A heart full of love ( Clemencia x White hat.) by Romachan150
A heart full of love ( Clemencia x...by Roma-chan150
White Hat and Clemencia have always been close since she was made but how close will the get Ok so this is a villainous Au and I really like Villainous and I may write a...
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Uncontrollable by 2writer
Uncontrollableby A.R. Wilmer
Ryder found about his ability when he was eight. Now, at fifteen years old, he's put them to good use-or so he thinks. But when more important, more powerful people star...
  • fight
  • heroic
  • action-fantasy
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Black and White~ Paperhat fanfiction (On Hold) by ToniaCreep123
Black and White~ Paperhat fanficti...by Hi!!
Flug and BlackHat never had something even as simple as a friendship. The both see eachother as an employer and employee. An unexcepted exprerience will change that.. An...
  • paperhat
  • villainous
  • short
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ask/dare villainous/heroic by Lance_is_queen
ask/dare villainous/heroicby Satan
This includes the heroic au and paperhat
  • demencia
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  • heroic
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Villainous Fan Art #2 (No NSFW!) by Snazzy_panda
Villainous Fan Art #2 (No NSFW!)by Yeet, kiddos
Hello~! I am back with even more Villainous fan art! Like the previous book, there will be absolutely no nsfw! If you're looking for some awesome theories, funny headcan...
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The Fall by ManonSeguin
The Fallby Manon Seguin
Il y a des nuits que l'on n'oublie pas. Des nuits qui restent ainsi gravées en nous comme pour nous rappeler. Cette nuit-là en fait parti. Joseph a tout perdu en une...
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~Opposites Attract~ Flug x Slug & BlackHat x WhiteHat by springtrap7777
~Opposites Attract~ Flug x Slug...by Springles777
Sequel to Dr.Flug x Dr.Slug (Villainous). What happens when two people fall in love with their opposites from another universe? What will BlackHat and Flug do when they...
  • flugxslug
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Knight Academy◇School of Magic◇ by Galax-B300205
Knight Academy◇School of Magic◇by Galax-B300205
Gi guys so this is my first story do yeah i do hope you guys will vote so yeah
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"An Angel's Madness" (Heroic x Reader x Villainous) by Aqualiani
"An Angel's Madness" (Heroic x Rea...by Aqualiani
This is basically an x reader with, Heroic! Dr. Flug, Heroic! Black Hat and normal black hat and Flug as love interests ( Yay for harems!) ...
  • xreader
  • heroic
  • heroicvillainous
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PaperHat One Shots and Pictures (Villainous & Heroic) [DISCONTINUED] by KillinMeSlowly
PaperHat One Shots and Pictures (V...by Dal-Bit mood
[DISCONTINUED] Why not? It's not like I have other important things to do- Basically, the only thing I own is one shot ideas, unless said otherwise. I will be getting th...
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My Hero (Heroic) by RainbowFlug
My Hero (Heroic)by PolyamorousAndLesbian18
I take that screenshot on google, so please don't judge me ;-; I ship Paperhat. Enjoy!
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The Magic of Maufia by lilyangelonpaws034
The Magic of Maufiaby eye.West
Twelve prodigies. Twelve battles. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Aquarius, and Capricorn are all kids accepted to go to...
  • heroic
  • adventurous
  • plainoutdabeststoryever
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                    VICTIMIZED. by LULUZIFLIRT
you play the victim. i'll play the distressed bystander.
  • beautiful
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whitehat meets the winchesters by sherlockholmes6789
whitehat meets the winchestersby sherlockholmes6789
this is a story i am making with a villainous Au called heroic meeting the winchester brothers from supernatural. based on how well this story does and if anybody reque...
  • winchester
  • heroic
  • blackhat
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The Massacre (Historical series Book 2 ) by Blush18
The Massacre (Historical series Bo...by Blush18
Ophelia always admired him from afar, the way his long legs moved , the intimidating masculine features and those dark penetrating eyes. He was the definition of a man b...
  • heroic
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Save me by Echotale_Sans02
Save meby Echo the Psycho
(so Hello! I'm new to this Fandom. and i liked the ship named Paperhat! I'm gonna create one.) Heroic au is included Dr Flug was a scientist working for a demon named Bl...
  • villainous
  • heroic
  • fanfiction
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Mune'stahr and Pylott:  HELLMARROW,  a tale of the Ventriculum by JosephArmstead
Mune'stahr and Pylott: HELLMARROW...by Joseph Armstead
"MUNE'STAHR and PYLOTT: HELLMARROW" is an epic tale of interstellar/cross-dimensional adventure featuring RIKTONN MUNE'STAHR and KESHURA PYLOTT, former Territo...
  • interstellar
  • munestahr
  • multiverse
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Shadows of Autumn by KPLanyon
Shadows of Autumnby KPLanyon
For Imei and Aldo Satsubara, it was always the intention to leave home, guided by years spent in dedication to the Alma. With the arrival of a stranger to their village...
  • nature
  • love
  • conflict
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Les Chroniques de Palantine by Les-Chroniques
Les Chroniques de Palantineby Les-Chroniques
Chroniques des aventures de Cal et Fingord dans un univers d'Heroic Fantasy. L'un veut sauver l'Empire Palantine, auquel il a juré allégeance, tandis que l'autre tait l...
  • fantasy
  • fingord
  • heroic
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100 Creatures  by readerXOXwriter
100 Creatures by xoxo
~ A story for believers... "You think you've got it all figured out huh? Is that what you think?!" His warm breath forms white clouds in the cold rain. My leg...
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  • vampire
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