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Blackbird Lullaby- Paperhat by CinnamonRaccoon
Blackbird Lullaby- Paperhatby Cinnamon
Blackhat was the least holy being among all the unholy beings that ever exsisted, Doctor Flug would have said, if that even made sense. He was always rude and mean to hi...
Hazy Mind by dreamydots
Hazy Mindby Nougat
Stressed scientists with deadlines tend to make bad decisions. Flug is no exception. And the idea of drinking until he can't stand is too tempting. 『I wanted to do somet...
Arrangement without return (Reader x Black hat) by Hellova_paw
Arrangement without return ( Hellova_shot
To increase his reputation and gain more customers Black Hat decided to get married. But what he chooses for a bride is not what he expected. Hopefully no heads are goin...
UNDER THE BAG by SweaterMaster
UNDER THE BAGby SweaterMaster
BlackHat wonders what's even UNDER Flugs bag. He asks Flug to take it off but Flug doesn't want to. So they arrange a deal. If BlackHat ((manages)) to take off all his h...
Paradise || Paperhat by KoiiPond
Paradise || Paperhatby (o´ω`o)ノ
BlackHat, Dr. Flug, and Dementia decide to take a vacation somewhere far away from Hatsville, after leaving 5.0.5, and after arriving on a beach front some drinks were d...
Paperhat - A Demons Love by Lemonade5000
Paperhat - A Demons Loveby Jim
ATTENTION This will be the kinkiest thing I ever made so If you have something against tentacles, choking, daddy, bdsm then D O N T read this. you have been warned. A pa...
Property of Black Hat Organization (paperhat) by alextheothertrashcan
Property of Black Hat alextheothertrashcan
A plane had crashed into Black hat's Domain. In order for the young pilot to make up for it, he must work for black hat, but maybe it isn't as bad as it seems? WARNING! ...
Cleithrophoia by ihavedaddyissues
Cleithrophoiaby ihavedaddyissues
Dr. Flug is stuck in a very small space with a very dangerous individual
Villainous - Black Hat x Reader by Twiddleliddles
Villainous - Black Hat x Readerby Twiddleliddles
Hey, This is a Black Hat x Reader Book thing. I'm loving this cartoon and I am really bored 🖒
Villainous X Wolf Male Reader Story  by Rj_W0lf
Villainous X Wolf Male Reader Rj_W0lf
Your a viscous wolf who goes by your rules, That is Until You become the Captured Pet of a crew of ..."Evil" And the Pet of a jealous BlackHat and Fall for a...
Villainous | this is why taking in a kid who isn't stable is a bad (good)idea by KarmaAkabane425
Villainous | this is why taking Karma Akabane
Warning- Torture, possessive dr flug, possible yandere dr flug, protective dr flug, And any kind of warning I can give but can't think about right now- I didn't know w...
Initiation by sn1vy1
Initiationby sn1vy1
Dr Flug Slys has just been hired by one Eldritch Horror: Black Hat! What on earth is this "initiation" Black Hats been mumbling about? Demencia doesn't seem to...
✧༺{Blackhat x Dr. Flug}༻✧  by Mew_thepizzalover
✧༺{Blackhat x Dr. Flug}༻✧ by Mew_thepizzalover
Angel flug?! I decided to make an AU where flug was an angel while black hat well he's black hat he stays a demon. On a far away island there was two auras surrounding...
Paperhat (Dr. Flug x Black Hat) by SecretSector
Paperhat (Dr. Flug x Black Hat)by SecretSector
Blackhat and Flug fanfic? Yes please baby Enjoy the plot, I still need to go through and edit spelling errors but I hope it's not too bad I love you all :)
Urges (Flug x blackhat) (paperhat) by Fire-and-brimstone
Urges (Flug x blackhat) (paperhat)by k k
Flug, a 'reformed' villain and child prodigy works under one of the best heroes in the world. However, old urges resurface when his ex co worker Dementia is brought in f...
Villainous x reader oneshots by Cha0s-Prince
Villainous x reader oneshotsby Cha0s-Prince
Villainous belongs to.... the original owner, I dont know who that is Oneshots and Red belongs to me Art belongs to original artist
"What, do you care??" by XxKage-ami_StarxX
"What, do you care??"by XxKage-ami_StarxX
After BlackHat discovers his scientists little secret, and a new man joins the team, what will he do? Come find out! (WARNING: NSFW, Gore)
I need you to love me..[Paperhat] by A_xOQueen
I need you to love me..[Paperhat]by Eli <3
In this AU, Whitehat won't have any workers or anything,he'll just be working with the heroes. In this story, I may put some smut!!!Read if u can! This is my first time...
Straight out of Hell(A Villain!Deku Fanfic) by Hexcss
Straight out of Hell(A Villain! Hexcss
Deemed as inferior and weak for not having a quirk, Izuku Midoriya get obsessed with finding a way to gain more power and show the world who he truly is. In his desperat...
Sir Oblivious- (PaperHat) by mcKWGO
Sir Oblivious- (PaperHat)by Yokuri-kun
i WRoTe THiS oN a DaRe (THe CoVeR PiCTuRe BeLoNGS To citgepolol oN DeViaNTaRT) Update: current username; mcKWGO