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The Secret Pack by phoebeliciou
The Secret Packby Sonia Last
Book 1 of The Secret Series Kacper had been counting since he was a ten year old boy. Subtracting years, months and now the countdown was almost over. Kacper was countin...
Shrek The Player.. by BLUEMELANIEDORA
Shrek is one of the popular boys And has his way with girls What will that hold for Big Daddy Shrek😩 (I'm so sorry 🤭)
Funny how my story doesn't begin with how I got stuck with my two brutally honest besties. Or back when I had my very first crush on a clueless boy in my middle school c...
She won by iamwhoiamnowshu
She wonby R
When a child is given birth , usually the child is expected to behave in a certain way, follow a certain religion,groom accordingly But what happens when the only ray of...
Ciera Sultan by rainhither
Ciera Sultanby rainhither
Latest chapter: 10 // my forever Kiko and Lovel figure out a way to keep each other forever. ✧✧ What happens when your heart begins to despise someone your blood is boun...
NUNYA by wild___orchid
NUNYAby Fafalee💕🍀
Nunya is not your average teenage girl. She lives with a strict but caring aunt who fills in for the parents she does not have. Although life isn't really a bed of rose...
My Boyfriends Brother by Isabella485643
My Boyfriends Brotherby Isabella
A teen girl who had been dating this boy for two years but breaks up with him and discovers she has feelings for his brother. **DISCLA...
Pregnant by a Billionaire {Slow Updates} by queen_kayla8
Pregnant by a Billionaire {Slow Kay
Rose always wanted a child but could not find the right person to have her child with so she went to a clinic that was known for sperm donations. But what she didn't kn...
Two Faces by SeptemberSoil
Two Facesby SeptemberSoil
A Multiple Part Short Story In The Forms Of Poems. The Relationship Between A Gemini And A Virgo. Late Teens/Early 20's. Takes Place In College. Go On This Journey With...
40kg by rosiekook
40kgby rosie
"Next!" the nurse yelled. Irena Summers walked out of the curtains with a smug smile. "How did it go?" one of the girls whispered. Irena smirked. ...
мιne noт yoυrѕ by wherertheleanat
мιne noт yoυrѕby Where_it_at_tho
A normal girl just trying to survive her last 2 years of high school without getting into to conflict with the "popular kids". But what can she do when the pop...
💙NICKI💙💜 MINAJ💜 💛DAUGHTA💛 by Sierria_10
💙NICKI💙💜 MINAJ💜 💛DAUGHTA💛by Sierria Star
💚Its Triyha its ya gurl 😘 Nicki Minaj Daughta Love Ya see ya next time💚 😘🔛🔛and should i keep going 😂wit dis story 😂
never agaιn a cнandler rιggѕ ғanғιcтon ♡ by DinosaurCentral
never agaιn a cнandler rιggѕ ғanғι DinosaurCentral
Natalie baker, a Fourteen year old girl from Washington has to move in with her father who lives in Beverly Hills, California. she and her father don't have a face to fa...
A  Stroll down Memory Lane by superstar2028
A Stroll down Memory Laneby A ✨
On her 16th birthday, Clara returns to her home town after her mother found a job at a local surgery and her parents custody battle. As old flames are relit, Clara bumps...
Panic by NicoleManuelaMurphy
Panicby NicoleManuelaMurphy
A teenage girl named Nicole was sexually harassed by an ex friend(Laura) and after Nicole's dad sent her school principal about the situation, and after Nicole talked to...
Where We Stand by treeANDjaya
Where We Standby treeANDjaya
READ ALL OF THE BOTTOM INFO BEFORE STARTING BOOK❤️❤️ Things change between these best friends when they come back to school, Jessica's completely different and Colleen d...
The Truth Behind the Walls by runawaysouls
The Truth Behind the Wallsby runawaysouls
Teens, nobody seems to get them. From constant mood swings, hormones, and puberty life can be difficult. Katherine Ellis, a 'normal' teenager has to figure out how to ma...
My Life in a Dark World by LydiaClark9
My Life in a Dark Worldby Lydia Clark
I'm just an awkward 15 year old girl telling her personal stories to the world. I talk about tea, daily life, and other annoying stuff like that. All of the stories that...