Horror Text stories (Medium level) by creepychimmy
Horror Text stories (Medium level)by My backup :)
#1 in chills 7/6//18 #1 in horror story 7/8//18 #2 in scariest 7/6//18 #3 in creepystories 7/7//18 #4 in boo 7/7//18 #5 in goosebumps 7/6//18 Short Spooky Stories in the...
  • thriller
  • goosebumps
  • creepystories
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Short Scary Riddles  by Horror_Lover54
Short Scary Riddles by Amethyst
*Highest #1 in haunted* *Highest #5 in mystery* *Highest #36 in Horror* *Highest #59 in Random* Scary riddles that'll send a shiver down your spine!
  • thriller
  • ghost
  • death
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Who to choose? (Jeff the Killer x Reader) (Reader x Ticci Toby) by UnicornLoverF1
Who to choose? (Jeff the Killer Sum
(Yn) (Ln) was never normal. She read about creepypasta's from time to time. She was abused by her parents and only had one friend. She was bullied and had attempted suic...
  • creepystories
  • wattys2018
  • tobyrogers
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Creepy Chat Text Stories by Heavenly_heart123
Creepy Chat Text Storiesby ♡Heaven♡
Some i found off the internet and some i made up
  • creepy
  • creepystories
  • annie96
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Creepypasta Facts by leoisalivingmeme
Creepypasta Factsby ☤𝑳𝑬𝑶 𝑩𝑹𝑶𝑾𝑵☤
You ever wander what your favorite Creepypastas do during their time? What their favorite things are? Do you know some things about them that others don't? Well, for tho...
  • creepypastaboyfriendscenarios
  • creapypasta
  • maneater
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I'd Kill For You Jeff The Killer X Reader by Yandere_soldier
I'd Kill For You Jeff The Killer Yandere_soldier
Warning: Language Your POV "No! N-O!" I said angrily at my at my best friend (BF's Name). She wanted me to come to the woods with her tonight to watch a meteor...
  • funny
  • killer
  • creepystories
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Creepy Facts by AngelFarkas
Creepy Factsby AngelFarkas
Just some things that you would possibly like to know. I don't own any of these.
  • killings
  • warning
  • places
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Those CreepyPasta's by BubblyShip
Those CreepyPasta'sby BubblyShip
Hey, call me Author~Chan. So, I have recently been into reading about CreepyPasta, and I decided to write a book based on them, which contains some personal experiences...
  • laughingjack
  • fear
  • haunting
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A Compilation of Everything Horror by httpharish
A Compilation of Everything Horrorby harish
I've decided to compile my favourite creepy stories for you all to enjoy! DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THESE STORIES ARE MINE! THEY ARE FROM THE INTERNET, IF YOU SEE YOUR STOR...
  • jeffthekiller
  • halloween
  • scarystories
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One-shotsby i wondee how long i can make...
Basically what the title says.
  • sweet
  • beta
  • omega
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Michael Myers X Reader by pictoralExtrovert
Michael Myers X Readerby Euclid
You heard about the rumors of the infamous killer Michael Myers, you just never thought you would seen him in person. You lived in the small town of Haddonfield in Illi...
  • myers
  • horrorromance
  • lovestory
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Blood Red Rose [Jeon Jungkook] by little_bunny121416
Blood Red Rose [Jeon Jungkook]by little_bunny121416
Genre: Angast/Horros/Thriller/Criminal and Smut Character: Lee Y/N 25 years old Book Writer. Jeon Jungkook 27, Heir of the ...
  • serialkiller
  • btsboys
  • btsjimin
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Creepypasta facts by cocoapuff2003
Creepypasta factsby Hardcore Shipper
Facts about creepypasta Highest ranking #411 in horror
  • offenderman
  • jason
  • maker
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Huwag Kang Kukurap! Vol. VI by ladypsychojb
Huwag Kang Kukurap! Vol. VIby JB
The 6th installment of my horror compilation based from my imagination, real life storiea/experiences and also from books and internet. Have fun & enjoy reading! :-)
  • paranormal
  • scarystories
  • taglish
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Weird Things That Happened To Me by SpaceUnicorn9
Weird Things That Happened To Meby SpaceUnicorn9
Weird, mostly supernatural, stuff that has happened to me and to people I know
  • horror
  • true
  • ghost
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Chain Letter by legoguywrites
Chain Letterby J.P. Adrian
Remember that girl everyone bullied at school and then committed suicide? She remembers you.
  • school
  • chainletter
  • bloodandgore
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Huwag Kang Kukurap!Vol. IV by ladypsychojb
Huwag Kang Kukurap!Vol. IVby JB
The 4th installment of my horror story compilation. Stories from imaginations, from my experiences, collected from books and the internet, and also experiences from peop...
  • suspense
  • supernatural
  • randomstories
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Unsolved Murder Mysteries by aaveryelizabeth
Unsolved Murder Mysteriesby ♡•Avery Who?•♡
In this book we will go over graphic and violent yet quiet and covered up murders. Think you can handle it? We'll find out.
  • murdermystery
  • scarystories
  • mystery
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Huwag Kang Kukurap! Vol. VII by ladypsychojb
Huwag Kang Kukurap! Vol. VIIby JB
The 7th installment of my horror compilation based from my imagination, real life storiea/experiences and also from books and internet. Have fun & enjoy reading! :-)
  • creepystories
  • randomstories
  • goosebumps
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Huwag Kang Kukurap! Vol. IX by ladypsychojb
Huwag Kang Kukurap! Vol. IXby JB
Koleksiyon ng mga kuwentong katatakutan. Mga kuwento na hango sa totoong buhay, nakuha sa internet, mga paboritong kuwento ng may akda na nakuha sa libro at ang iba nama...
  • horror-thriller
  • creepystories
  • -thriller
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