As luck would have it (bondi rescue fanfic) by abistarxoxo
As luck would have it (bondi abigail
UNDER EDITING-JULY 2016 Jorja Trini is a 22 year old, part time lifeguard from Britain who has dreamed of working at Bondi Beach for years, and as luck would have it, sh...
  • rescue
  • australia
  • polock
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If I were a boy (camren) by HJL2001
If I were a boy (camren)by HJL2001
A camren story where Lauren is female to male and is on testosterone and had top surgery. He meets Camila at school and they fall in love He is called Lawrence
  • lawrence
  • lgbt
  • wattys2017
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Just a Princess by DuskCity
Just a Princessby DuskCity
• completed • After a life full of ball gowns and perfection she finally has the freedom of meeting new people and having a real attempt at discovering herself. She st...
  • cute
  • kiss
  • badboy
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The Love Song Project |Completed| by Sarah_SchoolofRock
The Love Song Project |Completed|by ? Sarah ?
When Mr. Finn assigns a project for the class to perform a love song for someone they love for the class, It sparks feelings among classmates. Tomika and Zack especially...
  • lawrence
  • sor
  • finn
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Fake love? (UNDER EDITING) by fremmervibes
Fake love? (UNDER EDITING)by Joshaya x fremmer :)
Freddy and Zack were the coolest guys from school. Their job was to break every girls' hearts. All the girls from school have been broken except one group. Summer and To...
  • sor
  • tomika
  • zack
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Found On the Doorstep by Kendall_0213
Found On the Doorstepby Kendall
Little Taylor Ann is dropped off on the doorstep, in the dead of winter, at only eighteen months. Luckily, the owner of the house answers the door not long after she was...
  • austinswift
  • taylor
  • taylorlawrence
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The haunted hathaways and school of rock crossover  by AmyNewton7
The haunted hathaways and school Amy Newton
When the haunted hathaways and school of rock come together Tomika's secret is revealed. How will her friends react to it
  • taylor
  • louie
  • hathaway
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Speak | Joshifer by rossness
Speak | Joshiferby rossness
Seems simple. He confesses his feelings, and she realizes that she's loved him all along. But somehow, trouble seems to find Jen and Josh no matter how much they fight i...
  • catchingfire
  • joshiferfanfic
  • joshifer
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Unexpected Love : Seddy/Fremmer & Zamika by watzaheck610
Unexpected Love : Seddy/ Amy✌
Summer x Freddy's love story. There will be Zamika don't worry ;) Join their adventure full of jealousy, romance and mishaps. Will Freddy & Summer eventually fall in lov...
  • freddy
  • seddy
  • tomika
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If Only You Knew by ashton_weaver
If Only You Knewby Ashton
Question: What happens when a new girl takes away your friends? Answer: You runaway to a new location. Thats what Summer had to do. After a new girl named Leila took...
  • zack
  • babe
  • hudson
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Raven academy  by AmyNewton7
Raven academy by Amy Newton
Raven acadamy vs Travis Prep The rivalry between two schools is set aside once Travis Prep realise who ally and Steve young are to one of their students. Can they end t...
  • summer
  • 25
  • dewey
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Last love by lawsbiansdiary
Last loveby lawsbiansdiary
Three years after Mockingjay part 2 promotion ends, and the hype wears out, Josh and Jen have moved back to their home town of Kentucky with their two kids and began the...
  • joshiferbabies
  • joshifer
  • josh
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Twitter •Fremmer• by onlyfremmer
Twitter •Fremmer•by not a big deal
Summer Hathaway has a crush with Freddy Huerta and she started to following him on Twitter. "freddyhuerta_ started follow you."
  • freddy
  • lawrence
  • fremmer
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When Love Takes You In (Jennifer Lawrence) by I-Am-Jess
When Love Takes You In (Jennifer Jess
Ten year old Genesis and her four year old sister Stella, lived a perfectly normal life with their mother and father in Louisville, Kentucky. Unfortunately, all good an...
  • daughter
  • abuse
  • tori
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A Zamika story by AmyNewton7
A Zamika storyby Amy Newton
Zacks and tomika start hanging out without the rest of the band What happens when the others confront them about it
  • freddy
  • secretband
  • zamika
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Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence(Complete) by HarmonyJ19
Adopted by Jennifer Lawrence( Just a Dreamer
The story title explains it all! Sorry im bad at photoshop! Madelyn rans away from home. She was abused and the person who was taking care of her was just dreadful. How...
  • daughter
  • jenniferandjosh
  • abused
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the school of rock tour (sequel to the truth behind school of rock) by AmyNewton7
the school of rock tour (sequel Amy Newton
what happens while the school of rock gang are on the tour. what are the shows like, what happens behind the scenes Zamika and Seddy are still together
  • lawrence
  • freddy
  • tour
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Boyfriend to Death Scenarios and Imagines by ThydaSorn
Boyfriend to Death Scenarios and Little Drops of Smiles
|Request open| |Gore, Sex, Swearing, Use of drugs| |BTD and BTD2: Fresh Blood|
  • gore
  • samuel
  • cain
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Dare book: school of rock (updates very slow) by AmyNewton7
Dare book: school of rock ( Amy Newton
You can dare anyone in the band to do any dares Parings for this dare book is Zack and Tomika Freddy and Summer
  • tomika
  • dares
  • zamika
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School of rock social media  by ConnieXalice
School of rock social media by ConnieXAlice
Completed ✅ The life of the school of rock kids from their love life's to drama and life in general as they grow up together and become super famous. Mostly Zamika has s...
  • freddie
  • aiden
  • tony
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