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White Noise ~Shadowhunters~COMPLETED by sweetpeasbitch
"I'm not exactly a nice person am I?"
  • jace
  • clace
  • bane
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Risk It All [Alec Lightwood] by xo___kay
Risk It All [Alec Lightwood]by k. єnglíѕh
It's hard to wait for something you know might never happen; But it's even harder to give up when you know it's everything you want. I do not own the TMI series or the...
  • luke
  • tmi
  • fanfiction
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Anchor : Jonathan Morgestern by Geek_Bibliomaniac
Anchor : Jonathan Morgesternby Drashti@Books
We all know Jonathan Morgestern, the evil psychopath brother of Clary Fairchild... But what we didn't know that he wasn't born evil and psychotic. As Valentine used dem...
  • willtudor
  • brother
  • jocelyn
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The Other Fairchild (Alec Lightwood Fanfic) SLOW UPDATES by subjecta7theleaderig
The Other Fairchild (Alec Ally
Myrcella Fairchild/Morgenstern is the older sister of Clary Fairchild. She was sent away by her mother Jocelyn Fairchild for her own safety and protection to live with M...
  • izzylightwood
  • mundane
  • warlock
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The Mortal instruments: City Of Lost Souls by attackongayships
The Mortal instruments: City Of Chløe
This is a story taken place in the 5th book; city of lost souls. ***Spoilers*** Instead of Jace have been taken by Sebastian, Clary was. He is using her as a weapon to...
  • jocelyn
  • alec
  • magnusbane
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Pessimist • Alec Lightwood [ ✔ ] by Uncharted_TLOU_13
Pessimist • Alec Lightwood [ ✔ ]by Estrela Winchester
❝Why are you such a pessimist?❞ ••• Eden Celestine. Sarcastic, adamant, enigmatic, and an all around badass. She was a carrier of many secrets and lies she's told to...
  • shadowhunters
  • aleclightwood
  • werewolf
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The cure, the light | Alec Lightwood. ♡ by they_call_me_savi
The cure, the light | Alec they_call_me_savi24
Gabrielle Fray is Clary's older sister. That is what Clary knew. Gabrielle (Gaby) has been raised by Jocelyn because her parents died in an accident caused by Valentine...
  • love
  • simonlewis
  • demons
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Clalec: At school (Book 1) by Jay1864
Clalec: At school (Book 1)by J21
Book 1. Please read this one first (Book 2 and Book 3 out now) Clary, Jace, Izzy and Alec are all at school but how will Alec cope when guys keep flirting with Clary? A...
  • sizzy
  • gray
  • clalec
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Smosh preferences by foreverfangirl02
Smosh preferencesby foreverfangirl
I wanted to write more smosh stuff so I thought I would give this a try
  • fun
  • jocelyn
  • fiction
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Fairchild •Alec x OC• ShadowHunters by Bleeding_Insomniac
Fairchild •Alec x OC• ShadowHuntersby Bleeding.Insomniac
"Reality crumbles to pieces when you're least expecting it to." Unfortunately for Evelyn Fairchild, life has many surprises. From a life of normality, she was...
  • shadowhunters
  • lightwood
  • alec
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My Older Brothers (Spanking Story) by JocelynBelleLevine
My Older Brothers (Spanking Story)by JocelynBelleLevine
Hi, my name is Jocelyn Belle Levine. I live with my 2 bothers, jake and jordan, and my older cousin blake, whos practically a brother to me...i can get out of hand somet...
  • butt
  • jake
  • nonfiction
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Clara Fray by Kimmy051
Clara Frayby Kimmy051
Avengers/ shadowhunters crossover "I may have lied, but don't you dare say I never cared about you! Every lie I told, every person I betrayed it was all for you!&q...
  • shadowhunters
  • loki
  • jocelyn
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What are twins for? (Book 1) (Mortal Instruments) by SimiDiAngelo
What are twins for? (Book 1) ( Simi Di Angelo
Jade Fray is the older sister of Clary Fray, but that's not the only difference between the two. Jade is a Shadowhunter and trains while Clary is ignorant to that world...
  • completed
  • family
  • isabelle
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Clary and Alec by Jay1864
Clary and Alecby J21
CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING - I know there's a lot of spelling mistakes and other grammar issues so I'm fixing them :) This is the first book I ever wrote so its really che...
  • jocelyn
  • clary
  • shadowhunters
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Unfamiliar World by Girly_Lorraine
Unfamiliar Worldby Elyse Lorraine
Clary Fray was taken by Sebastian, who claims to be her brother and he has always kept her hidden, on her 16th birthday she finally finds out why. A mortal instrument s...
  • herondale
  • clace
  • fanfiction
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Don't Waste The Pretty -Jace Wayland Fan Fic [SLOWLY UPDATING] by almostcerrrrr
Don't Waste The Pretty -Jace Cera
*I do not own any of these characters (except for Hayley Duvall and the high school students and the name of Jocelyn and Luke's baby girls c:) so please don't think I ma...
  • friends
  • luke
  • tmi
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Facebook Days | The Mortal Instruments | by babelikebella
Facebook Days | The Mortal Bella
All the mortal Instruments characters in a Facebook thing Very slow updates.
  • valentine
  • mortal
  • clary
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The Dark Ones by Cityoffallensouls
The Dark Onesby heavenly
When Clary discovers Jace kissing another girl, she rushes out of the Institute, horrified at what she saw. With him chasing after her, she is faced with the difficult t...
  • morgenstern
  • tmi
  • completed
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Coming Back- Alec Lightwood by owlcrazy10
Coming Back- Alec Lightwoodby owlcrazy10
Bailey Wayland is the twin sister of Jace Wayland who is one of the greatest Shadowhunters ever. Bailey was thought to be dead. But what if she just went into hiding and...
  • maryse
  • max
  • isabelle
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No Light, No Light In Your Bright Blue Eyes. (A Malec FanFiction.) by Awkward_Normallity
No Light, No Light In Your Tyler
A/N: [COMPLETE!!!!] Set after City of Lost Souls. (I'm assuming most people know what happened at that time between Malec!) :( Three weeks have passed after Magnus and A...
  • institute
  • jocelyn
  • idris
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