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Avatar: The Fifth Element  by icyblaise
Avatar: The Fifth Element by ice
Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Void. Also known as Ether, it is the fifth element, one that has been buried in the past. It is the material that fills up the cosmos and conne...
Avatar: Awakened Gamer by HolyJ0ker
Avatar: Awakened Gamerby HolyJoker
This is the story of a man who transmigrated into the Avatar world as Sokka with a Gamer Interface. The Main Character will be smart. So no Shounen protagonist power-up...
Glittering Gold • LOK by Kit_Kat1300
Glittering Gold • LOKby Simply_Sweet
| She was prophesied, her past written down and she was told to follow it. But what if she wanted to write her own story. | <>•<>•<>• "Just liste...
The Little Dragon by Swloxie
The Little Dragonby Gracie (*^◯^*)
(Zuko x Oc) - Dragons have gone extinct in the last hundred years, or so people think... Kaida was abandoned by her parents and left on top of a volcano. She...
Unbroken Spirit (Zuko x OC) (BOOK 1) by Lovely02Dreamer
Unbroken Spirit (Zuko x OC) (BOOK...by Lovely02Dreamer
"You don't know me! You don't know anything!" "I would if you'd just tell me! For once, just stop being so stubborn and let me in." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
your love is my oxygen - Zuko x reader by eggsinapott
your love is my oxygen - Zuko x re...by mya
A Zuko X Reader story. As always, I wrote this for myself but you can read it, too, if you'd like. Y/N was an air bender, she was tasked with watching over the avatar...
Doubled Elements by draninator
Doubled Elementsby draninator
The story of the girl behind it all.
The DragonBorn by Rubyrose645
The DragonBornby Rubyrose645
Water. Earth. Fire. Air. The four elements of the world, all work together in harmony for the benefit of those born into it. However, the balance of this harmony always...
My life as the avatar by outcat1234
My life as the avatarby outcat1234
I died and was reborn as aang in the iceberg.
ATLA: The Lost Airbender by infern8king101
ATLA: The Lost Airbenderby samuel dausab
What if another airbender survived the Airbenders Genocide? This story will focus on that. I suggest you read it because I will try to make it as interesting as possibl...
The Avatar and a Jedi  by DJBron3
The Avatar and a Jedi by Lightning Burn
A Star Wars and Avatar Last Airbender x Jedi Male reader You are a Jedi padawan who survived order 66 and escaped crash land on an unknown planet
Zukka One Shots (Zuko x Sokka)  by zukoars
Zukka One Shots (Zuko x Sokka) by Mars
One shots of Sokka and Zuko being homosexual messes for eachother. 🏳️‍🌈All Characters are not mine🏳️‍🌈
possessive azula by Runaan_
possessive azulaby xerath
Iluka is a maid who serve the royal family at the palace but one day she was order to become the personal maid for azula the fire nation princess The beauty of iluka mak...
Goddess of the Sun (Zuko x reader) by maki_neko7
Goddess of the Sun (Zuko x reader)by Maki Nekomata
After the disappearance of the Avatar, things in the world were never the same in the past 100 years. The Fire Nation was abusing their firebending ability, burning ever...
The Rival (ATLA x male reader) by AxeTheRat04
The Rival (ATLA x male reader)by Axel
A servent of the princess of the Fire Nation is assigned to hunt down the Avatar with the prince. After the battle of the north pole, he joins Team Avatar, how will this...
Wild At Heart (Zuko) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Wild At Heart (Zuko)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Nature-benders are an incredibly rare and dangerous type of bender that is thought to have become extinct along with the air-benders. Yet, one remains. Kali. She has bee...
A New World (Zuko x OC) by Banana-split1234
A New World (Zuko x OC)by Bananasplit
Aria, left her world, without hope. Her life was never hers and she never received love from the people around her. After what she thought was the end of her life, she f...
Wandering Firebender by Alex13Creations
Wandering Firebenderby Alex13Creations
Elio has the life his family wants for him, but it's not the life he wants to live...
ATLA x reader oneshots by blue_albarn
ATLA x reader oneshotsby Effy
Oneshots for different atla/Lok characters! (completed)
Hot Leaf Juice by AccioSokkasInstincts
Hot Leaf Juiceby AccioSokkasInstincts
what if Zuko and Azula had another sister? what if she was closer to her uncle than her parents? and what if she went with Zuko and Iroh when Zuko was banished? do not...