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The Meanings of Red by JustEatIt
The Meanings of Redby Christine
'He pursed his lips before speaking. “What the hell are you doing lying in a trash can?” “It’s for ironic purposes,” came a muffled response. Something clicked in Kar...
Stranded (Davekat) by missmae203
Stranded (Davekat)by missmae203
Karkat accidentally sends himself to earth after he messes with one of Sollux's machines with no way to return to Alternia he is forced to stay in the apartment of the...
This weird feeling {Davekat} by fa113n_ang312
This weird feeling {Davekat}by Follow Steamedbunboy
A certain Asshat named Dave Strider has been picking on young Karkat Vantas. He's bullied Karkat all of middle school and high school. It's senior year. But what's his m...
Davekat fanfic  (maybe smut)  by lpsaphmaufandom
Davekat fanfic (maybe smut) by Dave x karkat
Opening the shower curtain to see Dave that was not a fucking pleasant surprise. A new dorm mate in college and it is the first day and your first year and out of everyo...
Un Dying love  by nekokat11
Un Dying love by nekokat11
Dave broke up with tz and karkat wings to help Dave get over it so he invites Dave over. But karkat has a secret. That dirk knows which is bad. (I DON'T OWN HOMESTUCK...
Red Secrets (a Davekat fanfiction) by underversefalls
Red Secrets (a Davekat fanfiction)by Jean Vantas
This is only my second fanfic, so it might not be the best thing ever. Oh, and there WILL be cursing. I'll make one chapter a lemon, if it's requested too. So make sure...
Crushin' on Karks { DaveKat } by Niconolikeyou
Crushin' on Karks { DaveKat }by Niconolikeyou
Dave Strider has a crush on Karkat Vantas. Major crush actually. He's going to attempt to ask him out. Oh great. Karkat starts developing feelings for a certain boy. But...
The Roommate I Never Expected ( Davekat ) by Hello-how-are-you
The Roommate I Never Expected ( Da...by Pooplord
Karkat has left the house and is looking for a place to live. He finds a place with a roommate who is a total douche, but the rent is cheap and the apartment is better t...
Why did I fall..? {Davekat} by fa113n_ang312
Why did I fall..? {Davekat}by Follow Steamedbunboy
Currently your name is Karkat Vantas. It just so happens that you're not in the best position. Your boyfriend Sollux has broken up with you. Yeah yeah you know. Why Soll...
No One Really Understands by Censored4YourSafety
No One Really Understandsby Peach
Karkat felt alone. Friendless. An outcast. He thought he was alone in the world. Until he met Dave. He understood. They weren't so different, the two. They understood ea...
Behind the Shades [davekat] by decidowolf
Behind the Shades [davekat]by ??????
Humanstuck! High school davekat AU. Karkat Vantas is the new kid in town and is a social outcast. He's struggles with his life at home, and can't seem to find his happin...
Davekat Smut by bashfulBleeder
Davekat Smutby bleeder
yep!!! (top dave/bottom karkat)
davekat smutshots by marineeds2sleep
davekat smutshotsby #1 KARKAT SLUT
davekat sexy times ;) uH IF U KNOW ME IRL YOU DONT SEE THIS!!! NOPE, DOESNT EXIST- ➳ davekat (dave strider x karkat vantas) ➳ homestuck ➳ boy x boy (with the exception o...
Davekat One Shots by tweekscoffeeclub
Davekat One Shotsby тωєєк!!
i made this davekat playlist if you wanna listen to it while reading (for more drama :o) ) https://open.spotify.com/user/batbatbat10/playlist/3XQckpvkEic9EX25iXYxV4?si=x...
Typical Quadrants. by Filthy_Homestuck
Typical Quadrants.by yikes
Dave. A freakishly tall boy who claims his actions serve as "ironic purposes." Also Karkat's professional best bro. Karkat. An angry and small troll boy who a...
Game of Life: A DaveKat Fanfiction by lexibird210
Game of Life: A DaveKat Fanfictionby ~Lexi~
Dave Strider would never say he was depressed. He was troubled, but he never thought about suicide. That was, of course, until he met Karkat Vantas, who changed his view...
Clay's Shitty Art by Dark_Pigeon
Clay's Shitty Artby Creature
The art process is weird, so I hope you enjoy mine. Don't judge the style on the first part, judge it on the last :) Flash warning for page 143 That's right, I made a n...
Karkat Vantas' Stri-Do's and Dont's of Highschool: A Davekat Fanfiction by lexibird210
Karkat Vantas' Stri-Do's and Dont'...by ~Lexi~
Due to an unwanted marriage proposal between Karkat's father and his new fiancée, Mrs. Leijon, Karkat is forced to move into a new house. This unfortunately comes with a...
Your Love Is Just A Lie (A Davekat Fanfiction) by AllTheFandomFics
Your Love Is Just A Lie (A Davekat...by Giovanna D.
After a few nights of staying awake by the telephone and constantly drifting off to sleep alone, a certain nubby horned troll begins to suspect something going on with h...
Karkat Vantas X  Dave Strider X pet reader  by EL_SUGAr
Karkat Vantas X Dave Strider X pe...by 💙Sope💙
Karkat and Dave take care of (y/n) when she is abandoned in a dark Valley and helps Dave and Karkat come closer. She is living a good life until something comes along a...