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Gilmore Girls: More in the Life by BSVG1227
Gilmore Girls: More in the Lifeby BSVG1227
This story picks up where "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" leaves off-- Lorelai and Luke are married and Rory announces she is pregnant. How does the Danes...
  • loganhuntzberger
  • monkeymonkeyunderpants
  • rory
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The Legend - A Gilmore Girls Fan Fiction by AshleyWheeler1
The Legend - A Gilmore Girls Fan Ashley P Wheeler
This story follows Rory's daily life and all of her struggles, beginning approximately five years after A Year in the Life has ended. This is NOT a sequel to The Afterm...
  • wattys2017
  • rorygilmore
  • huntzberger
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Precious Ties: The Gift by HelenLouise7
Precious Ties: The Giftby Helen Louise
Precious Ties:The Gift, is the sequel to Gilmore Girls: Precious Ties which followed on from A Year In the Life. It picks up the story from the birth of Rory and Logan's...
  • logan
  • rory
  • romance
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Growing Up As A Gilmore [1] » Gilmore Girls by that_one_writer_chik
Growing Up As A Gilmore [1] » that_one_writer_chik
Previously titled 'Ayden Gilmore'. ~~~~~ Ayden's lived a good life with her mom and twin sister for almost sixteen years now. But things are changing and she doesn't kno...
  • dean
  • family
  • tristan
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Who's crazier? by scrabble14
Who's crazier?by scrabble14
Rory Gilmore has a twin sister, Olivia Gilmore, who dates Jess instead of her. How did they end up together? Lorelai and Luke are married. What's life like for them? R...
  • luke
  • humor
  • lorelai
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Starting Over [2] ~ Gilmore Girls by that_one_writer_chik
Starting Over [2] ~ Gilmore Girlsby that_one_writer_chik
Ayden's adjusted to all the changes in her life and she's even worked out her problems with her dad. You'd think everything would be smooth sailing from there, but unfor...
  • lorelai
  • eddie
  • jess
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Gilmore Girls: Wish Upon a Snow by pilarfrancesca
Gilmore Girls: Wish Upon a Snowby P.F. Glenn
The story picks up at the ending of A Year in the Life. Rory has tough choices to make. Will she strike out on her own or lean on Lorelei more than ever? Characters and...
  • rory
  • ayearinthelife
  • gilmoregirls
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The Scarecrow by MindyRoot
The Scarecrowby Mindy Root
At the end of Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, Rory finds herself carrying a permanent reminder of Logan. She unexpectedly finds comfort in the arms of a friend. Fol...
  • lorelaigilmore
  • logan
  • rory
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Changes [3] ~ Gilmore Girls by that_one_writer_chik
Changes [3] ~ Gilmore Girlsby that_one_writer_chik
Certain changes that take place in Ayden's life seem as though they'll turn her whole world upside down. Her always difficult relationship with her dad, her​ new boyfrie...
  • ayden
  • addy
  • eli
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Love, Rory  by evieallenjones
Love, Rory by evieallenjones
Based roughly on the movie of 'Love Rosie' however, featuring the Gilmore Girls gang. Starts when Rory sets off on the Obama trail. Who will she end up with? Logan? Jess...
  • romance
  • lorelaigilmore
  • pregnant
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And So It Begins [4] ~ Gilmore Girls by that_one_writer_chik
And So It Begins [4] ~ Gilmore that_one_writer_chik
With high school now behind her, Ayden's life is moving forward. She's a college student and everything's changing. With a new school, new friends, and a new relationshi...
  • yale
  • christopher
  • wyatt
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New Beginnings  by SamanthaLloyd225
New Beginnings by Samantha Lloyd
What if Lorelai never left society after having Rory? What if she and Christopher married? What if Rory met our favourite man before his Yale years? This is my Gilmore g...
  • lorelai
  • rogan
  • loganhuntzberger
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Gilmore Sisters by OshoneMoar
Gilmore Sistersby OshoneMoar
This is a fan-fiction version of Gilmore Girls for all of the fans! XD This is how I imagine life in Stars Hollow if Lorelai had another daughter and Rory had a sister...
  • starshollow
  • jess
  • lane
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Life's Real Plan: A Rogan Story  by Chica1016
Life's Real Plan: A Rogan Story by Cathy Elford
**FORMALLY NAMED THE OTHER SIDE!** A different take on what happens after Gilmore Girls A year in the life. Most stories I have read seem to be of the perspective of Ro...
  • gilmoregirls
  • rory
  • starshollow
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I am safe with you by girlmeetscoffee
I am safe with youby fennie
Lorelai and Christopher did get married. Logan and Rory met earlier in life. Rory grew up in Hartford as a Hayden. friendships bloom. questions are asked. hearts flutter...
  • gilmoregirls
  • finn
  • francine
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streets of gold by girlmeetscoffee
streets of goldby fennie
Ever since she said no to her one true love her life had been dull, the same daily routine over and over again. To the outside eye it may seem like she has everything. C...
  • hayden
  • steph
  • huntzberger
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Him and I (rogan) by Alisxba
Him and I (rogan)by love deprived
Logan and Rory starts post A year in the life starts off with the final four words and is my version of what I think happens after the screen goes black. I suck at descr...
  • life
  • lorelai
  • shopies
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All I Want by allijuana15
Rory Gilmore grew up in a loving , happy, middle class home with her mom Lorelai in the quaint town of Stars Hollow. Tristan Dugray grew up lonely, unhappy and rich as...
  • dean
  • love
  • heartbreak
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Moving On [5] ~ Gilmore Girls by that_one_writer_chik
Moving On [5] ~ Gilmore Girlsby that_one_writer_chik
Things have been crazy, but Ayden's doing the best she can to keep moving forward. No matter what struggles life throws her way, she knows she has to keep moving on with...
  • logan
  • eli
  • beth
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What's Next? by gilmoreforever4
What's Next?by Samantha
After those last 4 words, I DEMAND more. Here is my take on it. Warning: there will be SPOILERS.
  • netflix
  • rory
  • revival
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