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Inside Little Nightmares by Creativeguy1
Inside Little Nightmaresby Nickka
After Six killed the Geisha, the mirror that Six used wasn't broken. She looked at the mirror and it teleported Six to a dystopian world. She meets a boy in a red shirt...
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365 days  by mochiims
365 days by Hykjny_
Every day's a new feeling. And stays, 365 days.
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Upside Down (COMPLETE) Inside Out, Book 2 [BoyxBoy] by evanfrancisco
Upside Down (COMPLETE) Inside Evan Francisco
The werewolves of La Cove return in the sequel with discovery of mysterious powers, passionate romance, and even mortal danger. While enemies form bonds into lovers, a y...
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Khole Kardashian's Daughter by daze45
Khole Kardashian's Daughterby daze45
Get a look indside my world as Khole Kardashians Daughter. Threw everything the ups the downs and all of the drama. Will kourtney and scott last? Who will find love? Me...
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Devil inside  > lrh by fxckmecliffxrd
Devil inside > lrhby via
Third book in the series - read the first two so this makes sense [completed] Luke was back. And with Alvin gone Angel thought that she and her friends would live a norm...
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Words Can't Explain✔️ by makel_e
Words Can't Explain✔️by Makele Okechinyerum
Words cannot explain all i have been through, even if i wrote a diary all my life, the words in it would not reveal enough, so these are a few words to explain a little...
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The Love Game by xSnowKiss
The Love Gameby Yessica
Kaci Amador’s always been the girl every guy wants. So when she moves to a new school, she knows exactly what to expect. Then there’s Justin Bieber: the popular guy tha...
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Random thoughts and feelings by that--hoe
Random thoughts and feelingsby your-fav-hoe
[The stories are not linked, one doesn't complete the other, each one is a stand alone] Some lines will reach your heart and touch your soul, if at least once you have b...
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The Demon Inside |Bill Cipher X Reader| by Spotteh-chan
The Demon Inside |Bill Cipher X _Spotteh_
[Completed Story] You just moved into the small town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. You love finding mysteries and new friends until you meet a strange fellow who goes by the...
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My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbandsby Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
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✧ Voltron Group Chat ✧ by starbboy
✧ Voltron Group Chat ✧by Liam
hunky: MY VIRGIN EYES |||| allura: ah |||| allura: what a great |||| allura: conversation starter |||| hunky: NO YOU GUYS ITS BAD THIS TIME |||| hunky: I HEARD LIKE A WE...
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Dying Inside (Harry Styles) by KeepOnSmiling
Dying Inside (Harry Styles)by shanetta
Annaliese Gardner is a 17 year old with Cystic Fibrosis, a life threatening lung condition. Every day Anna is living a miracle. She and her two sisters, McKenna and Carl...
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𝐏 𝐀 𝐑 𝐀 𝐃 𝐈 𝐒 𝐄/ kth by kimBatae
𝐏 𝐀 𝐑 𝐀 𝐃 𝐈 𝐒 𝐄/ kthby Bat
"Give me a chance , wait for me , and I'll take you to.... Paradise" In which Lee Yong sun is a model with a strange phenomenonthat changes her face features e...
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Unbosom by prpndclrly
Unbosomby ☽ | 刘欣赏.
☽ // poetry collection. Her midnight poesies- where all of her unspoken, reticent words had built up a mercurial world where she and her melancholia had lived forever. ...
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Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter Smut by AH_Michael
Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter AH_Michael
A collection of mainly boyxboy smut from tumblr. I may occasionally throw in some reader insert and funhaus. I have not intended to steal any works, but stockpile them s...
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B I T T E R S W E E T ~ A Captain Levi x Reader by 1crazy_cat
B I T T E R S W E E T ~ A Kai // 은혜
(F/n) (L/n) is just an average 18-year-old girl, obsessed with boys, mischief and anime. After a series of strange events, she wakes up one morning in a house she's neve...
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Stranded (A Percy Jackson and Moana/Vaiana crossover) by -Hot-stuff
Stranded (A Percy Jackson and Bad boy supreme.
"Amazing book" ~ Random person "The most beautiful story you will ever read" ~ Some newspaper "The summary doesn't actually say what the book is...
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Batman and Joker One Shots ~ *(Boker extreme SMUT)* by XxDarkThugPrincexX
Batman and Joker One Shots ~ *( XxDarkThugPrincexX
♣ Intense Smut; Rape; No fluff sorry; you can choose you're superhero + villian prompt; just holla ;) ♣
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The rogue Queen by Pjmce1
The rogue Queenby Pjmce1
"In this world you have to be strong, you must kill to survive. Be the predator, not the prey." I was born into a family of rogues. The most famous rogues of a...
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The Galaxies Within by welkinist
The Galaxies Withinby welkinist
❝ѕнe was tнe ɢιrl people wordleѕѕly jυdɢed. plαιɴ, ѕιмple αɴd ɴαϊve. тнey тried тo мαĸe α deɴт ιɴ нer soul. тoo вαd тнey didɴ'т ĸɴow oɴe тнιɴɢ. тнere were ɢαlαхιeѕ ιɴѕι...
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