Love and War  ✴  Shadowhunters

Love and War ✴ Shadowhunters

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Almost seventeen years before Clary Fairchild came into everyone's lives, a young girl around one year old showed up on the steps of the New York Institute. There was no explanation for who she was or where she'd come from. Just a sleeping girl wrapped in a blanket with a necklace and the clothes on her back. When she woke up to voices, they found that she had the sight, so they took her in as one of their own. They knew she must be a Shadowhunter if her family had known to put her on the steps of the institute and she had the sight. When a seraph blade lit up in her hand, they knew for sure. Eventually everyone gave up on finding answers about her family, even the girl herself. But once Clary Fairchild showed up, weird things started happening to her. Things that may explain where she came from.

Shadowhunters Season 1

#1 in Alec 06/05/18
#1 in Isabelle 03/19/19

Started: December 2017
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