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Ichika Snaps by Creeperleap
Ichika Snapsby Creeper
After much abuse and no comfort, Ichika finally snaps and the Byakushiki tries to find him a new home. Can Chifuyu and the girls fix the broken and link?
Ichika's Strange Taste: The Rewrite by Creeperleap
Ichika's Strange Taste: The Rewriteby Creeper
Same as the original, but it will be a bit slower and the characters will interact more. The events may change a bit.
Charlotte Dunois x Reader by NexusMHX
Charlotte Dunois x Readerby NexusMHX
(Y/N)'s mother was a highly respected IS fighter who was eventually killed in action. After her death, (Y/N) was able to spark a reaction from his mother's personal IS...
Persona 3: life in I.S. by kiritohikary
Persona 3: life in kiritohikary
After years of being the great seal. Minato is free in a world where his friends have passed away. Now in a new Japan he gets involved with the inventor of the IS. How w...
Infinite Stratos X Neglected Male Reader by Karna-the-lancer
Infinite Stratos X Neglected Karna
I say this for every book, but I own nothing.
Infinite Stratos: Uncle Sam by HuluOriginal
Infinite Stratos: Uncle Samby Scuttle Crab
As a young boy, Ichika Orimura is abducted by Phantom Task. However, before Chifuyu could arrive to save her little brother, Ichika is taken by another organization, an...
Unyielding Resolve - Cecilia Alcott x OC by DarkDefiance
Unyielding Resolve - Cecilia DarkDefiance
It goes without saying the world changed after the invention of the Infinite Stratos. Despite what is known, the change over the decade since the creation has been far f...
Kanzashi Sarashiki does the one thing no one else has... confess her genuine love to Ichika Orimura face to face. Will it be misinterpretation or manifestation of their...
Infinite Destiny (Infinite Stratos x Male Reader) by XD0010Bigfan
Infinite Destiny (Infinite MeganekkoSenpai
like usual, I'm not good at making descriptions. disclaimer: I'm don't own any pictures etc, they belong to their original creator. Vote, leave a comment, or follow me f...
A Possibility by Creeperleap
A Possibilityby Creeper
When Ichika was kidnapped, Chifuyu did not come to save him as she decided on fame over family. Fortunately, Ichika finds a new family. But what happens when his ex sist...
Infinite Stratos: La Vengadora by Wolfbeast5672
Infinite Stratos: La Vengadoraby David
Lautaro Tejedor is the seemingly cold, antisocial and IS Representative Candidate of Spain. He's one of the only two males able to pilot an IS, an Infinite Stratos, a f...
Infinite Stratos: Next IS Generation (Multi-Crossover X Infinite Stratos Fanfic) by T3rr4nR34d3r
Infinite Stratos: Next IS Ezra Villa
By the way, this is after the IS Infinite Stratos 2: World Purge-hen. Ichika Orimura is known to be, Chifuyu Orimura's student in kendo practice in the dojo. So does Hou...
Iron or Stratos by TactitionPumpkin
Iron or Stratosby 【Tactical Pumpkin】
Tony Stark Age 16 Super genius Stark Industries CEO Smartest person on Earth The Start:'I am Iron Man.' The End: 'And I.... Am... Iron Man...' This has been canceled and...
Ready to Fight in Another World by JeymisPeixoto
Ready to Fight in Another Worldby Jeymis Peixoto
(Kamen Rider Tycoon X Konosuba X Small Crossover Harem) Naoki Ryuga died trying to save his sister from getting hit by a truck, getting himself hit instead. God gave him...
The Undying Ace (Ace Combat Pilot x Infinite Stratos) by C____A____T
The Undying Ace (Ace Combat Douglas
Lieutenant Commander Y/N Pasternak, formally known as the leader of the Strigon Team, he was one of the best Aces in history. He fought valiantly for his home, facing an...
Ichika Snaps: Final Edition by Creeperleap
Ichika Snaps: Final Editionby Creeper
After burning out at the academy, Ichika decides to drop out. His IS uses her dimensional folder to send him to Earthland, the home of Fairytail, though she stays behind...
King of Games (Gamer Male Reader x Crossover) by Winter_Wanderer
King of Games (Gamer Male Reader Grandpoggers
Games. A thing people use to learn more about the other person, have fun, or both. Games have the potential and versatility to be whatever you make them out to be. So th...
The burning IS  by blastercrow
The burning IS by blastercrow
I do not on infinite Stratos nor gundam
Infinite Stratos: The Apprentice by AnAce0fSpades
Infinite Stratos: The Apprenticeby Old Account
Ichika Orimura, better known throughout the world as the apprentice of the infamous Tabane Shinonono and the brother of the Brunhilde, has been kidnapped during the seco...
Infinite Stratos - A Speedster's Story  by SamS0r3
Infinite Stratos - A Speedster's SamS0r3
A lightning storm hits Tokyo! It's unlike anything the world has ever seen, a portal opens a blue streak coming through. A damaged male comes through knocked out....The...