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A Hero For Fun (OPM x MHA) by Avacomix
A Hero For Fun (OPM x MHA)by Avocado
This is a rewrite of my OPM x MHA story called a hero for fun. In this story, Izuku will not have a quirk, but will gain the super human powers after a terrible event th...
Karma || BNHA OC Fanfic by combat-wombat
Karma || BNHA OC Fanficby Coco
BNHA/MHA Fanfiction (BNHA x OC) Sure, quirks were powerful, but those were the product of offspring from normal people. They didn't know what real power was. That is, u...
Villainous (Villain Deku Rewrite) (Very Slow Updates) by Avacomix
Villainous (Villain Deku Rewrite) Avocado
This is, yet again, a rewrite of my Villain Deku story. I wasn't in the mindset to properly work on the other two, so I'm hoping to stick with this one, so lets see how...
Izuku The Phoenix Hero by NezutheRatGod
Izuku The Phoenix Heroby NezutheRatGod
Izuku was a average 4 year old boy always dreaming of becoming a great hero like his grandma was and older brother is. On the day he goes to see what his quirk is everyt...
The Decendent by Leveloneclub
The Decendentby Leveloneclub
In a world of superpowers where 80% has some unique quirk there's no way for Izuku to ever hope to become a great hero without one, even his family thinks so. Izuku will...
Your Turn (MHAxVillainMaleReader) by Avacomix
Your Turn (MHAxVillainMaleReader)by Avocado
Taking place right after the second defeat of All For One, you decide it's finally time to take the revenge you've been due all this time. You and All Might knew of eac...
Dad For One Oneshots (MHA) by Luna_Herobrine
Dad For One Oneshots (MHA)by Luna_Herobrine
A bunch of Dad For One one-shots thrown into one book because I love the theory about AFO being Midoriya Hisashi. Check out the content overview! I'll update whenever I...
[VILLAIN SYSTEM] by NozarickRin
[VILLAIN SYSTEM]by Nozarick Rin
Izuku, dies in the slime incident and wakes up in a void space with a blue screen in front of him. He accepts the systems power and Wakes up again. Using the power of ga...
Making Things Right by N0vu5_R4v3n
Making Things Rightby N0vu5_R4v3n
Midoriya Izuku has gone through hell and back. Not only did he find out that the number 1 villain is his father, but he had to watch all of his friends die right in fron...
All For One's UA {BNHA X AFO} (RETELL) by NikkFreeman
All For One's UA {BNHA X AFO} ( I_am_the_final_boss
What would happen if the strongest villain in MHA was instead born in the same period as our lovable Class 1-A? How would things change? How can a possible villain, beco...
A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing by HollowLegend
A Wolf in Sheeps Clothingby Hollow Legend
Tomura Shigaraki being the grandson of Nana Shimura wasn't the only bit of ground breaking information All for One said to All Might on the day of their final battle. in...
All For Some by RikuPen
All For Someby Riku
The superhuman society is great for some with popular quirks but not for quirkless let alone people whose quirks are seen as villainous, and that is how villains are cre...
Why Bother? by Cloudy_Autumn
Why Bother?by Cloudy_Autumn
"Why be a hero when you have the power to go against the Commission? It's a waste of time trying to save people in the end. After all, you're just post poning their...
One For All Reader x Mha by Usagi_TimeGod
One For All Reader x Mhaby Usagi Pendragon
(SPOILERS) You are the 10th user of One For All in your universe. But everyone there is gone... But then a portal opened up in front of you. You we're sucked in to find...
The Worst of the Worst by RoKkEr_scura
The Worst of the Worstby Nik Rock
Villain Deku AU No ship because... yeah, no ship This is my second story. Classic start of my stories as usual from Mind VS Might, nothing strange so far. As you know I...
I'll protect you Aizawa x child reader by that_one_izuku
I'll protect you Aizawa x child Kermit
This is not pedophilia. It's a father-daughter relationship The daughter of one of the world's most powerful villains- the daughter of the symbol of evil..... goes to U...
A Hero's Journey - Remade by Ragnark517
A Hero's Journey - Remadeby V
Welcome to the re-write of my first book ever that went by the same name. As you all know there are certain changes to the book, these are the changes - 1. UA is a coll...
𝙷𝚎 𝙸𝚜 𝙼𝚢 𝚂𝚘𝚗 by KendrickScream05
"You're not a Villain anymore?" "Yep,I gave up that life to have something better... a son."
The Next Avenger Hero: Izuku Rogers  by KnightRider_34
The Next Avenger Hero: Izuku Rider
Izuku Yagi knew class 1A since the beginning as they bullied him and abuse him from being quirkless. His true friends Momo Yaoyozoru, Kyoka Jiro, Mina Ashido and Kouji K...
Izuku: The Dragon God of Death by Thedankcowboy
Izuku: The Dragon God of Deathby Thedankcowboy
Izuku Yagi grew up quirkless and he was abused by his sister and his friends and neglected by his parents. But one day he had enough and decided to end it all. What hap...