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His Demons (PaperHat Mpreg) by GingerSnapSwiss
His Demons (PaperHat Mpreg)by GingerSnapSwiss
BlackHat and Dr.Flug have been a couple for quite awhile now. The lived happily with rarely ever any problems except BlackHats jealousy here and there, even Demencia sup...
The Light in The Darkness (Black Hat x Reader) by annemarie213
The Light in The Darkness (Black annemarie213
Soulmates had the ability to make one's life both better and worse. Those, who did end up with their soulmate, were promised a happy forever after, but you weren't so su...
Villainous Intent (Villainous x Reader) by Jackalbones
Villainous Intent (Villainous x Jackal Bones
Reader has a shady past with a hero that the Blackhat crew intend to figure out. Will she join them in their destiny for evil or use them as a means to an end? We'll hav...
Arrangement without return (Reader x Black hat) by Hellova_paw
Arrangement without return ( Hellova_shot
To increase his reputation and gain more customers Black Hat decided to get married. But what he chooses for a bride is not what he expected. Hopefully no heads are goin...
What a Cat-tastrophe! by BordCrazyAndStupid
What a Cat-tastrophe!by Ben
Flug has a littl accident that turns him into a cute little cat. Blackhat is naturally enraged by this but the small cat is starting to grow on him. Will Flug be human a...
¿¡Qué he hecho!? by Fraulein_Lemon
¿¡Qué he hecho!?by Fraulein_Lemon
-¡Ha sido culpa de Demencia! ¡Lo juro jefesito!- -...No es culpa de nadie más que tuya lo que siento por ti...- Black Hat x Dr.Flug
paperhat  by thelilchildcharacter
paperhat by thelilchildcharacter
Umm this is gay, very very gay, and has smut and lemon soooooo sorry kiddos who want to read
Un castigo ¿Diferente? by SilvanaKHito
Un castigo ¿Diferente?by SilKHito
El inteligente Dr. Flug después de un pequeño incidente donde Black Hat lo "salva", trata de hacer el mejor artefacto que ha hecho hasta ahora, solo por un det...
Run away by iloveCinnimonrolls
Run awayby iloveCinnimonrolls
Flug gets into a fight with Blackhat witch leads to him running away, where will he go next?, what will he do?. Cover made by @DiamondArcher2004
What's Under There? [Villainous One-shot]  by ThatDemon828
What's Under There? [Villainous ♡
Black Hat has always wondered 'what's under that paperbag Flug wears and why doesn't he show his face?' The eldritch demon was determined to find this out.
Love Potion Gone Wrong [Black Hat x Dr. Flug] by Alice_the_shinigami
Love Potion Gone Wrong [Black Dummy
Yes, I am aware this has probably been done a lot and that it's probably the most cliché one out there, but whatever. I sincerely apologize to my fellow shippers.
~Naughty Tongue~ [Villainous] Black Hat x Reader {Lemon} by DaniKillerDark
~Naughty Tongue~ [Villainous] AlchemistHat
My first story... it's a lemon! XD I always wanted to wright lemonssss because i love reading them! (I'm a sinner I know) So here! Black Hat from Villainous!! Enjoy you...
Wish it could be... (paperhat) by Mrya_Blu
Wish it could be... (paperhat)by Myra
It's paperhat, what do you expect? What happens when Dr. Flug inhales a toxic chemical and black hat spill it on himself. Each filled with different emotions, how will...
Villainous x Reader: His Right Hand Ghoul by Geo-devourer
Villainous x Reader: His Right Hellfire dragon king
He is smart, cunning, and dangerous, so dangerous that blackhat himself arrive to his place to talk. He was impressed by his skills. The alchemist brought more than just...
Last Time (paperhat) by puppyinabox
Last Time (paperhat)by pup
Dr.Flug had endured too much for far too long. And finally, the pin dropped. (rated mature for language, violence, and other to be determined things)(there is angst) ((...
alternate universe crisis by DieAdmirer
alternate universe crisisby DieAdmirer
everything went so well when a certain lizard messed with the machine and go malfunction and the doctor quickly noticed that it was about to explode. he quickly run towa...
Asylum Paperhat (Villainous AU) by SchwarzerHut
Asylum Paperhat (Villainous AU)by SchwarzerHut
A new patient arrives at the asylum where Flug works. The doctor is offered to take care of him, but refuses. Except when his coworker, who was assigned to watch over th...
Paperhat Smut UwU by Xx_UwU_Bean
Paperhat Smut UwUby Xx_UwU_Bean
Dr. Flug is having a normal day, when all of his overworking catches up to him. Read to see what happens next!
paperhat oneshots  by hornyhounddogboy
paperhat oneshots by hornyhounddogboy
for when I have a paperhat idea but don't want to make it into entire story. Some chapters will be fluff while others are NSFW, I add NSFW to title though if it is.