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Another Dimension(Mobile Legends X Reader) by LadySeraph18
Another Dimension(Mobile Legends Lady Seraph
A girl named (Reader)decided to play Mobile Legends Bang bang after doing her assignments,when she decided to call it a night.Only to find out that she woke up in anothe...
Demon's Pride (Dyrroth x Ruby) [Ongoing] by _The0DD1
Demon's Pride (Dyrroth x Ruby) [ _The0DD1
Ruby saw a young man sitting informally on his throne. His face resting in his left hand while the other was place on the arms of his throne. Ruby couldn't see him clear...
Working For Him. by Cloudii____
Working For Cloudii☁
An omega runs away from his noble family to another country with scars and bruises of disappointment from his father. He then continued his new life known as an "al...
A Different Legend by 3R3NY3A63R
A Different Legendby Eren Jaeger
In the world of Runeterra, there were many gifted individuals ranging from misfits to pop stars. Of course, there are those without power though they still strive. We wi...
Rainbows In the Land Of Dawn by Mintziiee
Rainbows In the Land Of Dawnby Mintziiee
May contain: -nsfw -gore -fluff -smut -lemon -lovey dovey -curse words A Oneshot fanfiction of my favorite mlbb character LGBTQ+ ships //Homophobic opinions are not allo...
Summer Festival - Hayabusa & Kagura by Bananaeni
Summer Festival - Hayabusa & Kaguraby Cicil Nyan
It was the summer break out from their studies. All of the land of dawn inhabitants have their plan sort out for their break. Including the Japanese bunch, where they us...
Just A Guinevere x Lesley Oneshot Collection (MLBB) by ugotsumbeef
Just A Guinevere x Lesley Onyx
Just a person who writes a gl fanfiction of those character pairing that are impossible to be canon. I hope you enjoy your read! 1.) "Take Me Away!" 2.) "...
Moniyan Runaways [ MLBB Headcanons ] by peachaiofficial
Moniyan Runaways [ MLBB PEACHAI
A series about six runaway heroes from Moniyan Empire. A friendship that they never knew could be possible. Love stories and dramas they never expect to be in reality. E...
I am Izuku, And Always Will Be by TMT52471
I am Izuku, And Always Will Beby Reimu
Izuku has always been a very strange kid. Despite the fact that Izuku had been neglected by his parents and bullied by his friends and sisters and everyone else, he was...
Kakak kelasku yang yandere [ Aamon x Natan ] by MiyaaYukii
Kakak kelasku yang yandere [ Yukimura Miya
Cerita tentang aamon yg terlalu gila mencintai natan Aamon : 19 tahun ( Seme ) Natan : 17 tahun ( Uke ) ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ cerita ini mengandung ゞbxb ❧ ゞyaoi,mpreg ❧ ゞkeke...
Duke Paxley by daldiawrite
Duke Paxleyby Jill
"I was astray in the land of dawn. Lost in the world I never belong, then I soon found myself falling on the duke named Aamon." So you play Mobile Legends BB...
In Love with a Demon Prince (RubyxDyrroth)  by IamOkashii
In Love with a Demon Prince ( IamOkashii
This is a story about how the new transfer student Ruby meets the Demon Prince and other heroes. It all starts with just one accident. (Think of ML but in Highschool...
Scarred By Love | Harley x Nana x Harith | Mobile Legends: Bang  [COMPLETED] by cianalikesbeans
Scarred By Love | Harley x Nana Ciana
"It wasn't supposed to end this way." "This is reality, nothing is expected." She smiled softly as her eyelids began to droop, "But we're heroes...
Sniped Daggers [A Gusley story] by _Kagura_Chan_
Sniped Daggers [A Gusley story]by LesleyVance
A love story of a highly trained assassin and a mysterious runaway
Gusley Oneshots ^v^ by cheesecakewuztaken
Gusley Oneshots ^v^by ᴄʜᴇᴇsᴇᴄᴀᴋᴇ
Gusion x Lesley all the wayyyy lol The title says it all Gusley Oneshots
unconscious love || aamon paxley x oc  by stannislaying
unconscious love || aamon paxley krazy stann.
This is a character x oc story, feel free to leave if you dislike it :) I was bored so I made this. English is not my first language so grammar errors and misspelled wor...
Moonlight - Miya x Alucard (Completed) by EzRene_D
Moonlight - Miya x Alucard ( EzRene_D
In search of a worthy king to lead the Moon Elves, Miya set out a long journey to the Land of Dawn. With the blessing of the Moon God, her search of a king to her kind m...
"You Changed Me" • AluYa ft GuGuinLey • Mobile Legends LoveStory by spqcebuns_14
"You Changed Me" • AluYa ft living4ling
"The first time I saw you in our Guild, My heart felt weird and different." - Alucard "You were an amazing friend but... I want something more than that...
MLBB junks by ImAamon
MLBB junksby Fray
just stuff about me playing MLBB