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BLESIV FAN FIC (DIRTY) by blesiv_112
Just read it. You'll probably like it
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  • cuteboys
  • school
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Miss Good Girl | ✓ by LittleNerdDreamer
Miss Good Girl | ✓by LittleNerdDreamer
**EDITING** My parents, had a cliche story. My dad was a bad boy. My mom was the good girl. They got together in the end and had me. Kelsea. A.k.a: good girl. Spinoff t...
  • cliche
  • drama
  • girl
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ImAllexx Imagines by OhHowSweet
ImAllexx Imaginesby OhHowSweet
Honestly there most likely will be more than just ImAllexx included. Like WillNE and Georg- sorry- Memeulous. You get my drift. I have a lotta feelings I need to get ou...
  • alanelmslie
  • imallexx
  • youtubers
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BTS Boyfriend Imagines 💜 by Apw_Gal
BTS Boyfriend Imagines 💜by Green Bean!!!
Purely fluffy marshmallow fluff 😂😂😂 Boyxboy Btsxreader 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Best ranking #4 in Cute boys (23/05/19)
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The Boy In the Basement (Completed) by alyse5363
The Boy In the Basement (Completed)by um we haven't been properly i...
Bailey Davis has been dragged into babysitting three little troublemakers every Friday for the rest of the year by none other than her mother. But what she soon discover...
  • fallinginlove
  • hilarious
  • oppositesattract
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Funny BTS Memes by nochicya
Funny BTS Memesby BTS World
Hello friends. ^~^ . This book includes all funny BTS Memes and which are really very funny and relatable. And I am putting the MEMES which I found funny So all the Army...
  • cuteboys
  • interesting
  • jungkook
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Blessing you with cute/hot boys/men by Luna_talia
Blessing you with cute/hot boys/menby Ťäĺïæ
Pics of hot and cute boys to brighten up your days and nights. WARNING: will probably die from hotness and cuteness
  • cuteboys
  • panicatthedisco
  • greenday
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Boy x boy one-shots  by amazingnerd35
Boy x boy one-shots by Oli 🖤
One- shots about gay couples, mostly fluff (no angst or smut) [Don't like, don't read] Thanks for reading :) sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • cuddles
  • yaoi
  • malexmale
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••Chanbaek oneshots•• by chanbaek_6143
••Chanbaek oneshots••by |baekturtle|
Chanbaek oneshots. Contains fluff, and some dirty stuff 🔞🔞🔞
  • kpop
  • baekhyun
  • gaylove
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Daddy Holland by okayvalntyne
Daddy Hollandby checkers
this is just fluffy tom holland with his own kids in the future lmao - requests appreciated and needed lmao -
  • cuteboys
  • kids
  • tomholland
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Dolan Twins imagines🌙🖤✨#3 by daddydolans16
Dolan Twins imagines🌙🖤✨#3by daddydolans16
Another book of images because WHY NOT
  • twins
  • hottwins
  • ethandolan
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Lemonade (BWWM) by scheetscheet
Lemonade (BWWM)by scheetscheet
🍋💚 - *trigger warning: abuse is a large subject in the book, please do not read if this is a hard subject for you* - Aliyah Goldman is a simple girl. She just wants to...
  • couple
  • westucker
  • mixed
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Mesmerised ( bxb ) by Bromancelover25
Mesmerised ( bxb )by Bromance lover
Leo a young guy who lives alone and not very sociable, It isn't that he's socially akward, He's very confident just doesn't like being around people. One day he found hi...
  • cuteboys
  • teenfiction
  • gaylove
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En Français by NatCatDrarryFan
En Françaisby NatCatDrarryFan
Draco Malfoy walks in on Harry Potter rapidly conversing with his Uncle Moony in French. To his surprise, he found it strangely sexy. He also found out that Harry was ab...
  • subharry
  • french
  • blaisezabini
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Social Media- SM✔️ by gracemcshaw
Social Media- SM✔️by Grace ♡
When YouTuber Hannah Meloche meets Shawn Mendes on social media, her whole world is changed upside down. *Highest Ranking #33 under shawnmendes*
  • youtube
  • social
  • emmachamberlin
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Mr Levi by HoneyHairDiamondEyes
Mr Leviby HoneyHairDiamondEyes
Eren turns into a child and Levi is forced to take care of the little brat who only wants a kiss from 'Mr Levi' as Eren calls him.
  • kid
  • fanfic
  • erenxlevi
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bxb oneshots by roselineromero1599
bxb oneshotsby Rose🌹
It is as the title says boyxboy oneshots (the images are not mine)
  • boyxboy
  • cuteboys
  • oneshot
Summer Fling - NOAH CENTINEO by fanfictionforever333
Summer Fling - NOAH CENTINEOby hot tamale
"You know this won't last, right?" I asked, letting the alcohol choose my words. I leaned my elbows on the table in dominance. "Well, who says that it won...
  • adeventure
  • foster
  • lovestory
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joshler fluffy oneshots by bitchyjoseph
joshler fluffy oneshotsby ✨erin✨
collection of self written, fluff, joshler oneshots. mostly fluff with the occasional smut. Enjoy ;)
  • icon
  • femtyler
  • boyxboy
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Winter's Idolatry by Fiapie
Winter's Idolatryby Sofia
i·dol·a·try īˈdälətrē noun : An extreme admiration, love, or reverence for someone. "She was afraid her attraction towards him was increasing to idolatry."
  • cuteboys
  • teenromance
  • school
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