My Heartless Boyfriend||COMPLETED|| by SnowyBells
My Heartless Boyfriend||COMPLETED||by SnowyBells
Sabi nila The more you hate the more you love i dont believe in such thing until he came into my life in the first place i hate her so much then when it get to the end i...
  • lawrence
  • action-romance
  • action-thriller
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Sammy's diary (18+ ?) by ErrorTheStrangeBunny
Sammy's diary (18+ ?)by Sammy Oier
The diary of Sammy lawrence, co worker at bendy and co. and worshipper of bendy. Potato THIS IS PART OF SAMMY X BENDY. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS SHIP...don't worry most of...
  • bendyxsammy
  • lawrence
  • bendysmut
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The Love Song Project |Completed| by Sarah_SchoolofRock
The Love Song Project |Completed|by 🌺 Sarah 🌺
When Mr. Finn assigns a project for the class to perform a love song for someone they love for the class, It sparks feelings among classmates. Tomika and Zack especially...
  • zamika
  • sor
  • fremmer
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New Student? | School Of Rock Fanfic | [COMPLETED]✔ by DalanDanHowell
New Student? | School Of Rock ░k░i░a░
[Currently Editing] "I know I shouldn't say it, but my heart don't understand why I got you on my mind„ "Alexandra Chiara Gonzales" or mostly called &quo...
  • school
  • breanna
  • lim
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Fake love? (UNDER EDITING) by fremmervibes
Fake love? (UNDER EDITING)by Joshaya x fremmer :)
Freddy and Zack were the coolest guys from school. Their job was to break every girls' hearts. All the girls from school have been broken except one group. Summer and To...
  • sor
  • fremmer
  • schoolofrock
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School of Rock- New year // Fremmer/Treddy by Nickfictions
School of Rock- New year // FanFictions
A lot changed after summer for the band: Tomikas brothers left, Summer still has a crush on Freddy though she denies it and Freddy is moving. Read this book to find out...
  • sor
  • fremmer
  • school
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Boyfriend to Death X Reader by RyugaSama
Boyfriend to Death X Readerby RyugaSama
Come and step into the world of BTD and let's see if you will survive or die from all these dangerous and attractive looking men.~ Boyfriend to Death and all possible im...
  • btd
  • gore
  • yandereromance
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Adorn. by bree_prettygal
#8 brenda anyango
being twenty in the big city of Nairobi she is forced to sweat for her own survival.Away from men she kept herself , never believing in love just all focused on hersel...
  • adorn
  • love
  • lawrence
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The Rookie's Husband by SimpleLogics
The Rookie's Husbandby Simple Logics
Robbie-Lynn is a rookie gamer that has been reaking havoc in the famous MMORPG Terath. As a Theif and one of the top five players in the game, she bites off a liitle mor...
  • lawrence
  • lovestory
  • romance
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School Of Rock by BarbieLover1000
School Of Rockby Unicorn Lover🦄
Annie Leblanc is a normal girl with has good grades, she's kind, but what happens if she enrolls into William B. Travis Prep . She is in Mr. Finn's class. But when Annie...
  • zach
  • summer
  • lawrence
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 That Edgy Music Director Guy; A Sammy Lawrence x Fem!reader by kaybear2006
That Edgy Music Director Guy; A Kaylee Richardson
((Special thanks to Daijyobani for the book cover!! It looks absoutely amazing X3!!!)) we are gonna say this is after all the Ink machine crap and everything is back to...
  • sammylawrence
  • frick
  • sammy
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Just a Princess by DuskCity
Just a Princessby DuskCity
• completed • After a life full of ball gowns and perfection she finally has the freedom of meeting new people and having a real attempt at discovering herself. She st...
  • princess
  • love
  • evelyn
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Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence by kylee2721
Adopted by Jennifer Lawrenceby |Kylee|
After eight year old Jenna gets severely injured. She finds a house and hides behind some bushes in their front lawn. Soon she is found by three strangers and is taken t...
  • fanfiction
  • twins
  • generalfiction
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School Of Rock (COMPLETED) by MauieNerdy
School Of Rock (COMPLETED)by Margarette A. Dimailig
There is a band where they play every kind of song in a CLASSROOM! This Band is a Secret Band! No one knows it. Even their principal dont know it. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK...
  • summer
  • breanna
  • jade
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Ellsworld x reader oneshots by Snake-Fire
Ellsworld x reader oneshotsby Snake-Fire
This is a book on ellsworld x readers I will do female and male! Just tell me what gender or I will write it whatever one I feel like! -Edited description-
  • ell
  • lawrence
  • ellsworld
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Dare book: school of rock (updates very slow) by AmyNewton7
Dare book: school of rock ( Amy Newton
You can dare anyone in the band to do any dares Parings for this dare book is Zack and Tomika Freddy and Summer
  • schoolofrock
  • seddy
  • lawrence
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My girl [Freddy fanfic ] by freshleelove13
My girl [Freddy fanfic ]by freshleelove13
"Everyone meet Tia" Hey she said holding her skateboard in close to her .probably from the nerves of being new . "You can go sit beside Freddy "
  • zack
  • mrfinn
  • lawrence
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Good Girls Get Bad Boys  by watermelonsarered
Good Girls Get Bad Boys by watermelonsarered
Bad boy meets good girl. Really bad at summaries...I know. Read to know more.
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • jenniferlawrence
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PlayBoy (Fremmer)  by MultipleFanfixs
PlayBoy (Fremmer) by ♪Hannah Nicole♪
Summer is not your typical student at a high school she makes good grades, Doesn't have many friends meanwhile Freddy is the biggest playboy in the whole high school, bu...
  • stefaniescott
  • fremmer
  • victoriajustice
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The haunted hathaways and school of rock crossover  by AmyNewton7
The haunted hathaways and school Amy Newton
When the haunted hathaways and school of rock come together Tomika's secret is revealed. How will her friends react to it
  • lawrence
  • michelle
  • chanceawards
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