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Unexpectedly Yours  by zafozahid
Unexpectedly Yours by zunaira zahid
"I dont hate you but i dont love you too Zohaib " i exclaimed "You better dont hate me Parsa.! And about love thing i surely make you fall in love with m...
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Accidentally Fall For You  (Shin Yu University Series #1) by ArtMyPain
Accidentally Fall For You (Shin art
Shin Yu University Series #1 "I fell in love with someone, i never expected to fall for" The girl who named Artemis Drite Gomez. She grew up always getting eve...
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Wife Of A Priority by keepout
Wife Of A Priorityby keepout
Book #3 Your favorite married couple is back for a 3rd time ! Mercedes and Ja are now the owners of a very successful business , parents to Majesty & a baby girl who ha...
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"Accidentally Falling Inlove With My Boss" by Kurtyzel_409
"Accidentally Falling Inlove Kurtyzel_409
Minsan sadyang mapagbiro ang tadhana. Yung akala mo kayo na pala para sa isa't isa pero hindi pala. Tapos may dadating.. Na mamahalin ka ng buo *Ang story kong ito ay tu...
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HIS LADY by lizzy1299
HIS LADYby lizzy1299
They loved each other. He broke her in a way that she never thought she could recover. And then the most amazing thing happened; there entered someone so special who sho...
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Sasheen's Story. by Shalei_
Sasheen's S A S H🦋
~ Check the introduction & enjoy.
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Life weaved with Lies by Gwyneanexx
Life weaved with Liesby Gwyneth
Redemption Series #1 In this world full of lies and deceivers, who would you believe? Even if it is your loved ones who you trust so much that deep down... they kept sec...
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THE HEs by greenyson
THE HEsby greenyson
In a more advance world called 'BLAIZTOSIA,' life is more confusing. Every person has its own biological counterpart, a replica. Every mother is naturally able to give...
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||Informality|| (Michael Mell x Reader) [Be More Chill] by FeatherFix
||Informality|| (Michael Mell x spicykiwi
[This is the sequel to my first Michael x Reader, called Priority. Please read it before this one. You can find it in my works.]
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Kissing Flames by EdilRamizares
Kissing Flamesby Maria Edilqueen L. Ramizares
Ali is a goal-oriented person who prioritizes nothing more than her studies. She was deprived of comforts and love all her life and for her the only way out is to study...
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The Doom Of Our Life(Completed)  by DSilentGirl
The Doom Of Our Life(Completed) by Abirami
The story starts from serial track when swara brings kavitha to maheswari mansion unknown that she is her husband's ex wife. Peep in to know what happens!! 😜
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DIRTY S.E.X by KeyonnnaS
DIRTY S.E.Xby Keyonna S.
"Hey...I know this is sudden and all and I know I've been calling you back to back but... I wanted to know if you could spend Christmas with me- I'm kind of alone h...
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The Right Decision by MichaellaMalinkun
The Right Decisionby Michaella Malinkun
Prayce Valentine seorang gadis berasal dari keluarga yang agak mewah. Dimana ibunya seorang usahawan yang berjaya. Manakala ayahnya pula seorang juruterbang. Namun Prayc...
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Winter Blossoms ( Aloy x fem!reader) by Sugarstars87
Winter Blossoms ( Aloy x fem! Isaki
It was a starry night in the middle of November when your eyes first met hers. You were laying down for a rest from an exhausting day on a wide field of grass as you let...
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A Reunion (Sequel and Fanfic of DDLJ) (Uncut) #MissionDesi by Fa1245
A Reunion (Sequel and Fanfic of Fahmid Hassan Prohor
A sequel and fanfiction of the saga of Raj and Simran. Twenty years of Raj's disappearance made the whole family shattered. Until their son- Yuvi's decided to shoot a fi...
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The Priority  by HappieSam2
The Priority by Ekpete Obutor Happiness
Adedayo, is a young man with lots of vision, dream and desire. Having achieved a lot at an early age, he decided it was time to take the big steps and take responsibilit...
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Just My Style by asterglae
Just My Styleby asterglae
"Kay tagal kong sinusuyod ang buong mundo para hanapin, para hanapin ka. Nilibot ang distrito ng iyong lumbay, pupulutin, pupulutin ka. Sinusundo kita, sinusundo...
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No Label by owwcieeee
No Labelby Loysiiii
yung ang sweet niyong dalawa pero wala paring kayo. yung nag i love youhan na kayo pero wala paring Label tapos 'di mo alam na 'di lang pala siya sweet sayo. Kasi sweet...
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Fucking My Brother (Urban Story) by xx_iamher_xx
Fucking My Brother (Urban Story)by Her
They always hated me because i am black. i wasn't your typical girl; lightskin, perfect body, favorite cousin, favorite daughter. I wasn't that. But i was human. It all...
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