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Fire & Feather by arielklontz
Fire & Featherby Ariel Klontz
When Nova Nightingale sets out to find her missing sister in her small town, she isn't expecting to uncover dangerous supernatural secrets that challenge her understandi...
Warlock: Scorched Earth by ITerkoisI
Warlock: Scorched Earthby ITerkoisI
I woke up surrounded by silent corpses. I tried to move but I couldn't. My arm rose and I felt my head turn to regard it. I felt an alien other in my mind that radiated...
The Midnight Witch by Weasel84
The Midnight Witchby Rosey Javis
A rthyming poem about a witch who kills people at midnight.
Neverlost: Katriel's Story by NikolaMirror120
Neverlost: Katriel's Storyby Lucy Olson the true Weeb
Katriel Coliope is a young 21 year old woman with a normal life. She has a retail job at her favorite store, a close friend, and good family. She is even working on gett...
The Protector by Protector2015
The Protectorby VampyCatGirl
Every story has a beginning, well this on is the beginning of how 1 man was chosen to be The Protector and fight the armies of hell demons. But first our hero must d...
The Grey Siren by AuroraElestren
The Grey Sirenby Aurora Elestren
The dawn is not very picturesque today, with deep grey fog covering the sea and the sun just barely lighting the empty beach. Waves are only a ripple as they play with a...
You're dead and out of this world by crimson_arty_soul
You're dead and out of this worldby Crimson
Story of a spirit unlike any other based in year 2021 tw: mention of murder, hanging, suicide, etc please don't read if it makes you feel uncomfortable
The Glitch is Alive by Fiction_Awonya
The Glitch is Aliveby Fiction_Awonya
She doesn't know what she is, or where she's from. But now, the midnight dimension is trying to take over, and she is the only one powerful enough to stop it.
The Haru's revenge  *-*  based off rp by Drip_Blue
The Haru's revenge *-* based off...by Dripblueouo
TW: BL00D, Torture, spikes, and gruesome deaths are included as text in this story. Please be aware and not complain. Based off an rp me and my friend have together. T...
Miniture Terrors  by TheUnknownEcho
Miniture Terrors by Oblivion
These are my first horror stories and I hope you like them Enjoy
The Secluded Land  by RitwikSinha
The Secluded Land by Ritwik Sinha
Something is lurking in the dark
Beneath The Crooked Sky by CassandraChristides
Beneath The Crooked Skyby Cassandra Christides
Just a little reminder that just because we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there....
Titanic Rising by AniePNG
Titanic Risingby ANNA
Calling to the SS Californian upon sinking, 1,514 people lost in the vast sea, along with the Captain Edward John Smith. Perhaps E. J. Smith lives in a different tale. O...
Psi by AlyxIsMyName
Psiby AlyxIsMyName
13-year-old Jessie is being hunted. Their friends are being tracked, chased by something unnatural, stalked by a seemingly omnipotent psychic entity. However, they also...
The Kidnapping by Lu-Man
The Kidnappingby Louis Williams
Two kidnappers find their world turned upside down when they attempt to escape with their captive. They must survive the night and make a rendezvous to deliver their pr...
A Night in The Pine Tree Forest by MatheusHMacedo
A Night in The Pine Tree Forestby Matheus H. Macedo (M. H. Mace...
When two brothers explore the strange forest behind their farmhouse, they discover a world they never thought possible, one which feeds on their innocence.
wreckordings of messedages by Everon5
wreckordings of messedagesby Everon5
maybe I'll come up with something good sometime.
R E B I R T H by solarrstarrs
R E B I R T Hby Solar
You are a young girl, who seems to be in and out of reality. Meaning that you shift through different dimensions in your mind, could be related to imaginations, emotions...
Blood Will Out by AnnaHill_Author
Blood Will Outby
Greed brought brothers Nica and Elba into the fae forest; greed and the witch's promise of protection from the curse. But, as their mother warned in their youth, a witch...