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The Sessions We Played (Homestuck x Reader) by SpxceCxdetGen
The Sessions We Played (Homestuck...by Galactic Galapagos💫
A young lady stands in her bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, happens to be that young lady's birthday. Though it was thirteen years ago she was...
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Just A Bet by SalemTheMortician
Just A Betby 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
4 siblings make a bet... Who can kiss the new kids first... DirkxJake DavexJohn RosexJade RoxyxJane inspired by that_fren (was an unfinished story this is my ending to i...
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Dave Strider [Sadstuck] by TheFloralWizard
Dave Strider [Sadstuck]by ❄️
Dave x Jade fanfiction. Trigger Warning!!! (You have been warned c: )
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Catch Me by cgabriRoseMary
Catch Meby Claudia Gabriel
> RoseMary, DaveJade, JohnVris, KarEzi, and AraSol. Kanaya Maryam attends her senior year at Huckstome High. As she meets an internet friend in person, she unknowingl...
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It's A Miracle! (Homestuck x Reader) by znufkiin
It's A Miracle! (Homestuck x Reade...by znuffii
(Name) is just a regular fan of a web comic called Homestuck, written by Andrew Hussie. Of course, when you say regular, that doesn't apply to all fandoms. Cosplay, fan...
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Demonstuck by ToastsandGhosts
Demonstuckby Jean
This is old and I refuse to rewrite it.
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I Need Your Time (DaveXJade FanFic) by tbc_Fallout
I Need Your Time (DaveXJade FanFic)by Fallingout of Place
Dave is the "Cool Kid," chillin' on with skateboard, hanging with his friends, and talking to your best friends, though their his internet friends. Unfortunate...
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Your Guy {Dave x Jade} by Hosietbh
Your Guy {Dave x Jade}by Josie
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Burning Love ~ A johndave fanfic by thatgeekygirl2001
Burning Love ~ A johndave fanficby whelp
Dave has a problem. He was born with the power to control fire, into a city who aren't very accepting to the fact these certain people are different and "not norma...
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Homestuck X Reader Oneshots by Tanavermillion
Homestuck X Reader Oneshotsby Caslin Vermillion
A series of one-part stories featuring Y/N (You), and a multitude of characters from Homestuck. Taking requests.
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When You Touch A Troll's Horns by CiravaHermod
When You Touch A Troll's Hornsby Ya boi
Oh boi you're in for a treat <<C O M P L E T E D>>
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Homestuck x Pet!Reader by ItsPsychaPanda16
Homestuck x Pet!Readerby ItsPsychaPanda16
So, this is a new series I've been wanting to make for a while and just now finally got around to doing. I'm not sure how I'll go about this, so I'll love if you guys gi...
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Homestuck Oneshot Requests by Theredthunderwolf
Homestuck Oneshot Requestsby wose
I'm begging you to give me all of your ships. I'm a very fast writer.
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Self-loathing and cold-weather.(Human!KARKAT X SUICIDAL!READER ) by AestheticTv
Self-loathing and cold-weather.(Hu...by AestheticTv
(y/n)= your name H/c = hair color E/c = eye color F/a and F/s = favorite artist and favorite song. !!Warning!! Strong use of profanity and self-hate. ALSO really cut...
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Thinking Of You by cgabriRoseMary
Thinking Of Youby Claudia Gabriel
It's been years since Rose Lalonde has seen her matesprit Kanaya Maryam. The game has ended, and they won. Unfortunately, they had to part ways after it. It's a Sadstuck...
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DirkJade~ Love me mechanically by Hosietbh
DirkJade~ Love me mechanicallyby Josie
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Homestuck Headcannons!! by gayassmaterial
Homestuck Headcannons!!by Adder, He/Him
read the title lmao includes: Sadstuck cannons, Sexstuck cannons, etc.
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Call it Fate by AlternianFangirl
Call it Fateby Was Kath, is Now Devon
It's one a.m. on a Thursday night (morning?) when Karkat's presence was "blessed" by the oh so irritating Dave Strider. At first, neither one thinks anything o...
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Homestuck Pictures ;3 by Nat_Cat3000
Homestuck Pictures ;3by Chipotle-Is-Mah-Life
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Purple-JohnDave by 8aconqueen
Purple-JohnDaveby Laren Mewhorter
TW: Abuse, Suicide, Homophobia Will John be able to find love after the trauma of Sburb, will Dave be able to fix his broken relationship with his brother?! (just so you...
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