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Hizashi and Shota Oneshots by -Present_Mic-
Hizashi and Shota Oneshotsby Hizashi Yamada
🔞=Full on detailed sex (Smut) 🍋= Blowjobs/Handjobs/male Masturbation /Etc (Lemon) 😏= Teasing (Nsfw) 🍥= Kiss/Cuddles/Etc (Fluff) 🍺= Alchohol Reference/Suicidal Theme...
Unbreakable ||Bnha x child reader|| by Datweirdcat
Unbreakable ||Bnha x child reader||by Datweirdcat
After being saved from the league of villains you where met with the man who let you in his home with open arms Meeting his goofy class you've grown to see them as olde...
~Tease Me~ Shota Aizawa x Reader (BNHA/MHA) by sgh101404
~Tease Me~ Shota Aizawa x Reader ( Ria
(Y/n) Togata, a now third year, has figured out that that her teasing and joking has been confused for flirting towards her teacher, Shota Aizawa. She decides to no long...
EraserMic Pictures by Purple_Dandelion
EraserMic Picturesby Purple_Dandelion
Pictures - Shouta Aizawa x Hizashi Yamada
Daughter Of the Eraser Hero by majest-gi
Daughter Of the Eraser Heroby gianna 🤍
Your are a girl named Shinto and you are battling anorexia. You were captured as a young girl and was given multiple quirks Your Dad is Shota Aizawa and he is the pro he...
BNHA x OC by Tatee_anne
BNHA x OCby Country_lociraptor
The forest was home, it was safe. It was where I had grown up. Then they came. They changed it. Honestly, I couldn't tell if it was good or bad. I had friends, my first...
♡︎Bnha x reader oneshots♡︎ by Maibuki
♡︎Bnha x reader oneshots♡︎by BLM
⚠️REQUESTS ARE CLOSED⚠️ okay that's all
Neko Love ( bnha x male Neko reader) *On Hold* by oya_oya_oya1
Neko Love ( bnha x male Neko Chicken Tendōs
I do not own bnha I do not own most photos Cuss words Blood and death Read to know more Help me 😩
Eraser Head Or A Huntsman? (RWBY x Abused Aizawa Reader) by SebiPl
Eraser Head Or A Huntsman? (RWBY Sebi
A young boy named O/n comes from a family of Huntsman, but he wants to be a teacher, but because his family did not like that idea they started to neglect his needs, and...
Bad Luck 《A Mute Fem!Deku fanfic》 by rhi_is_a_hoe_uwu
Bad Luck 《A Mute Fem!Deku fanfic》by Rhi tis a Hoe
Izumi Midoriya lived a normal life for a quirkless mute, she hardly ate, what's sleep? And she got beat up by her childhood friend, of course, this was normal for people...
Escape.exe, Purging the Files by AshenAngel
Escape.exe, Purging the Filesby AshenAngel
Coding is a fickle thing... And sometimes, once it gets too old, it needs to be restructured completely, deleted and wiped clean for a new program to be built up. Glitch...
Aizawa x trans male reader by stormsurge0
Aizawa x trans male readerby Jackson
Aizawa's been assigned an assistant teacher due to conspiracy of a new big group of villains. (This is the LOV right before the USJ incident).
BNHA Oneshots by ari-ridrake
BNHA Oneshotsby ri-ri
Title says it all
Never Again // Aizawa Shota x Fem!Reader by shofiskyy
Never Again // Aizawa Shota x Kai
[COMPLETED // UNDER EDITING] Book I • Prequel of 「Beyond The Glass」 If only I had become stronger... If only I had listened... If only I had spoken... If only I could ma...
My Hero Academia !Fathers x !Daughter Readers ONESHOTS by Raven_Kurosaki
My Hero Academia !Fathers x ! Thicc E-Girl
Oneshot scenerios of my hero academia characters as your father. Leave suggestions! :)
The Four Horsemen (Shouta Aizawa x OC) by Kalsypher
The Four Horsemen (Shouta Aizawa Kalsypher
Name: Sasha Yamada Date of Birth: April 4 Blood type: AB - Quirk: Death The time had come once again for the Horsemen. The four legendary Quirks were sought after by the...
sleepless | kind of a crack fic by leiacrganas
sleepless | kind of a crack ficby ellie
in which a teenage girl falls for the infamous aizawa shota. text fic | young shota | kind of going back in time ig ?? | reader x shota may contain mature content.
Wrapped (Aizawa X OC) Mha by coletheflower
Wrapped (Aizawa X OC) Mhaby coletheflower
Pro Heroine -Enigmaticness- is moved to UA high to help with security. Her duel quirk allows her to dig up whatever dirt needed on a case given to her by the police. She...