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Forgotten for a reason by redpan45
Forgotten for a reasonby DinoGum
izuku Midoriya a normal boy till the age of four when he was abandoned in a forest by parents. Was left to die that is what he thinks he has been there for 12years.With...
A spiders hate (KNY X MHA) by DekuShrine
A spiders hate (KNY X MHA)by Deku_Fanfics
Neglected Izuku Yagi AU Izuku Yagi, brother of Izumi Yagi, son of Toshinori Yagi (All Might) and Inko Midoriya (Mindwave). Izumi had a stronger version of her mother's q...
A Light For All (Quirk Deku/Vigilante Deku) by wyxteria_06
A Light For All (Quirk Deku/Vigila...by Momochi
Izuku MIdoriya is known to be quirkless. Well, that's what other people thought about him. They just didn't know that he was a late bloomer. Being told that he was quirk...
The Undying Boy by NekoM4ster
The Undying Boyby JustAnotherSuperPerson
Izuku couldn't hold out anymore. After so much bullying and having his dream crushed by his idol, he decides to end it all in one leap out of a roof. Warning: Death and...
MHA: The Glitch Vigilante by Delusion10
MHA: The Glitch Vigilanteby Delusion10
Everyone said that Izuku Yagi could never be a hero without a quirk. Since he was 4 and deemed quirkless, Izuku's parents: Inko Yagi & Toshinori Yagi AKA Psy-Storm & All...
Flora by MyMindsRealm
Floraby MyMindsRealm
Midoriya Izuku........but with a plant quirk. This is my take on the idea @CrystalMoon576 had, I hope to make them proud.
A Heroes Gateway by Hiro_No_Kaze
A Heroes Gatewayby Hiro_No_Kaze
This is a fanfiction to what if Izuku had a portal quirk! This fanfiction will follow the main story line with a few changes here and there. There will also be an OC th...
Sweet Spider by Flos75
Sweet Spiderby Flos75
This Story is taken from a One-Shot written by Stillwell03. Go check his account because he has a lot of great stories. Izuku has learned to live in hiding, his 'monstro...
Hero? Villain? Which one do you think I am? by fallingangel85
Hero? Villain? Which one do you th...by Shiroichi-sama
In this AU Izuku is not a hero, nor he is a villain. He is not a vigilant too. He is just a normal orphan kid who live by volunteering in the morning and hacking at nigh...
Izuku Todoroki  by samue10
Izuku Todoroki by samue10
What if Izuku was born as a Todoroki? What if Izuku was born with a fire quirk?
White Violin Izuku by KenkenSite
White Violin Izukuby Kenkensite
this fanfic is inspired from Vanya of the umbrella Academy. were our character izuku has a same powers (quirk) of Vanya Hargevees.
The Living Hollow by HollowLegend
The Living Hollowby Hollow Legend
This is a My Hero Academia and Bleach crossover fanfic. It starts during the fight between Izuku and Bakugou, an accidental point black ultimate attack from Bakugou lea...
Izuku and The Sea Dragon by Hiro_No_Kaze
Izuku and The Sea Dragonby Hiro_No_Kaze
Izuku Yagi, born to Inko Yagi and Toshinori Yagi, the twin brother of Izumi Yagi. Neglected and abused by his family for the sole fact of him being diagnosed as quirkles...
 Glitched (Mha) by Ch3eseLord
Glitched (Mha)by Ch3eseLord
His vigilante name is Glitch, he fights villains and hacks into villains electronics to get information at night. During the day he's a civilian named izuku midoriya a f...
Feral (Vigilante Deku) by Chimera_Regarion
Feral (Vigilante Deku)by Chimera_Regarion
Everyone said he was untamable and not human like! His mother couldn't handle the pressure of a son that had such a unique quirk and gave him up. No one managed to cope...
Sweet Little Maniac by chipped_bowl
Sweet Little Maniacby Lex <3
!! Cover not mine !! (First fanfic) Dadzawa Izuku Todoroki The exhausting journey of Izuku and Shoto, born in the Todoroki Clan begins when a mouse-like creature reques...
Separated Todoroki Twins (Recontinued) by wolfepack520
Separated Todoroki Twins (Recontin...by wolfepack520
Where Izuku Midoriya never existed. But instead, Izuku Todoroki does. Izuku is the younger twin brother of Shoto. Izuku and Shoto look alike but different. Izuku has whi...
Ghost Magic by KenkenSite
Ghost Magicby Kenkensite
this fanfic is were our character izuku has same powers (quirk) from the Pokemon Mismagius and has same personality of Shadow Ghost in Knight Squad.
Nature's Gift ☘☘☘ by MHAfan0988
Nature's Gift ☘☘☘by Gummy Bears
Izuku Midoriya, a young independent boy who's thought to be quirkless and has been bullied for it. His quirk manifested late at the age of 9 with his love of nature, ani...
The Titan in a Quirky world by CresentMoon69
The Titan in a Quirky worldby CrescentMoon69
I'm not the best with descriptions sooooo... here we go: "Weak" "Worthless" "Trash" "Waste of space" Imagine a world of mostly fe...