away From Stars by Red_Universe
A Home Away From Starsby Jason Jewel
They say home is where the heart is, but what if the heart does not function like it use to? A new world, a new body, and new memories. Life never stays the same for lon...
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It's A Miracle! (Homestuck x Reader) by znufkiin
It's A Miracle! (Homestuck x Reade...by znuffii
(Name) is just a regular fan of a web comic called Homestuck, written by Andrew Hussie. Of course, when you say regular, that doesn't apply to all fandoms. Cosplay, fan...
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Homestuck x reader oneshots by Itsyaboiphoenixwing
Homestuck x reader oneshotsby Phoenix wing
There needs to be more
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jade harley's instagram! by paranormalSupernova
jade harley's instagram!by jade harley!!
this seems like a lot of fun!!!
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Soberiety  by artistvsworld
Soberiety by artistvsworld
Dirk is a demon working at a cheap convenience store in his down time. He meets his brother's new friend, and that's when things start to turn upside down.
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Ask John Egbert by _Call_Me_Trash_
Ask John Egbertby HomeStuck IN MY 2019
A young man sits at his computer. It just so happens that today, the 25th of October, 2019, is this young man's first ask book. My name is John. As was previously mentio...
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The Keyhole Experiment by velvetknifes
The Keyhole Experimentby Johnathan
Welcome to the game Leon and his friends must figure out how to get back to their home by beating a grand chess master at her own game. Little do they know they're just...
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relatable by shotputvent
relatableby shotputvent
It's like a movie; crazy science guy fucks around and creates these things called trolls and changes the world forever, a bunch of new rules are in place, blah blah blah...
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Who Could've Thought? [A JadeNep Fanfic] by HurpDuppp
Who Could've Thought? [A JadeNep F...by HurpDuppp
[JadeNep Fanfic] Two gals Two broken hearts What's gonna happen? I dunno you read the fic Aight so this is my first fic and uhh I decided it's gonna be JadeNep cause 1)...
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billsol by mooseyknux
billsolby vinnie
Forbidden love, lust, and heartbreak... what happens when Sollux Captor accidentally falls in love with Bill Hader while in a relationship with his boyfriend John Egbert...
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Changed by Jelyjamz
Changedby Forever Unreliable
*Being revived and rewritten!* John - psychopath Jake - broken Dave and Dirk - murders Jade - freak-show Rose - normal? Jane - 'perfect' Roxy - addict Once regular kids...
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Dysphoria (PepsiCola) by 42justaFAYZ42
Dysphoria (PepsiCola)by Internet Addict ~on hiatus~
Something awful happened to Dave. Nobody knows what, save a certain angry entity. Jade saw someone at the beach. That person was NOT normal. Rose has visions. Now they s...
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Homestuck Pictures ;3 by Nat_Cat3000
Homestuck Pictures ;3by Chipotle-Is-Mah-Life
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Upstaged: A Homestuck High School and Human!Stuck AU by davekat-stan77
Upstaged: A Homestuck High School...by davekat-stan77
Karkat Vantas is A. H. Lawndale Prep's "it" boy. Always the lead of every play in middle school, the freshman Vantas expects high school to be no different...
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Night Terrors by TRMoonGamee
Night Terrorsby -- Moon --
•VisionStuck• Jake English, an adventurer and local blue lady enthusiast, lives with his cousin, Jade Harley, in a nice little neighbor hood with others. They live close...
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Alterniastuck (sollux x reader) by fraternalarmegeddons
Alterniastuck (sollux x reader)by fraternalarmegeddons
When you take a walk to school with your friends, just like every morning, something goes terribly wrong. Or should I say terribly right? :O) will contain bad language...
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Pepsicola by ShippingPotato22
Pepsicolaby ShippingPotato22
IDK man this was an abandoned project..... Anyways in this book everyone somehow miraculously survived? Trolls are fwiends!
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Burning Love ~ A johndave fanfic by thatgeekygirl2001
Burning Love ~ A johndave fanficby whelp
Dave has a problem. He was born with the power to control fire, into a city who aren't very accepting to the fact these certain people are different and "not norma...
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Random Homestuck Shit by Karkle_Sparkles
Random Homestuck Shitby Josie
*crab-walks away*
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See You Again || dirkjake by but-idc
See You Again || dirkjakeby this acc is old but rad ;)
imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try. no hell below us, above us only sky
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