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Donald Trump x Joe Biden by iconsumebread
Donald Trump x Joe Bidenby amanda
I am so sorry, you are probably here from my comment on TikTok
Cuddling (with a Goddess!) - Aqua x Male Reader (Konosuba) by DanteAltan
Cuddling (with a Goddess!) - Dante
The book where it's just you, Aqua, and a bunch of stuff that you would expect to happen in a magical world. Enjoy! *** Book published in April 2020. Season 4 currently...
Haikyu!!!. Oneshots. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ by Haikyuu-_-lover
Haikyu!!!. Oneshots. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つby Sleeping with ur mom
COVER PHOTO MADE BY @TwilightMewniverse IM BAD AT WRITING IM SORRY. I HAVE IDEAS I JUST CAN'T TYPE THEM WELL one-shots cause why not. I'll take requests if people give...
THE PENTHOUSE : war in life .𝕃𝔼� W I N T E R
"Han eunbi?" "You don't wanna mess with her." "She's so different. Doesn't have an illusion called feelings." "She'll do whatever to g...
Three of a Kind || Illumi x Hisoka x Chrollo x reader by cece_im_cool
Three of a Kind || Illumi x CeCe
Y/n has a very interesting life. Y/n has been working at her family owned circus and performs on a daily basis. Lord, she literally gets kidnapped by these idiots and li...
The Legendary Book Of Oneshots: Volume 2! by DanteAltan
The Legendary Book Of Oneshots: Dante
Welcome back to all of those that read the original book of oneshots. Here's more for you! And for the new readers, I'll say this once again: In this book, you'll find a...
• Under Cover •  by gunsgopew_
• Under Cover • by Gunsgopew
• SLEEPY BOIS VILLAIN AU • "Tubbo! We have a job for you!" "What is it?" "We need you to go undercover for us! And get information on the Slee...
anything for you  by yeahyeahmcClennan
anything for you by julia
I wake up to somebody's face above mine. My vision is blurry and I can barely make out a thing. "She's coming around" I hear. I don't know the voice "wh...
Wings by tiny_PARK_JIMIN
Wingsby ᵀᴵᴺᵞ PARK JIMIN
Izuku 'deku' midoriya was walking home from the store with groceries in his bruised hands. Scratch that, Bruised everything. He walked underneath a tunnel when he heard...
~¿i'M sOrRy¿~ by spiritglaze
~¿i'M sOrRy¿~by Dollvity.png
cannibal deku -------- WARNINGS: CANNIBALISM, GORE, SELF HARM, MENTAL ILLNESS, TORTURE. -------- Finished: April 16, 2020 Edited: April 29, 2020
TOXIC - Ariana Grande/You by CL1T0RI0US
TOXIC - Ariana Grande/Youby CL1T0RI0US
"You're a damn drug and I'm toxic." You G!P updates weekly
Fnaf Zodiacs by --Chica_da_Chicken--
Fnaf Zodiacsby ☆𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐚☆
Welcome to my shitty, slightly accurate book.
Daganronpa oneshots [FINISHED] by Stinkyfeet24
Daganronpa oneshots [FINISHED]by ❀
Requests: Please request on my other daganronpa oneshots book! 5-Bruh 5-Toko Artist of cover-
wanted you | rintaro suna  by reomikagesgf
wanted you | rintaro suna by slow updates !
"maybe we werent meant to be, maybe we just convinced ourselves back then that we'd last forever" ⤷ in which all rintaro suna wants is to have y...
Countryhumans x Reader Oneshots (OLD AND DISCONTINUED) by QuackingQuackerzzz
Countryhumans x Reader Oneshots ( Commando Lexie
Haha kill meh- Some updates will be fast, some will be slow cuz of your moody lazy author- Cover by: @Mocha_Lots
How Does Love Work? wilbur soot x nihachu fanfiction by wiblur-nikific-fe59
How Does Love Work? wilbur soot iron59
Just a fanfiction based upon a hypothetical relationship between wilbur soot and nihachu. It will be based on irl events with some important tweaks. I will be staying t...
Wide Awake | Attack on Titan Chatfic by blisscuits
Wide Awake | Attack on Titan HIATUS due to school :<
ah i finally get to publish this LMFAO --- Y/N L/N, started out as a Survey Corps cadet. Y/N, along with Sasha, Connie, Jean, Eren, Mikasa, Armin we're soon added into a...
Dude, My Man, My Brochacho // YOONKOOK by nolucano
Dude, My Man, My Brochacho // popcorn ceiling
Jeongguk is an idol. Living his best life, always on Instagram. Yoongi is a nobody. Thirsting over an artist who will never notice him... Or will he? ...
melancholy. [countryhumans x reader] by frog-tits
melancholy. [countryhumans x frog
in which she strived to see colour again. [cover art by @frneon on twitter]
12:34am | langa hasegawa by reomikagesgf
12:34am | langa hasegawaby slow updates !
"we are just friends that kiss , that's normal right?" ⤷ in which y/n finds herself falling for the boy she met at 12:34am. langa hasegawa x f!read...