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Peter Parker one shots // ft. irondad and the avengers by el_117
Peter Parker one shots // ft. harold's creepy love stare
Your typical and beloved one-shots :) Will include : - field trips -meeting the avengers -identity reveals -Peter Stark -anything else you'd like me to write feel free t...
Avengers Tower field trip by marvel_blackwidow23
Avengers Tower field tripby marvel_blackwidow23
When Peter Parker got his permission slip for Avengers Tower he was terrified he would get embarrassed by his weird family, he was so right. Civil War was sorted out so...
Sorry, Sir- Wrong Number by Spencer210735
Sorry, Sir- Wrong Numberby Gryffindor_Cookiee
After being pushed off of a building, a wonky landing leads to a broken lamppost and Peter texting who he thought to be Ned. With the avengers after him, an upcoming fie...
Family Secrets by BumbleRex
Family Secretsby BumbleRex
Peter Parker Stark has been living with Tony and Pepper Stark for nearly 6 years now, though no one knows. Now that Peter is 15 and in high school, its getting harder to...
🕷🕸 Field Trip 🕸🕷 by CloeTheTealSnake
🕷🕸 Field Trip 🕸🕷by Ghost
Typical Midtown field tripping to SI but Peter never gets a permission slip signed... plus plot twist. Also, other alternatives if requested. Cover by the amazing @MyShi...
IronDad And Spiderson one-shots by Lhappyface
IronDad And Spiderson one-shotsby Lhappyface
Pretty self explanatory
School trip *finished* by gloriousromance
School trip *finished*by Chaos reincarnate
That's right bitches it's another spiderman field trip story cuz if u read my drafts u would know I'm the most cliche person ever. So buckle up. U know the drill. Also a...
Danny Phantom- Field Trip by ForgottenPhantomz
Danny Phantom- Field Tripby ForgottenPhantom
Danny and his two best friends Tucker and Sam are going on a field trip to the Ghost Zone. Danny's parents Maddie and Jack are hosting the field trip and teaching the ki...
Peter Stark (University) by NickNelsonFanClub
Peter Stark (University)by GirlInTheChair
Peter Parker Potts Stark is 18 years old and has started going to school in MIT, his dream school since he found out his dad went there. While in MIT he struggles to ke...
Wrong Number Kiddo. COMPLETE by _I-DONT-WIKE-IT_
Wrong Number Kiddo. COMPLETEby oNe-AdDiCtIoN
peter parker is just a ordinary kid... kinda he got bit by a radioactive spider well in this story all of that happens but peter texted a wrong number who turns out to b...
I Work Here by comedicliche
I Work Hereby toastedbread
Classic field trip trope, except Peter technically isn't supposed to be on the trip; Peter is forced to stay home at the Avengers Compound the day his Academic Decathlon...
A Field trip No One Will Forget [discontinued] by coolielover
A Field trip No One Will Forget [ jace
mr. lancer decides to take his class on a field trip to the ghost zone. at the mention of this a certain few people start to panic. can danny keep his secrets or not. I...
Peter Parker and the Adventures in Interning by wishuponabook
Peter Parker and the Adventures Margot
A few connected oneshots about the life of Peter as an intern at SI
And Round And Round We Go (SpiderFrost) Peter X Loki by Bum_Blah
And Round And Round We Go ( Fair
[IN PROGRESS] So It's Spiderfrost baby Peter x Loki Kinda Spider-son and Iron-dad With Morgan and Deadpool, but not a lot Yeah, pretty spontaneous Changed the main ship...
A forgotten tour by EmpressLilyana
A forgotten tourby Himikowantsyourblood
My version of the 'field trip to SI' trope. Peter was having a meeting with the Avengers, when a tour group stumbled upon them. Unfortunately that tour group happened to...
Field Trips And Secrets by Waves-Of-Fury
Field Trips And Secretsby Waves-Of-Fury
Danny and his class are going on a field trip to the Ghost Zone, because someone thought that that was a great idea. Everyone is excited except three, Danny Fenton, Sam...
Spiderman Oneshots by claudishine
Spiderman Oneshotsby claudishine
An assortment of Spiderman oneshots which feature Peter Parker and many over-used prompts and ideas including: - Field trips - Reveals - Mjolnir - Meeting the avengers ...
Peter Parker & The Avengers one shots by StoriesFan102
Peter Parker & The Avengers one StoriesFan102
one shots over Peter Parker and his large family One shots/ Short stories of Peter and MJ aswell Also includes Tom Holland Oneshots /// Sorry if these are really crappy
👻 Danny Phantom 👻                       Trip into the Ghost Zone by ThePurplePanguino
👻 Danny Phantom 👻 ThePurplePanguino
Another Danny Phantom Field Trip story!