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A Complicated Love Story [Izuocha] by random_user52007
A Complicated Love Story [Izuocha]by Happy Halloween!
This is my first wattpad story so I hope you enjoy! This will be completely PG And if the artist has any problem with their beautiful work being my cover please tell me...
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Heroism in Parenting by HollowLegend
Heroism in Parentingby The Archetype
After Eri is rescued from the Eight Precepts of Death, she is put into the custody of Deku and Ochako in the Class dorms. On the first night she has a nightmare that cau...
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Shattering The Limit by HollowLegend
Shattering The Limitby The Archetype
After giving her successor Toshinori One for All, Nana discovers that's she is pregnant and births nine months later to a son she names Izuku. several months later her s...
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PMOYS(Denki Kaminari X Reader) (Texting AU) by ashlee_anime
PMOYS(Denki Kaminari X Reader) ( Ashlee
[COMPLETED] After adding Kaminari Denki on Snapchat due to a PMOYS (put me on your story), [F/N] accidently sent him a picture of herself to him that was meant to be se...
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A Complicated Love Story Book 2 [Izuocha] by random_user52007
A Complicated Love Story Book 2 [ Happy Halloween!
Hey, hey, hey! This is the second book in my series "A Complicated Love Story" If you haven't read the first book I'd recommend you do, otherwise this may make...
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Stay By My Side (Izuku x Ochako) by Calebsayshi5
Stay By My Side (Izuku x Ochako)by Calebsayshi5
Izuku Midoryia was just a quirkless kid. Until he inherited his favorite superhero's, All Might's, quirk. One for All. Now he plans to attend UA high to become a pro her...
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Why...(Hanahaki disease/Izuocha) by Addicted_to_Izuocha
Why...(Hanahaki disease/Izuocha)by Addicted_to_Izuocha
This is a Izuocha hanahaki disease fanfiction. This is my first fanfiction book/story that I made, so if it's bad then I'll understand why you stopped reading it. Charac...
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Our Hero Academia by M_Spriggs
Our Hero Academiaby M_Spriggs
Life is difficult. Even more so when you attend the top hero school in Japan, training to be number 1. Everyone needs a partner. Izuku and Ochako brave through UA high. ...
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My Marvel Academia (Season 1) by trigerhappy2134
My Marvel Academia (Season 1)by trigerhappy 2134
(Based off of the DeviantART concepts by DuckLordEthan. Artwork in this story is by him.) Izuku Parker and Ochaco Maximoff, a pair of childhood friends born into a worl...
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DekuRaka Tiras (Varios) by WitchWithe
DekuRaka Tiras (Varios)by Witch White
Traducciones de Tiras cortas, viñetas, etc. DekuRaka
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[1] I don't like you,I don't like you, I don't like you [Izuocha] [English] by swiftycarpenter
[1] I don't like you,I don't Reading Girl
Uraraka Ochaco was tired that everyone told her that she was in love with Deku. She was not in love with him, was she? It's so confusing! Here are the ten reasons why N̶...
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Bnha || Pros } Life after UA by BringOnDaNight
Bnha || Pros } Life after UAby ❤️🎉BNHA🎉❤️
Ever wondered how life with after UA is for some of class 1-A? Their now pros, and all high on the popularity poll. Every once in a while the Todoroki family will hold a...
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A Week Long Break by Notmweee66
A Week Long Breakby Some person
first fanfic because i ran out of izuocha to read and i must create more
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My Marvel Academia (Season 2) by trigerhappy2134
My Marvel Academia (Season 2)by trigerhappy 2134
(Based off of the DeviantART concepts by DuckLordEthan. Artwork in this story is by him.) Izuku Parker and Ochaco Maximoff, a pair of childhood friends born into a worl...
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BNHA ShipFictions! by Aerin_The_Anon
BNHA ShipFictions!by Aerin Lycan
The entire point of this is so I can write fanfictions about my favourite BNHA ships! Most of the fanfictions will be between the students of class 1-A, but I will also...
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Fixing a Heroes Mistake by aijazzy
Fixing a Heroes Mistakeby Jasmine 💛✨
*In an Alternative Universe than the original story* Izuku blamed himself. He blamed himself ever since his child's death. He still had Ochaco, Toshimaru, and Ulicia, bu...
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Izuku Midoryia's Last Target Rewrite by UnderthePen
Izuku Midoryia's Last Target Gabriel
Izuku Midoryia is the golden boy of Westside, but there is more to him. His big smiles and riches came out of nowhere, and it had peeked the interest of Ochaco Uraraka w...
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BNHA reacts to ships by Unicorn-Flowers
BNHA reacts to shipsby • Peaches •
Yes, there will be all the ships whether I support them or not. Please let there be no ship hating. Thanks. (None of the art is mine) P.s - There is a lot of profanity...
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My Hero Academia one- shots and memes by Socileopath22
My Hero Academia one- shots and ˢᴼᶜᴵᴸᴱᴼᴾᴬᵀᴴ
- PICTURES NOT MINE - VIDEO'S NOT MINE - CHARACTERS NOT MINE - SHIPS NOT MINE -REQUESTS ARE OPEN (I don't like some of the MHA ships even though I am a multi- shipper)...
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Symbiosis by HollowLegend
Symbiosisby The Archetype
Izuku Midoriya is the secret love child of All Might but unfortunately is born quirkless. after his class finds out about Izuku being quirkless he starts to be bullied...
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