A Dazzling Truth Behind A Mask Of Lies (Kokichi Ouma x Reader) by Author_Kokichi
A Dazzling Truth Behind A Mask Of...by ♜♞♚ᴏᴜᴍᴀ ᴋᴏᴋɪᴄʜɪ♚♞♜
Y/N woke up in a cold abandoned school, The Ultimate academy for gifted juveniles as they called it. only to find out she's been pulled into something that will change h...
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Be My Liar 《Kokichi x Reader》 by Cookiestar16
Be My Liar 《Kokichi x Reader》by SHSL Fanfic Trash
Two liars. One only knows lies while the other tries to look for the truth. Two liars joining together for a dance of lies and mystery. ***** Disclaimer: There are defin...
  • kokichi
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Danganronpa boyfriend scenarios by XLunaWolfX123
Danganronpa boyfriend scenariosby Luna
I apologise if it's crappy or there are grammatical errors. K bye
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Hope [Danganronpa x Reader] by ak_lynn
Hope [Danganronpa x Reader]by AK Lynn
Requests are open! Come read Oneshots about the whole Danganronpa fam!
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  • byakuyatogami
  • hajimehinata
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When Everything Goes Dark [SDR2 x Reader] (ON HIATUS) by Sakura_LOLOL
When Everything Goes Dark [SDR2 x...by 𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓑𝓵𝓸𝓼𝓼𝓸𝓶
[ON A HIATUS!!!] [F/N] [L/N], the Ultimate Assassin. Emotionless, cold, numb. Musn't have friends. She has been raised in an assassin gang, after the exact same group ki...
  • xreader
  • anime
  • sdr2
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Dangan ronpa X Reader by Reisuke_5th
Dangan ronpa X Readerby L E A D E R
What the title says! Both 1&2. I take requests ! I know do Dangan ronpa 3 too!!! I own none of the characters ;3
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  • naegi
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Kokichi Oma x Reader ONESHOTS (COMPLETED) by KittyFox_OmaSai
Kokichi Oma x Reader ONESHOTS (COM...by Saihara Trash
I get lots of ideas for Kokichi x Reader so yeah. Story is COMPLETE
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~♠My Little Dealer♠~ Kokichi Ouma x reader by abbyreese13
~♠My Little Dealer♠~ Kokichi Ouma...by ★Violet The Hedgehog★
♠ Kokichi and the others wake up to realize, nobody really died. Like Shuichi figured out, it was all just a game. Now the 16 teenagers need to face the world as al...
  • despair
  • kokichiouma
  • danganronpav3
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Are You Our Hope Or Despair? by Shimigitsu21
Are You Our Hope Or Despair?by Shimigitsu21~ :3
Fighting a ghoul, Kaneki was pushed inside a unknown machine. As electrons gather and chemicals increasing, it ended up transporting him to a different world. Crashing d...
  • tokyoghoul
  • kaneki
  • crossover
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Needle and Thread - Oumasai by theoumagods
Needle and Thread - Oumasaiby theoumagods
An Oumasai soulmate story set in a society that is divided by academic achievements. There are the High Ranks, superior, intelligent, skilful, and professional. Then th...
  • ships
  • shuichisaihara
  • fateau
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~the perfect play thing~ (kokichi ouma X reader) by creepy_cat65
~the perfect play thing~ (kokichi...by さびつき
Your name is (__) Rīdā And you're The ultimate singer. You're very shy and timid, also you don't like talking that much. Guess what happens when you're put into some cra...
  • love
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Danganronpa Oneshots (PG-13) by -Fandom_Hopper-
Danganronpa Oneshots (PG-13)by Alex
Your favorite characters from the three main Danganronpa games in any scenario you request! --------------------- No lemon PG-13 max. Some swearing Cute shit
  • cute
  • pg13-somelanguage
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Danganronpa x Reader by TatsuoK
Danganronpa x Readerby Tatsuo Kazuki
Want to know what it might feel like to get into a bunch of random scenarios with the crew of Danganronpa? This might be the place but feel free to leave after the openi...
  • danganronpa
  • xreader
  • songfic
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Danganronpa X Reader One-Shots by -Nanamii-
Danganronpa X Reader One-Shotsby ナナミ
HeyHey, that's my first One-Shot book ^^ includes: - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony I'll make...
  • xreader
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Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenarios by Geytyurownfren217
Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenariosby Fren
The boys are -Byakuya Togami -Chihiro Fujisaki -Kiyotaka Ishimaru -Makoto Naegi -Mondo Owada -Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu -Gundham Tanaka -Hajime Hinata -Nagito Komaeda -Kazuich...
  • ishimaru
  • shuichi
  • fuyuhiko
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Danganronpa x Reader Lemons by Te11ThemNaegi
Danganronpa x Reader Lemonsby Shiraka Lala
These are going to be a collection of danganronpa x reader lemons as the title says. I will accept request and I don't know what to say here other than on with the LEMON...
  • kiibo
  • danganronpa
  • gundamtanaka
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Can Despair be Fixed? (Junko Enoshima X Male Reader)  by FlamingSea52
Can Despair be Fixed? (Junko Enosh...by Flame
"Junko Enoshima, huh? They say she's crazy, that she can't be fixed, maybe they're right, but who would ever know until they try. Luckily I'm just crazy enough in t...
  • psycho
  • junkoenoshima
  • readerinsert
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Danganronpa Book of Oneshots by FredFredEnglish
Danganronpa Book of Oneshotsby Sean Lazeau
Danganronpa Oneshots. You can request! A lot of Fuyuhiko, Gundham, Izuru, and Hajime, Souda, Ouma, Saihara, and Kiibo. Like, I'm serious. A lot OF IZURU AND FUYUHIKO.
  • makotonaegi
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Danganronpa One-Shots by Artgirl21
Danganronpa One-Shotsby Artyourdisposal
//o n e s h o t s Cover by @tea_jay (She's amazing and a talented writer! Check her out ;) {Please Vote, Comment, and Add to your library!} {Perhaps one day we will mee...
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?SAIOUMA BOOK? by Makototachibana9889
?SAIOUMA BOOK?by Makoto 🌸💜
✨A Saiouma lovers dream✨ ...........Requests open.......... Don't like Saiouma? B e g o n e. Storybook for my friends birthday and random crap!
  • saiouma
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