Unleash the Chuunibyou!

Unleash the Chuunibyou!

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Kaleb Keeton By Vexitus Updated May 21

Being led to believe that she was killed by an old woman on a moped, Kagome Fumiko meets with the goddess Rea and is transmigrated to another world. However, due to a serious case of chuunibyou, she is sent to a fantasy world where her 'condition' may prove useful to both her and the people around her. But will she finally find the hope that she was looking for in her previous world on Hail, or will she fail? Will she be able to follow the stars, or will the abyss claim her once again? No one knows, but one thing is for certain and that's that Hail has gained an extremely weird resident. And whether they like it or not, its people are about to hear one of the strangest introductions that they've ever heard before.

"I am she who has fallen in the icy abyss and returned stronger. I am Kagome Fumiko, Master of Magic and Seeker of Hope!"

Please note that any pictures used in this book are not mine, though the story, characters and scenery are. And with that out of the way, please enjoy the book!

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