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The life we fear by furry_fandom66
The life we fearby Rage_ will_ controll
Carter is just a ordinary boy or so he thought. Join him as he embarks on a dangerousness quest to find who he really is! For there is more than what meets the eye. Does...
  • brave
  • funny
  • lifechanging
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Journey To The Next Generation. by mahiramateen13
Journey To The Next Generation.by Mahira Mateen
There was a scientist whose name was Abhijeet. He was the founder of Artificial Intelligence. Also, he invented Time Machine. Then with that machine, he went to the pa...
  • action
  • artificialintelligence
  • future
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servamp x bnha au enjoyv_v(*'∇`*)
  • izuku
  • crossover
  • littleangst
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Christmas Fairytale by mahiramateen13
Christmas Fairytaleby Mahira Mateen
This short story is the story of an enchanted flower fairy whose name is Crystal. Also there is one more character her name is Margaret. She is human and helps the fairy...
  • christmas
  • fairy
  • shortstory
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Le Mage Infirme by Djangoo-A-R
Le Mage Infirmeby Thibaud Janody
L'histoire d'un paysan que la vie n'a pas épargné. Elle lui a volé sa jeunesse et brisée tous ses espoirs. Réduits à une vie de misère dans une ferme misérable il doit s...
  • heroic
  • action
  • aventure
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HEAVEN SWORD DRAGON SABRE Book 2 of 2 by The_Sword_Lady
A CONTINUATION FROM HEAVEN SWORD DRAGON SABRE BOOK 1 OF 2 ORIGINAL STORY BY JIN YONG After ending up in an isolated valley by chance, Zhang Wuji becomes a formidable mar...
  • kubilaikhan
  • hero
  • vengeance
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My Destiny (Villainous x Reader x Heroic) by Ruqayyahhh_101
My Destiny (Villainous x Reader x...by Ruqayyahhh_101
The story has heroes with it... just enjoy the story and read! Trust me, you love it!
  • drflug
  • drslug
  • blackhat
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Best of Both Worlds by wowanonymous
Best of Both Worldsby just me
Born with the ability to use plants and nature to your advantage, your parents expected you to follow the footsteps of a hero. Your mother had been a well known hero, To...
  • villainous
  • flug
  • unlimitedpride
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Heroic Villains by alyssiaswriting
Heroic Villainsby alyy
What is a "hero"? Some say heroes are people who would put others before themselves. Others think heroes are people who would contribute to the greater good. I...
  • heroes
  • heroic
  • adventure
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Euphoria Falls by Sephoriah
Euphoria Fallsby Sephoriah
Euphoria Falls, a Kingdom where many races reside in peace and harmony. But is that peace about to be broken? Will Euphoria Falls finally fall? Follow Lilith Wyntoris on...
  • elf
  • darkmagic
  • water
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Destiny of the Unknown Princess  by NeliAreli15
Destiny of the Unknown Princess by NeliAreli15
Having an intertwined past with the seven heroes of light, having met the Master who brought doom to all worlds, and having her own past... It really isn't easy. After a...
  • axel
  • variousxreader
  • memories
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Camelot: Hounds of Fate by almostpretentious
Camelot: Hounds of Fateby almostpretentious
Most knights of the Round Table don't pass out drunk on Camelot castle's front lawn...but Hector is not most knights. Being the younger brother of Launcelot is harder th...
  • fate
  • medieval
  • adventure
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Le goût du sang lui remonta dans la bouche et il se pencha sur un côté pour en cracher un peu tout en tentant de reprendre son souffle. Ses jambes tremblaient doucement...
  • bataille
  • troll
  • elfe
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chronicles of the heroine by MelBraxton
chronicles of the heroineby Mel Braxton
A collection of poems surrounding The Heroine. From fighting dragons and demons to her own insecurities and doubts, The Heroine explores the way we are all warriors by c...
  • fantasy
  • dragon
  • fantasyadventure
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MASK  by Andybliss
MASK by Andybliss
Prologue "Andy! Andy!. Hurry up or you're gonna be late " my mom called out to me*** The name's Andy crooks and am an only child. I lost my dad a long time ag...
  • encouraging
  • heroic
  • lovestory
A Tasty Little Thing (BlackHat Villainos) by MonsterDrama
A Tasty Little Thing (BlackHat Vil...by Bitch
  • boyxboy
  • paperhat
  • blackhat
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The Withered Land, The Empire Falls: ABYSSIUM by JosephArmstead
The Withered Land, The Empire Fall...by Joseph Armstead
"The Withered Land, The Empire Falls: Abyssium" is another early tale in the epic saga of D'Spayr's haunted youth, set three years Earth-time after the events...
  • invasion
  • intergalactic
  • warrior
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PaperHat Villainous Oneshots, the Tale to Sastified the Hunger for PaperHat by springtrap7777
PaperHat Villainous Oneshots, the...by Springles777
So uh, I've been wanting to make a oneshot book forawhile now, but I'm already really bad at uploading on my actual books. But whatever I have some really good ideas (No...
  • lime
  • oneshots
  • blackhat
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Song Lyrics by Phylxpkmn
Song Lyricsby Phylxpkmn
Hey guys, this is where I'm going to be typing my song lyrics so you guys can enjoy those as I work on becoming a songwriter/musician! Hope you guys enjoy! The format fo...
  • kindred
  • heroic
  • lyrics
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Motorsport Nights (Edited Version) by xxmekssxx
Motorsport Nights (Edited Version)by Огурцы💚
Five cops! Four men! One woman! Where the males couldn't stand the only female in their crew. New York's Finest Detectives Zaire Wesley, Jayden Carter, Dominic Moore...
  • original
  • drama
  • heroic
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