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Homestuck One Shots by Knight_of_Void
Homestuck One Shotsby Lean, mean and ready to steal...
Homestuck one shots. Now adding Hiveswap too.
The Secret Third Option by SpiderQueen8
The Secret Third Optionby Spider
A better edited version of this (which is largely the same but overall improved) is being updated regularly on Ao3 under the same name (My username there is SpiderQ848)...
HS fics by swordcynicA
HS ficsby Glitch
As requested from my blog hiveswapheadcannons
Hiveswap Headcanons! by JustaBeanyy
Hiveswap Headcanons!by Gay
Ey grab yer fluffy pillows and get the fuck out of here, we gonna get comfy! Please feel free to leave your own headcanons! They can be either fluff, sad, or just favs...
Sollux x Eridan Ship!!! {INCOMPLETE} by RattyPalico2
Sollux x Eridan Ship!!! { RattyPalico2
A simple fanfiction ship from the Homestuck series! I got bored and thought too much about this!! Sollux was told to check on Eridan because Feferi was reely worried abo...
Random fandom images by Cr0nusAmp0ra
Random fandom imagesby Kismesis
Fandoms such as Homestuck Hiveswap Etc. And ships BNHA Black butler Danganronpa U know the good stuff
Hiveswap Head cannons  by heir-of-beast
Hiveswap Head cannons by Dammek Strideer
Just something for me to jot down some ideas, nsfw and sfw requests are welcomed
Art??? by c0smic_walnut
Art???by c0smictoxin
It's ya boi,,,uh,,,skinny penis • A full blown meme • Will recite Karkalicious to piss my wife off • Take my art plz
Hiveswap friendsim Trolls by remeles_gonna_getcha
Hiveswap friendsim Trollsby remeles_gonna_getcha
literally just the friendsim trolls thast it
no one care let me Write lemons and smuts by mialolol707
no one care let me Write lemons eli
i just write what i have in mind XD if you like it good if not just fick the hell out of here dude XD Art blessed from pixiv not mine loves
Hiveswap x reader (oneshots) !DISCONTINUED! by binaryDisaster
Hiveswap x reader (oneshots) ! 🍿Sage🍿
This book, my good sirs, is discontinued. Feel free to read what's left! I hope you enjoy! -Sage
The Little Helper [❌DISCONTINUED] by 8FluffyBunny8
The Little Helper [❌DISCONTINUED]by Lyra
It's a Hiveswap x Female Reader Story! Very excited for this :3 Read it now!😁
Invisible ||| Xefros Tritoh X Female!Reader (HIATUS) by artsyTrashpile
Invisible ||| Xefros Tritoh X -
"i know im not very smart or good at anything but i really am trying my best." "even though telling this to you might not help a lot... well.. i can see y...
Hiveswap One-Shots by ReflectiveHoney
Hiveswap One-Shotsby Honey
have a favourite troll or kid's life you're interested inserting yourself into? can't be asked to write your own stories, and just want a quick fix? even want to request...
HOMESTUCK ONE-SHOTS  by translightbulb
HOMESTUCK ONE-SHOTS by gay objects
Welcome to my HOMESTUCK one-shots! requests are open.
Dirty Sweater | Mallek x Reader/Mc | Oneshot by cullings
Dirty Sweater | Mallek x Reader/ 💫 cullings 💫
[ The character(s) portrayed in this story are owned by Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin. ] It was a dark, peaceful night on Alternia. You had just left the party you went...
Xefros x Reader by Tinkeerulz1
Xefros x Readerby Jaidy Woods
I'm new to the home stuck fandom so I don't know all the terms used by the trolls, sorry if I mess up. Enjoy the story. BTW you're Dammek's little sister, do the trolls...
Murky waters (Merstuck fic) by verycurioustiger
Murky waters (Merstuck fic)by vriska (vriska)
Gamzee makara is second in line for the throne when his father kicks him out. Now he will have to survive in a new caste system. TW: child abuse/child neglect (I'll try...
Xefdam:: What am I Doing Wrong? by sw33tp3ap3a
Xefdam:: What am I Doing Wrong?by PEA PEA
A small Xefdam fic I've been meaning to do, it was originally going to be porn without a plot but it ended up actually having a plot. Don't worry there'll still be smut...