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Heat blast by notsuremyself
Heat blastby notsuremyself
Izuku Todoroki is the younger twin brother of Shoto Todoroki. They are the sons of Endeavor the number 2 hero, and as such a huge expectation has been placed on them - s...
Light & Shadow by AniMeQueEn96
Light & Shadowby AniMeQueEn96
Book 2 of Sun & Moon Todoroki and Izuku are starting middle school with Bakugo and Shinsho. They are in for a ride as All Might and AFO each have plans for the nekos. A...
UA's Vigilante Protectors by Jelliclegirl19
UA's Vigilante Protectorsby
A group of young vigilantes grew up together in an orphanage that was owned by two sisters. Even though they were never adopted they were still very happy with the life...
Hope Found in Ice and Flames by p0tat0cakess
Hope Found in Ice and Flamesby p0tat0cakess
Izuku Midoriya is found by Touya and Enji Todoroki one starlit night Posted on my other two accounts Asian_Trash_Kill_Me hi_im_a_weeb_kill_me
Izuku with a Winter's Field by LotusBloom0
Izuku with a Winter's Fieldby Lotus Bloom
Born to a broken family, Izuku suffered hardships until the age of 4 when everything started tumbling down like blocks with no balance. His mother was killed by his fath...
Honorary Todoroki, Izuku by rizwantz_
Honorary Todoroki, Izukuby rizwantz_
Status: ongoing A story in which Izuku is found by the number two Pro hero. Also, good dad endeavour cuz yes >:) Assmight and maybe some dadzawa. Ah yes, dekusquad ba...
Sun & Moon by AniMeQueEn96
Sun & Moonby AniMeQueEn96
Story 1 of 3 Todoroki and Izuku are kidnapped young and eventually saved by hero's. They have a close bond and as they grow up their bond gets even stronger. ------- I...
Izuku Midoriya-CEO And Second Male IS User  by HayateAnaguma
Izuku Midoriya-CEO And Second Hayate Anaguma
Izuku Midoriya, formerly known as Yagi never had a happy life Ever since he was diagnosed as Quirkless, his life turned upside down His step-sister Izumi along with her...
Deku The Aura Hero (Sample) by BrandonWilliamson691
Deku The Aura Hero (Sample)by Fanficnerd94
In a world of heroes and quirks, Izuku Midoriya is unfortunately born to be powerless. Or.... so he thought. After discovering that he has the powers of Lucario, Izuku p...
"SOMEBODY HELP!!!" A female green-haired teen shouted as the 0-pointer were about to squish them 'I'm sorry izuku' the green-haired teen thought, Then suddenl...
Hope Found In Ice And Flames by hi_im_a_weeb_kill_me
Hope Found In Ice And Flamesby Closeted_Transgender_FTM
Izuku Midoriya is found by Touya and Enji Todoroki one starlit night Please understand I have four wattpad accounts, Asian_Trash_kill_Me is one of them! Do not come at m...
The Crimson Samurai by T2f4ddg
The Crimson Samuraiby Ken Shadow
Izuku Yagi is the son of Inko Yagi and Toshinori Yagi who is also known as the number one hero All Might. At the age of 4 Izuku and his twin sister Izumi Yagi went to th...
Unknown Number|BNHA by Clover_Exist
Unknown Number|BNHAby [Abandoned Account]
---- Summery #1 ---- Izuku just got home from his school, he's a bit beat up but nothing a little lying could do to make his mom believe he was just clumsy. Izuku was ju...
deku green lantern by BlaneVarnes
deku green lanternby Blane Varnes
basically Izuku becomes a green lantern and this will go along with the cartoon after the movie takes place and he will become apart of the justice league pls don't hate...
story ideas by Dabbling4365286
story ideasby blue smith
I have to thank you for doing this for a long but I can't cause of the shaped design of my life so here go. this what-if or fanfic to so here we go so thy some story ide...
the elemental hero :?????  by God-Of-LaZyNess
the elemental hero :????? by Matthew
In this au izuku will be the oldest todoroki, endeavor will be nice in this one so no. Evil touya and no unstable rei and the whole family will be heros
their Kitty by miah1464
their Kittyby Marie
Izuku Midoriya is a 4 year old boy who was abandoned by his family what happens when the number 2 hero finds him? *PICTURES Are Not Mine I Found Them Online Credit To T...
Sun and Moon by Ava282136
Sun and Moonby Shoto Todoroki
Todoroki and Izuku were kidnapped very young and eventually got saved by heroes. They have a close bond and as they grow up their bond gets even stronger. Note for you a...
Ultraman Dyna in MHA by RyukiShield
Ultraman Dyna in MHAby Leo
Izuku Asuka is the son of Shin Asuka and Ryo Yumimura that gets kidnapped by All Might and Inko since Inko can't have any children and decided to steal a baby This is t...
The True You Behind The Mask You Creat by Hinarikawa159
The True You Behind The Mask You
Izuku is a quiet child and very intelligent despite his age. He always have a perfect scores and top every subjects. Not only he has a cute face and a feminine body but...