My Happiness {DaveKat} by iznot_kit
My Happiness {DaveKat}by ღ KitKat ღ
Just another story of Davekat (Dave Strider+Karkat Vantas) Or is it..? Dave Strider, the cool, ironic, kid with shades, has to help guide one of the new kids in school...
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Davekat stuff by Sketchybro
Davekat stuffby Sketchybro
DaveKat oneshots. I am trash for this ship.
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Davekat One-shots by Karkit_Vantass
Davekat One-shotsby Your Queer Peer.
These are some old and new Davekat one-shots I wrote. Enjoy ig. :) These can also be found on Quotev. The link to my QuoteV is in my Wattpad bio. :)
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Is It Worth It? [Davekat] by AddictiveCatnip
Is It Worth It? [Davekat]by Bean
Karkat Vantas is suicidal and depressed because of school. He has been bullied his whole life because of his ginger hair and freckles and it just got worse when he dyed...
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Just a 'little' Homosexual (Davekat) by nomen_ramen
Just a 'little' Homosexual (Daveka...by Brandon Malcich( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Would You Leave Me Again (Karkat x Reader) by briola-piees
Would You Leave Me Again (Karkat x...by Hi Derpicorns!
Hi derps, As some of you may know, My account was hacked into and this story was deleted. Luckily I don't just write it on my Wattpad account for I have a better much sa...
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Stay With Me (Karkat x Reader)  by RewritingMyMistakes
Stay With Me (Karkat x Reader) by Bo Thomas
You are a college student just trying to get by with your roommate who definitely has anger issues. You try to juggle school and work, but, to make things worse, you're...
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Cherry Licorice: a DaveKat fanfiction by sn0wmanBeats
Cherry Licorice: a DaveKat fanfict...by Mewlia Purrai
Karkat and Dave are college students, as well as roommates. They don't get along at first, but will the grumpy troll and the stoic coolkid Dave Strider open up to each o...
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His Obsessions (A Davekat Story) by Davekat_Fever
His Obsessions (A Davekat Story)by Davekat_Fever
Dave Strider has two obsessions Number one, Killing. Number two, Karkat Vantas. He loves killing and he loves Karkat. He's going to do anything to make sure he can have...
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Starved: A DaveKat Fanfiction by lexibird210
Starved: A DaveKat Fanfictionby ~Lexi~
Locked in an empty body with a clouded mind, Dave must fight to stay alive both figuratively and literally. That is, until Karkat showed up and changed all the rules. ((...
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Red ~ Davekat by autoresponded
Red ~ Davekatby Robro man
ŘĚĎ red/ adjective 1. of a color at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies. . . . "His red εγες" . . . &quo...
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~Davekat oneshots~ by _Spiderbite_
~Davekat oneshots~by || 유령 ||Coochie gang
Some oneshots of davekat BEWARE OF SMUT
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My Knight Will Save Me by AddictiveCatnip
My Knight Will Save Meby Bean
Karkat Vantas, 17 years old, has been in an abusive relationship with his manipulative "lover" Gamzee Makara for almost 3 years.. Until the night things got ba...
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Thunder (Karkat x reader) by Nixikaki
Thunder (Karkat x reader)by Nixikaki
I don't own any of the characters unless specified and you own you, so yeah. No lemons. if there are any limes or anything it will be cringeworthy I warn you. I'm so...
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Davekat Fanfic by KillerFruitcake
Davekat Fanficby Trash
Wtf? Karkat like dave?! why that prick? BUT WHATS THIS?! TEREZI IS DATING DAVE!!!! Karkat finds out at a bar? Terezi gets drunk? WHAT HAS THE WORLD BECOME!!!! Yeah, this...
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DaveKat Oneshots by KittCosplays15
DaveKat Oneshotsby Kitt
Yeah its a thing
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Burning Love ~ A johndave fanfic by thatgeekygirl2001
Burning Love ~ A johndave fanficby whelp
Dave has a problem. He was born with the power to control fire, into a city who aren't very accepting to the fact these certain people are different and "not norma...
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Same 6lood: A Karkat x Kankri Fanfiction by PabyriPeppers
Same 6lood: A Karkat x Kankri Fanf...by Luke
This story has been discontinued. I can write a smut chapter if somebody asks, though, or if I ever get back into the Homestuck fandom. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU 'LOST...
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Hey Pretty Stranger -Davekat- by depressed_starboy
Hey Pretty Stranger -Davekat-by Mari
they say that opposites attract maybe that's the case for two young men -highschoolstuck- possible trigger warnings if youre sensitive to self harm, violence, drug abus...
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Karkat x Reader, Lemon by PyroMania8
Karkat x Reader, Lemonby Pyro Mania
Umm... this is my first time writing a lemon so pleaze don't hate. I'm also really sorry for the shityness
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