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My Destiny (Villainous x Reader x Heroic) by Ruqayyahhh_101
My Destiny (Villainous x Reader x...by Ruqayyahhh_101
The story has heroes with it... just enjoy the story and read! Trust me, you love it!
  • villainousxreaderxheroic
  • villainous
  • heroic
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"An Angel's Madness" (Heroic x Reader x Villainous) by Aqualiani
"An Angel's Madness" (Heroic x Rea...by Aqualiani
This is basically an x reader with, Heroic! Dr. Flug, Heroic! Black Hat and normal black hat and Flug as love interests ( Yay for harems!) ...
  • drslug
  • heroicvillainous
  • blackhat
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Various x reader oneshots《Request》 by Bendy06
Various x reader oneshots《Request》by Bendy06
For people who loves fandom and humor! Read me
  • sans
  • karamatsu
  • campcamp
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Dark Side (Completed) by megsley22
Dark Side (Completed)by Megan Happel
Johanna is a villain, but only because she has to be. Being a hero doesn't pay the bills. But when she dives into the world of heroes and villains, she finds that she ha...
  • crimes
  • enemy
  • powers
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Unleash the Chuunibyou! by Vexitus
Unleash the Chuunibyou!by Kaleb Keeton
Being led to believe that she was killed by an old woman on a moped, Kagome Fumiko meets with the goddess Rea and is transmigrated to another world. However, due to a se...
  • sidecharacter
  • adventurers
  • fantasy
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HEAVEN SWORD DRAGON SABRE Book 2 of 2 by The_Sword_Lady
A CONTINUATION FROM HEAVEN SWORD DRAGON SABRE BOOK 1 OF 2 ORIGINAL STORY BY JIN YONG After ending up in an isolated valley by chance, Zhang Wuji becomes a formidable mar...
  • revenge
  • historical
  • love
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Art(?)マデリーン by OofUltimateDzaster
Art(?)マデリーンby ★Мэдлин★
(F)Art Book!:) yeyeyeye! Art trade:?(yes) Art request:?(depends actually) Fan art:?I'm a sad bean,I would really appreciate it! I hope you have fun looking at my trashy...
  • villainous
  • ihavenolief
  • art
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City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Complete] [#Ooorahs2017] by AbbyBabble
City of Slaves [#SFF] [#Complete]...by Abby
In a galaxy where popular opinion is instant law, someone unpopular is about to change everything. ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ Trillions of minds are knitted together in the internet-lik...
  • mobbing
  • mutants
  • science-fantasy
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Uncontrollable by 2writer
Uncontrollableby A.R. Wilmer
Ryder found about his ability when he was eight. Now, at fifteen years old, he's put them to good use-or so he thinks. But when more important, more powerful people star...
  • fire
  • fantasy-action
  • trouble
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Hopelessly Heroic (Rewritten) by monorchism
Hopelessly Heroic (Rewritten)by Kali
"Then do it." June challenged, watching Flame's eyebrows shoot up. "I don't think you're as tough as you want everyone to think. You want to hurt me? Do i...
  • romance
  • teens
  • teen
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The Withered Land, The Empire Falls: ABYSSIUM by JosephArmstead
The Withered Land, The Empire Fall...by Joseph Armstead
"The Withered Land, The Empire Falls: Abyssium" is another early tale in the epic saga of D'Spayr's haunted youth, set three years Earth-time after the events...
  • cross-genre
  • apocalypse
  • fantasy
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The Camelot Failure by almostpretentious
The Camelot Failureby almostpretentious
Sorceresses, ghastly wounds, knightly camaraderie, and enchanted scabbards have never been Hector's strong suit. The younger, dejected, and slightly disaster brother of...
  • kingarthur
  • arthur
  • depression
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Stuck in Between (Villainous x Reader x Heroic) by MasterOfNotUpdating
Stuck in Between (Villainous x Rea...by BlackHatMakesMe’UWU’
A girl with a thrill for adventure and the unknown moves into a town where both Hero's and Villain's thrive! What happens when the same exact town is where two powerful...
  • fanfic
  • heroic
  • villainous
Alpha Project: Genesis by SaiyanX
Alpha Project: Genesisby SaiyanX
Written by SaiyanX The Alpha Project: Genesis is the first in a new series of science fiction novels and short stories. In the near future, a superhuman virus was create...
  • sciencefiction
  • superheroes
  • hero
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~Opposites Attract~ Flug x Slug & BlackHat x WhiteHat by springtrap7777
~Opposites Attract~ Flug x Slug...by Springles777
Sequel to Dr.Flug x Dr.Slug (Villainous). What happens when two people fall in love with their opposites from another universe? What will BlackHat and Flug do when they...
  • oposites
  • boyxboy
  • flugxslug
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Ask Heroic(swap villainous) by MoonStruck155
Ask Heroic(swap villainous)by MoonStruck155
Hello this is my first book and I thought maybe some one would like this!I will try to write stories as I am a villainous fan and I shop gays!yaaaaay!lol!anyways this is...
  • villainous
  • whitehat
  • dares
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Villainous X Reader X Heroic (One Shots) Free Lemons <3 by skailyn_kai25
Villainous X Reader X Heroic (One...by Morlyn GreenFlame
(No kids allowed ) rated (SPG) for teenagers only WARNING: LEMONS AND SMUT and i hope u guys like it
  • heroic
  • villainous
Frozen Prospects (The Guadel Chronicles Volume 1) by DeanMurray
Frozen Prospects (The Guadel Chron...by Dean Murray
The invitation to join the secretive Guadel should have been the fulfillment of dreams Va'del didn't even realize he had. When his sponsors are killed in an ambush a sho...
  • magic
  • sorcery
  • sword
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Colossus Rising [#SFF] [#Galactic] [#Complete] by AbbyBabble
Colossus Rising [#SFF] [#Galactic]...by Abby
All spacefaring civilizations are absorbed by Megacosm users, or else enslaved by them. Anyone who dares to question the elected rulers of the Megacosm--or worse, defy t...
  • completed
  • space
  • mutants
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M The War Girl: Rise Of Winhark by MENtAlmeG
M The War Girl: Rise Of Winharkby MENtAl meG
After waking up in a forest with two huge angle wing looking slashes in her back. M finds the village of Winhark is in a Great Depression. Later on the guards discover s...
  • heroine
  • deep
  • midevil
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