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Davekat stuff by Sketchybro
Davekat stuffby Sketchybro
DaveKat oneshots. I am trash for this ship.
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I Need You Here Now (DavexKarkat(eventually davejohnkat) by SalemTheMortician
I Need You Here Now (DavexKarkat(e...by 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
Dave meets Karkat while running to class one day... It looks like they both have a secret they need to get out... This is my first fanfic so dont judge (This may be a bi...
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My Happiness {DaveKat} by iznot_kit
My Happiness {DaveKat}by ღ KitKat ღ
Just another story of Davekat (Dave Strider+Karkat Vantas) Or is it..? Dave Strider, the cool, ironic, kid with shades, has to help guide one of the new kids in school...
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Burning Love ~ A johndave fanfic by thatgeekygirl2001
Burning Love ~ A johndave fanficby whelp
Dave has a problem. He was born with the power to control fire, into a city who aren't very accepting to the fact these certain people are different and "not norma...
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Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED} by Stamp_Crab
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED}by Noodleneck 💀
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Davekat (High School AU) by bakugousleftnipple
Davekat (High School AU)by oof™
Karkat Vantas is the least popular kid in school, he moved 2 months ago and his depression grew worse ( which was a big shocker because it was already really bad.) Then...
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Did I 6reak him? by BloodySoul292
Did I 6reak him?by Burrito
((I have this posted up on another website so don't yell at me saying I copied it I FREAKING WROTE IT I JUST WANTED TO POST SOMETHING NEW ON HERE!!)) Anyways vantascest...
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Davekat One-shots by Karkit_Vantass
Davekat One-shotsby Your Queer Peer.
These are some old and new Davekat one-shots I wrote. Enjoy ig. :) These can also be found on Quotev. The link to my QuoteV is in my Wattpad bio. :)
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Homestuck/Hiveswap One-shots by TriggerBoi
Homestuck/Hiveswap One-shotsby Kankri cus why n9t?
Requests are accepted! But please, no lemons, I feel uncomfortable writing stuff like that- Most of these will be 'x readers' but I am open to 'character x character' as...
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𝐀𝐫𝐭𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐎𝐧𝐞 by TeddyBearBoi
𝐀𝐫𝐭𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐎𝐧𝐞by SoftBear
hey! My names lee and I'm a huge teddy bear I also draw so enjoy this <3
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No One Really Understands by Censored4YourSafety
No One Really Understandsby bean boy
Karkat felt alone. Friendless. An outcast. He thought he was alone in the world. Until he met Dave. He understood. They weren't so different, the two. They understood ea...
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Homestuck book of smut by Solkat_Ships
Homestuck book of smutby Solkat_Ships
yeah... so this is going to be HOMESTUCK smuts any ship you want EXCEPT NEPKAT! Sorry but I hate that ship with a passion so strong it would melt the sun. I don't really...
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{Davekat} by etymon
{Davekat}by etymon
STRONG language First fanfiction... Probably gonna suck whoops Thanks to all who read ily
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His Obsessions (A Davekat Story) by Davekat_Fever
His Obsessions (A Davekat Story)by Davekat_Fever
Dave Strider has two obsessions Number one, Killing. Number two, Karkat Vantas. He loves killing and he loves Karkat. He's going to do anything to make sure he can have...
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DAVEKAT ~you're mine~ LEMON (boyxboy) by Dirk_fangirl
DAVEKAT ~you're mine~ LEMON (boyxb...by *NO LONGER ACTIVE*
Hi I made this like 6 years ago when I was 11 or something please stop reading it it's so bad what is wrong with you people just let homestuck die already
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Why me?!  Karkat x gamzee by jasefaye421
Why me?! Karkat x gamzeeby Jase_da_boi
Gamzee x karkat (warning triggers) sadstuck
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Red Secrets (a Davekat fanfiction) by underversefalls
Red Secrets (a Davekat fanfiction)by Jean Vantas
This is only my second fanfic, so it might not be the best thing ever. Oh, and there WILL be cursing. I'll make one chapter a lemon, if it's requested too. So make sure...
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Homestuck Headcannons by M17UN4_C4P70R_43V3R
Homestuck Headcannonsby Jaden Mitchell
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KitKat Vantas by briola-piees
KitKat Vantasby Hi Derpicorns!
This book has a first one, I suggest checking that one out first! It is called Would You Leave Me Again (Karkat x Reader), it's 18 Chapters long but I promise you, I thi...
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Would You Leave Me Again (Karkat x Reader) by briola-piees
Would You Leave Me Again (Karkat x...by Hi Derpicorns!
Hi derps, As some of you may know, My account was hacked into and this story was deleted. Luckily I don't just write it on my Wattpad account for I have a better much sa...
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