Is It Worth It? [Davekat] by AddictiveCatnip
Is It Worth It? [Davekat]by McHoe
Karkat Vantas is suicidal and depressed because of school. He has been bullied his whole life because of his ginger hair and freckles and it just got worse when he dyed...
  • anxiety
  • humanstuck
  • suicide
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Homestuck Lemons by AngelGarry1013
Homestuck Lemonsby Samarah Renee Garry
this will have lemons lmao this is second attempt at writing on phone so if the grammar and shit is bad don't remind me about it know ._.👏👏👏👏 but anyway this will b...
  • rosemary
  • davekat
  • cronkri
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The Blood I Spill for You by 69CarcinoGeneticist
The Blood I Spill for Youby 69CarcinoGeneticist
Dave Strider has never liked the idea of owning a troll. Dogs and cats are fine, they're animals with small brains, but trolls are as smart, or even smarter, than humans...
  • wattys2018
  • homestuck
  • petstuck
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Karkat and Dave React to Ships by KarkatVantabulous
Karkat and Dave React to Shipsby Karkat Vantabulous
This is exactly what the title says. Karkat Vantas and Dave Strider reacting to different ships, you can request a ship here, on my announcements book, or you can PM me...
  • nepeta
  • karkatreacts
  • nepkat
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Dirk's Fun. by SalemTheMortician
Dirk's Fun.by 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
Dirk, Jake, John, Dave, and Karkat. What happens when five guys who have feelings for eachother don't admit it? One day they all play Call of Duty first person to have...
  • jakekarkat
  • dirkkat
  • stridercest
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Demonstuck [Davekat] by TheFloralWizard
Demonstuck [Davekat]by ❄️
Your name is Dave Strider. You're 16 years old. You have an.. Interesting career. ---- 16 year old Dave Strider is a demon hunter with his older brother, Dirk. The Stri...
  • jakeenglish
  • karkatvantas
  • kankrivantas
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Sup'? - A Davekat Novel (Soulmate AU) by yourbeautifulmother
Sup'? - A Davekat Novel (Soulmate...by yourbeautifulmother
Karkat has been waiting for his mark as long as he can remember, but when it finally appears, things don't go quite as he'd hope. Cover credit goes to Ikimaru on Tumblr...
  • kankrivantas
  • eridanampora
  • equiuszahhak
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I Need You Here Now (DavexKarkat(eventually davejohnkat) by SalemTheMortician
I Need You Here Now (DavexKarkat(e...by 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
Dave meets Karkat while running to class one day... It looks like they both have a secret they need to get out... This is my first fanfic so dont judge (This may be a bi...
  • karkatvantas
  • davekat
  • arafef
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The Nightmare (A Davekat Story) by Davekat_Fever
The Nightmare (A Davekat Story)by Davekat_Fever
Karkat Vantas is having a very detailed nightmare each night. A man chases him in his dreams and aims to kill him. What happens when he meets Dave Strider. Will the nig...
  • davekar
  • dave
  • karkatvantas
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Karkat Vantas' Stri-Do's and Dont's of Highschool: A Davekat Fanfiction by lexibird210
Karkat Vantas' Stri-Do's and Dont'...by ~L3X1B1RD~
Due to an unwanted marriage proposal between Karkat's father and his new fiancée, Mrs. Leijon, Karkat is forced to move into a new house. This unfortunately comes with a...
  • homestuck
  • karkat
  • davestrider
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Davekat by kayrakitty
Davekatby Kayla Birindelli
Uhm davekat fanfiction from Homestuck . I may start as a fluff and end as a smut just to warn you.
  • davekat
  • romantic
  • smutwarning
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Mr. Nubby (DaveKat) by FierySwirls
Mr. Nubby (DaveKat)by Im trash
~Some weird Davekat that I put together~ ENJOY WITH YOUR FACES
  • davekat
  • karkat
  • strider
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The Colour of You (Humanstuck!Highschool!Davekat) 《Completed》 by Fxxxing_Fandoms
The Colour of You (Humanstuck!High...by Elise
Due to an irrational fear of blood, Karkat hates the colour red. So what will happen when the new kid, who just so happens to wear that colour a lot, becomes intent on m...
  • humanstuck
  • fanfiction
  • highschool
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My Knight Will Save Me by AddictiveCatnip
My Knight Will Save Meby McHoe
Karkat Vantas, 17 years old, has been in an abusive relationship with his manipulative "lover" Gamzee Makara for almost 3 years.. Until the night things got ba...
  • humanstuckau
  • sexualassault
  • humanstuck
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Us { davekat } by donotcrushmyotp
Us { davekat }by boop
Just some davekat man
  • boyxboy
  • dave
  • davestrider
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Davekat stuff by Sketchybro
Davekat stuffby Sketchybro
DaveKat oneshots. I am trash for this ship.
  • davexkarkat
  • davekat
  • trash
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Homestuck One Shots by homestuck_trash33
Homestuck One Shotsby homestuck_trash33
A bunch of one shots
  • davestrider
  • davekat
  • cronus
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Game Over - DaveKat fanfic *HumanStuck* by erledigt
Game Over - DaveKat fanfic *HumanS...by fucker
❝Game fucking over, I'm done❞
  • davestrider
  • karkatvantas
  • strider
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Kill Me Romantically: A Davekat Fanfiction by lexibird210
Kill Me Romantically: A Davekat Fa...by ~L3X1B1RD~
It's difficult enough for a young mutant prince to choose between the hand of the princess of the sea dwellers and the prince of humans. Add one begrudgingly attractive...
  • davestrider
  • dirkstrider
  • dirkkat
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Trapped in a Demon's Spell by Lantica
Trapped in a Demon's Spellby Lantica
Jake English is possibly one of the best hunters out there, but his pride runs dry as soon as he meets an unbeatable demon who goes by the name of Dirk Strider. Why can'...
  • demons
  • homestuck
  • karkatvantas
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