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LUMINOUS | bucky barnes by Kastxla
LUMINOUS | bucky barnesby gabs
in which a homeless dog warms up to the world's scariest man [short story]
Addiction by Wetwriter47
Addictionby A B
Insatiable couple gives in to a surge of passion in a crowded parking lot.
ငါလေး ဝံပုလွေသားရဲတွင်းထဲပို့ခံလိုက်ရပြီ/ငါေလး ဝံပုေလြသားရဲတြင္းထဲပို႔ခံလိုက္ရၿ by misokumuru7
ငါလေး ဝံပုလွေသားရဲတွင်းထဲပို့ခံလို Flying Balloon
Name- 被送进狼窝了怎么办 『I was sent to a wolf den』 《Complete》 Author -今夜无眠 English Translater - Wordrain Chapter- 35【Complete】 ✓✔ 〔4september 2021 →⇒⇛30october 2021〕 ခွေးလေးတစ်...
Cereals Always Good With Honey by harestigm
Cereals Always Good With Honeyby isn’t it funny?
Invested in his small cafe, Midoriya Izuku becomes fond friends with a couple of hero's. Yet, unknown to himself, sinks deeper and deeper into trouble as he becomes a ta...
Alice by RyanCruz588
Aliceby Ryan Cruz
A twle of Alice...the obedient princess to her Daddy.
Princess  Dahlia by Thebamas
Princess Dahliaby TheBamas
The magic was suddenly gone and know and the city of Lapuneian Bay a bright modern city the people live in a utopia but everything isn't as it was before and the p...
Konoha's Pride by BlueBlur160
Konoha's Prideby Itachi’s Crow
Disclaimer* naruto isn't mine belongs to Masashi Kishimoto* Sorry if there is spelling mistakes auto correct can be annoying sometimes * bad grammar plus this is my firs...
Voice On The Line  by Namicxy_
Voice On The Line by sevnbelle
𓈀 " I love you to the moon and back up to the stars to eternity and beyond. " Love is an option but loving you is my greatest decision. Is goodbye are last de...
Inprisoned (Roblox Piggy Fan-fiction) Willow x Fem!Reader x Doggy by Riali_0518
Inprisoned (Roblox Piggy Riali_0518
Y/N (your name) is a detective for the Lucella Police Department when the Piggy Apocalypse begins. She has fallen in love with her police partner, Doggy. Unfortunately a...
Rooster x Dog Reader by RobertSteven436
Rooster x Dog Readerby RobertSteven436
In this story, the reader is a dog who is brought into Rooster'a farm. Will friendship, and something more bloom with them? This is my first fan fiction so I'm sorry if...
InuYasha Husband Scenarios  by SeleneLynn
InuYasha Husband Scenarios by Selene Lynn✨
Basically it's just Husband scenarios of InuYasha & Sesshomaru!🎉❤️ 🏮🍡🥢🍶✨🌙🌸 • • • I hope you like!😁 (FYI~~ some of these might be Cringe) COMPLETE!! The story is...
TIME~between Life and Death [Completed]✓ by ShayaniNandy
TIME~between Life and Death [ Shayani Nandy
A writer who has closed the pages of his heart from the world and hides behind his books. What happens when he meets a girl who is full of life and beauty. Will she abl...
hoes need love too by StevenK25
hoes need love tooby Steven K
Make sure your aware of your surroundings
new beginnings by StevenK25
new beginningsby Steven K
a story about a one night stand
Roblox Piggy Doggy x Reader(discontinued) by SorryPeepsImGone
Roblox Piggy Doggy x Reader( QUITTED
This isn't a joke I've been searching for something like this for a while @~@ (most drawings only here are mine unless I say it isn't mine) You are a(F/C) fox married t...
Piggy x Reader oneshots (and other ships) Oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN) by thispotato17
Piggy x Reader oneshots (and ℙ𝕠𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕠
just a normal Piggy oneshot book, nothing weird here cover is not mines-
Fighting Dog by Enchanten
Fighting Dogby Enchanten
This is a story from Sombre's point of view, he is a Pit bull Terrier that has been bred to fight. His story starts with him remembering his brief life with his brother...
The Grimm by cyberst0rm
The Grimmby Larkspur (Jopira)
What if Peter died before Sirius could lash out and "kill" him? What if Harry got Blood Adopted and received Sirius's animagus? "You are permitted to brin...