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the power of a dorito (Billdip) by shadow-travel
the power of a dorito (Billdip)by PigeonKing
imagine this: Ford is mad at dipper for getting the rift taken, and Mabel is mad at him for leaving his backpack there in the first place, then Stan is mad because he al...
Ask or Dare Gravity Falls by DeathGale
Ask or Dare Gravity Fallsby Sky Dawn
This is an ask or dare for Gravity Falls. The main characters are Dipper Pines, Mason Pines(Fight Falls), Tyrone Gleeful(Rev. Falls), Bill Cypher, Kill Cypher(Fight Fall...
Cipher Soulmate by Khloe_Levette
Cipher Soulmateby Khloe
When you turn 16 a tattoo might appear on your arm , the tattoo means you are one of the cipher soulmate. What will happen if this tattoo appears on Dipper? Read to find...
The Pine Siblings  by Zinshi
The Pine Siblings by Zinshi~
Dipper, Tyrone, and Mason are triplets attending school in Gravity falls along with their sister Mabel. The pine siblings were at a café discussing some stuff until they...
Killdip/Billdip/Willdip oneshots by EveyDaffern5
Killdip/Billdip/Willdip oneshotsby Evey Daffern
Killdip, Billdip, Willdip oneshots! I'll take suggestions and I will do smuts.
Zero Falls (Season 2)-CONTINUED by EmberTheStorian39
Zero Falls (Season 2)-CONTINUEDby EmberIsHere
The continuation of my Zero Falls book from my old account. To learn more about it, please look it up first, before reading this
Everys Academy (Remake) Billdip Willdip Killdip by CoNoKiS
Everys Academy (Remake) Billdip CoNoKi S
The Pines family decided to spend the summer at Gravity Falls when an unexpected letter appeared on their doorstep. The Pines siblings Belle, Mason, May, Tyrone, Mabel...
Zero Falls: Season Two by EmberTheStorian
Zero Falls: Season Twoby EmberTheStorian
After surviving various monsters, power hungry demons, and mindblowing discoveries, the Cipher are hoping to have a normal rest of the summer. However, 'normal' and Zer...
I Miss My Brothers by Rosemaryy17
I Miss My Brothersby Rose
Three words Billdip Willdip Killdip
Assassination ( Billdip/ Killdip) Fight Falls by _FandomMess_
Assassination ( Billdip/ Killdip) BigOl’RedFloof
Dipper and Mabel Pines fought as a group called the Fighters Of Falls. They got their targets and assassinate them. One day as Dipper was spying on his target, he was no...
Getting Together by DeathGale
Getting Togetherby Sky Dawn
This is a Gravity Falls fanfic sporting a few AU's I've read recently. The Pines brothers are all triplets and Mabel is there older sister by a few minutes. Dipper, Maso...
Dawnverse (My Gravity Falls AUs Memes and Stuff) by fallingunDawn
Dawnverse (My Gravity Falls AUs Dawn Falls
Some extra things and memes from my AUs of Gravity Falls such as Infinite Gravity, Zero Reverse, Zero Gravity (my interpretation), Reverse Falls Shades of Blue, Falling...
Your Deal, My Deal by fallingunDawn
Your Deal, My Dealby Dawn Falls
Dipper Pines, Guardian of Balance from Zero Gravity, had no idea what to expect when Kill Cipher reached out to him for a strange reason, but he couldn't deny that he wa...
Twisted Redemption (Zero Gravity x Fight Falls) by fallingunDawn
Twisted Redemption (Zero Gravity Dawn Falls
After the collision of the universes of Fight Falls and Zero Gravity, Kill found his chance of bringing back the Weirdmageddon. Unlucky he was that Zero Gravity also had...
BillDip/WillDip/KillDip/JillDip ask or dare! by thecreatureisntthere
BillDip/WillDip/KillDip/JillDip etherealthingamabob
It's an ask or dare with everyone's favorite Gravity Falls ships and AUs! Special guest and show-runner: Me! There are no rules and no boundaries to the asks or dares. S...
Let It Be All A Dream | Billdip by GFBilldip_fan
Let It Be All A Dream | Billdipby ⓨⓐⓞⓘ
[Slight Willdip&Killdip] [Book 3] Bill's dead. He's dead. The all-knowing powerful dream demon is dead. Dead!!! But to Dipper, he wasn't. But what will happen if Dipper...
Billdip Willdip and Killdip ask and dare! by demlems
Billdip Willdip and Killdip ask demlems
HAI! Im that scribble elf person who made this same thing but i had to delete it! but im backkkkk
Forbidden Knowledge(Slow Updates/On hold) by ErisSkull
Forbidden Knowledge(Slow Updates/ ErisSkull
Cringe Alert, Dont read if U wanna cringe :p Tbh this has a-lot of fucking crossovers also Mabel hate Forbidden Love and Forbidden knowledge on the multiverses Yes Dippe...
billdip a high school au by the_french_waffle
billdip a high school auby FrenchFry
Bill is a human who is 16 years old he, his twin brother Will and their older brother Kill are all going to swamp lake high. Dipper, His quadruplet Mabel, Mason, And Jac...
Fight Falls + Zero Gravity by fallingunDawn
Fight Falls + Zero Gravityby Dawn Falls
Honouring the creators of Zero Gravity! Bill x Fight Falls! Dipper and Fight Falls! Kill x Zero Gravity! Dipper, here are one shots with my head canons. Zero Gravity bel...