The Weight of the Universe | Avengers

The Weight of the Universe | Avengers

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▷Set in Infinity War and Endgame

                          It's all been leading  to this...

Six Infinity Stones.
Two groups of heroes.
One Enemy.

His name has spread nothing but fear through the whole galaxy. The only goal Thanos ever had in his mind was the balance of the universe- and he doesn't care how to achieve it. 
To stop the bloody and deadly path of the Mad Titan, Evelyn Farrell Barnes and Aurora Reyes are forced to risk their lives along with their teammates for the sake of everyone else. With the weight of not only the world but this time the whole universe on their shoulders, they fight in the biggest war of all time.


The credit goes to Marvel but my own OCs with their storylines :) 
This is my story published on Wattpad

Published August 2018- July 2019