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post it (SEQUEL TO BITE) by uncrownedbillie
post it (SEQUEL TO BITE)by chrissy
a series of post it notes left in the room of billie in the beaumont asylum. read along with rowan as her love for a girl she'd only ever met in a medicated state, grows...
lost in the dark abyss i call my mind by iamurdestiny1
lost in the dark abyss i call my destiny
this is poetry regarding to experiences/thoughts that run through my head, which makes up for who i am today.
To Hotwire a Mind | A Short Story Saga by aiceleste
To Hotwire a Mind | A Short Aries🍂
This collection consists of short stories that are mere expansions of the billions of ideas circulating in my head. Read at your own risk.
Demon Lover by notalwaysthebadguy
Demon Loverby Evan Willoughby
when virgil awakes to find the head master baring down on him, classmates screaming in terror while teachers escort them inside. a lifeless body lays a few feet away, wh...
Short Stories  by bananaboy73
Short Stories by DemonBananaKing~:~
Here is a bunch of random short stories
#TheGrudgeContest by fright
#TheGrudgeContestby Fright
In 500 words or less, write your own terrifying tale inspired by the curse of The Grudge and tag #TheGrudgeContest for a chance to have your story turned into an animate...
Seven Minutes #TheGrudgeContest by ClaireValdez
Seven Minutes #TheGrudgeContestby claire ᴮᴸᴹ
Seven minutes in heaven quickly turns hellish.
Inherited by eacomiskey
Inheritedby Elizabeth Comiskey
My entry for #TheGrudgeContest A young couple sees an inheritance as an opportunity to flee from a damaged past, but what's passed down in some families is far darker th...
the circus she wrote by Ashkat3225
the circus she wroteby Ashkat3225
two girls kidnapped and forced to live in a circus and perform as trapeze artists and gypsies
Silence by Silver_Moonie
Silenceby Silver Moonie
Lana Keegan is a medium that is trying to find her place in the realm of the living. However, her strange ability ropes her into a dangerous situation when one of her ne...
Bound by SuperYandere
Boundby Gucci Taelien
'I can't escape'
Lola Eternal by WilhelmYork
Lola Eternalby F Vawters McCloud
Solomon and Lola's love is perfection personified. Tragically while snorkeling, Lola drowns. Lola's an elite swimmer who once almost made the Olympics. This leaves Solo...
The Lost Boys Of Sudan by anonymousreadwriter
The Lost Boys Of Sudanby t p w k
After losing their families in the civil war of Sudan, Malek and Ayen join a group of other children as they seek refuge from the war. *** Set in Sudan, Malek and Ayen b...
FeverLust by gwenny3814
FeverLustby gwenny3814
A abandoned cabin in the Redburrow woods marks the beginning of sorrows for Leslie and her band FeverLust... What they've done will cause a curse from the forsaken. Just...
Vengeance  by RipperGirl88
Vengeance by RipperGirl88
My entry for #TheGrudgeContest Mandy has a dark secret. She wanted to be free, but now she's trapped forever.
MARKS (TheGrudgeContest)  by lynndreamer17
MARKS (TheGrudgeContest) by Lynn
We all have our scars...our broken parts Then, there are those people...those places....they carry more than scars. Involuntary repercussions lasting beyond their own ti...
They Live In The Swings | (The Grudge Contest) by kendikarimi
They Live In The Swings | (The kendikarimi
Yuri was a curious boy. He wandered off to a park. Something followed him back. This is a short 500-word story under the #TheGrudgeContest.
Breaking Free by ReeceyPeecey
Breaking Freeby Reece
Misdeeds always come with a price.
Countdown by writerbrittanyb
Countdownby Brittany Buckland
Seven hours in an old abandoned sanitarium, with only a flashlight and herself for company. It was a dare done in poor taste, yes, but five and a half hours had gone by...
Clockwork by Nighteye77
Clockworkby Nighteye77
A man with an annoying tapping sound. This is for The Grudge Contest