The Beautiful Crow

The Beautiful Crow

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booboobaby12 By booboobaby12 Updated Jul 09

(this is the first book i've wrote on here, so it won't be as good but id like to get better. this one will be about sons of anarchy) 

Jax has just been told Wendy had overdosed, then Tara broke the news that Abel's stomach was tore and he had the family heart condition. 
Jax was heart broken. It seemed like everything was going wrong. The Mayans blew up their gun warehouse so Jax also had to deal with that mess. Opie just got out of jail and Clay demanded he needed Opie to help with the job so Jax had to go talk to Opie also.  

Later that evening the club was having a party like normal. Crow eaters and sweet butts crawling like roaches. Music blaring, Happy and Tig in the ring, smoke in the air, and lots of people. Clay had talked to Jax about going to the hospital to see his family. 

Jax went to Wendy's room and she sobbed and cried. "You need to get help wendy", Jax said. Wendy has asked Jax to empty her stash door. When Jax stormed out of the hospital he saw her. She was gorge...

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