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That's Just My Baby Daddy by xx_brown
That's Just My Baby Daddyby Jackie Nelson
Fancy and Tru aren't your typical babymama and baby father story. They actually get along despite the bumps in the road. The obvious chemistry still holds but they can't...
You're my reason  by happy_timesss
You're my reason by .:Emmie:.
"Sweetheart you have no idea what you do to me when you wear my clothes like that" He whispered in my ear as he gently bit my earlobe. ****************...
best wattpad stories  by fayretale
best wattpad stories by Fayre
must read wattpad stories! 🖤
Mrs. Neverson; "The Start Of New Beginnings" by xx_brown
Mrs. Neverson; "The Start Of New B...by Jackie Nelson
Olivia and Trey have battled more than a little bit showing their love. Its pissed some people off and landed them both in unfortunate situations but they always come ba...
Worth Reading Stories on Wattpad by Aglaeca9
Worth Reading Stories on Wattpadby AGLÆCA
#1 This is basically a list of good,undiscovered and famous Wattpad stories from different genres, randomly placed here without any sequence or rank.I personally think t...
Foreign Love Series#1: Rêves Lamentables by tteinaiahnics
Foreign Love Series#1: Rêves Lamen...by Nicole Cordero
It pains me to come to a realization that It was all just a dream. Foreign Love series#1 08/17/2020
Darkest Light by tywaiseuuuu
Darkest Lightby tywaiseuuuu
Faye Maravilla who wants to have a life that she can show her true self, but she's a pushover, she can't say no to anyone, she's so selfless that she can't express and s...
Troubled Memories by VrocenFaded
Troubled Memoriesby Vrocen_Faded
Some of painful poems that might bleed your heart, and some of motivational poems that can help you. It's base on my experience so i wrote it down to decrease my emotion...
Best Authors and their Stories by MissCharmyr
Best Authors and their Storiesby Charmyr
Discover amazing authors and their stories that made me love it! You'll surely love it as well. I've been a reader since 2013. And most of the stories I've read was publ...
The Little Dementor | Harry Potter by ririhepburnette
The Little Dementor | Harry Potterby ˗ˏˋririˎˊ˗
A Demetor is nothing but a creature that feeds on happiness and souls. Just like a mosquito that feeds on blood to live. [Not your typical Harry Potter fanfiction] © 201...
"Let's open the Container of the Starry Feeling..." by lunaarsyn
"Let's open the Container of the S...by lunaarsyn
"What does it feel like....?" There are always things that we experience and yet so many that we wanted to all the way along. This poetry collection is a door...
CRAZY IN LOVE by lassie988
CRAZY IN LOVEby lassiegu
#DEMON AND HIS BRIDE, #BORN TO BE HIS The door closes. Her heartbeat fastens, and she want to cry loud. A deep and husky voice calls her from behind ''love'', and sudd...
Ashy Hood, A Tale of Bravery and Love by niselita
Ashy Hood, A Tale of Bravery and L...by Nisela Yoselin Cittadino
"Hayden" I whisper and he sighs into me. "I can't...I'm... We... We are not happening" I state taking a step back from him. "I think we are alre...
UNEXPECTED |K.T. by MySevenMyReason
UNEXPECTED |K.T.by Maria Lynne
" It's all UNEXPECTED" "Yeah it is" Marfia a girl who want a normal life, no works and fans. Her parents are rich they have a lot of five stars hotel...
Pleasure Room by lahari365
Pleasure Roomby lahari365
My name is Rain. My parents died in a car accident when I was five years old. When I was 14 I was diagnosed with blood cancer. It made my life horrible than it already i...
Book Recommendations by kachipotwp
Book Recommendationsby 🍃
English and Tagalog stories that you will surely like.
BEST OF BEST STORIES IN WATTPAD (UPDATING...) by jonaxxstoriesloverrs
Zalgos Deviling Wish (Zalgos × Fem Reader) by TheLoveliestOfRandom
Zalgos Deviling Wish (Zalgos × Fem...by ᗯE බƦƎ ₮ⱧɆ ҒRΣΔҜS
Hello. Im Y/N L/N and I have miss matched eyes. My right eye is E/C and my left is gray and blackish. Which means im blind from my left. I never understood why but my pa...
I'm Fine.... by Ethan03170421
I'm Fine....by Ethan
Dark, Depressing poems are presented throughout this book. If you can't read about suicide, depression, self harm, ect then don't read this book.