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Staff Chat by carver_edlundd
Staff Chatby carver
Izuku: ohmygod Dig: he's doing it again Izuku: ERASERHEAD??? Aizawa: Nedzu, who's this? Rat God: a human child that was spontaneously and suspiciously added to this chat...
Aizawa x Reader (First Person POV/Lemon&Fluff)(Slow Updates) by NellaJaySteel
Aizawa x Reader (First Person Hero: Gumpy! 🎗🐷
>There's many different scenarios here. >No bullshitting around scenes >True lemon/smut >Some things are EXPLICIT af ⚠️Warnings⚠️ •Bondage - (Explicit B) [Mo...
The rise of Dekiru - できるの上昇 by Xiaolongbao_Sphinx
The rise of Dekiru - できるの上昇by Xiaolongbao_Sphinx
In another world Izuku had been chosen to be the successor of All Might. However this isn't that world. This is a different one. A harsher, much crueler world. A world w...
Unbreakable ||Bnha x child reader|| by Datweirdcat
Unbreakable ||Bnha x child reader||by Datweirdcat
After being saved from the league of villains you where met with the man who let you in his home with open arms Meeting his goofy class you've grown to see them as olde...
The Influence by morellamas
The Influenceby Goose
Hanae Shinso is a lawyer who has returned home to Musutafu for her little brother Hitoshi Shinso's graduation from UA. She reconnects with her childhood best friend Shin...
His Assistant ||Aizawa x Reader|| by Datweirdcat
His Assistant ||Aizawa x Reader||by Datweirdcat
You've seen what he's been through, you want help but he just pushes you away And he regrets ever doing so You've opened your house up to him so many times you lost coun...
Yellow- Shinkami by Emogoddess69
Yellow- Shinkamiby Lucky Lombardi
Shinsou has only known suffering his whole life. That is until he meets one magnificent Denki Kaminari. Will to wrongs make a right... or one big train wreck? Ships- Kam...
BNHA Oneshots by ari-ridrake
BNHA Oneshotsby ri-ri
Title says it all
Sixth Sense {My Hero Academia} by EnergyMageFrea
Sixth Sense {My Hero Academia}by Frea
We used to be friends, or at least... we used to know each other. There was a lot of people I used to know, a lot of people who used to know me. That was a long time ago...
the whisper of a feeling [Aizawa x Student] by crimsonagent
the whisper of a feeling [Aizawa crimsonagent
(smut) When she'd initially started stealing glances at him, it was mostly as a joke. Wouldn't it be funny if she liked her first-year teacher? She was third-year, after...
I'm too lazy to make a full description so I'll just point things out. -Aizawa and Emi broke up -Emi's pregnant
Her~ by rosewitch95
Her~by Jada
Welcome on this wild ride with class 1-a, will you find love in the classroom? Maybe or maybe not we'll see
FireLeaf by Apex101OC
FireLeafby ouch
I'll try to go over the story and correct spelling/add some details! :) Will update the cover! 80 lucky contestants have been entered into a rare opportunity to particip...
Feather  by DevilWithASunflower
Feather by DevilWithASunflower
!NOT UPDATING ANYMORE! After tragedy struck in young Y/N life her Hero friend All Might invited her to live in Japan. He got her a teaching job and is helping her get ov...
30 días aizadeku (Editando) by Danaealz
30 días aizadeku (Editando)by Dann ✿ ♡
son mini historias de la pareja aizadeku, que se asemejan en 30 días N/T: Estas historias las traducci junto con una amiga ya que nos gustaron mucho, la verdadera autor...
My Hero Academia: All Mights Daughter, Book 1 by SarahTheRock
My Hero Academia: All Mights Sarah Jane
Eleiri smiled and commanded the star to vanish from his sight. He knelt in front of her and met her eyes, "I know, I haven't been there for you until now. I just wa...
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My Hero Academia !Fathers x !Daughter Readers ONESHOTS by Raven_Kurosaki
My Hero Academia !Fathers x ! Idk
Oneshot scenerios of my hero academia characters as your father. Leave suggestions! :)
My hero academia: Shatter and Disperse (Slow updates) by luna_renn
My hero academia: Shatter and Default LunA and Immortality...
Winter Politain was a boy forced to take things he's never wanted to really do. Killing, robbing, and a few other crimes. But, he's learned to enjoy these things even ma...
save me my love (EraserMic) (TEMPORARILY ON HOLD) by aizawaisbestestboi
save me my love (EraserMic) ( erasermic is best ship
Aizawa has always had depression but he try's to hide it from everyone. one night he trys to kill himself but before he can mic asks him out and soon love starts to blos...
My little kitten A Shinsou x Aizawa x Reader by Aizawas_baby
My little kitten A Shinsou x Mags
Y/n a student at 1-A a girl famous for her quirk of shapeshifting into any animal or thing. Her caring nature makes her a great friend but. What happens when one day she...