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The Secret Pack by phoebeliciou
The Secret Packby Sonia Last
Book 1 of The Secret Series Kacper had been counting since he was a ten year old boy. Subtracting years, months and now the countdown was almost over. Kacper was countin...
NUNYA by wild___orchid
NUNYAby Fafalee💕🍀
Nunya is not your average teenage girl. She lives with a strict but caring aunt who fills in for the parents she does not have. Although life isn't really a bed of rose...
Ciera Sultan by rainhither
Ciera Sultanby rainhither
Latest chapter: 10 // my forever Kiko and Lovel figure out a way to keep each other forever. ✧✧ What happens when your heart begins to despise someone your blood is boun...
Beach Life || currently being revised by ChasingBrightStars
Beach Life || currently being Brit & Em
Kai and Kalani are both best friends, and surfers. They have lived their whole lives in Oahu, Hawaii. You can always find Kai and Kalani on the beach or in their small t...
Player (Chris Brown Story) by queenajaylove
Player (Chris Brown Story)by Ajay Love
Katya Henry is young, but she's no fool. When she says mama ain't raise no fool, that's a proven fact. She's smart and beautiful. Guys love her while most women either w...
Dandelion Season by CatsnIcecreamforever
Dandelion Seasonby ✨Livi ✨
Sweet Caroline and her mama starts fresh in the state of California, where their new life unfolds. Growing up in a farm, it wasn't necessarily easy for Caroline to conne...
Exotic $ by ineedtherapy_07
Exotic $by Imagine ✨
When will they ever catch a break? This book is based on true events that me and my friends have gone through, I hope you all enjoy!
Dream Sex by RDARLENE
Dream Sexby RDARLENE
When three girls and five guys all get in mixed up drama, will it end in a truly happy ever after or will they fall into an addictive, naughty game?
Silver Skies Academy by meghan_olaughlin
Silver Skies Academyby meghan_olaughlin
Jade Bryant's life changes when she gets a full scholarship to Silver Skies Academy. That was her dream riding academy as a kid. Jade takes her journey across the United...
The Fight  by gothsloth554
The Fight by gothsloth554
Two girls (Ela and vilot) have a big big fight
Past Love by charley_kiwifuzz
Past Loveby charley_kiwifuzz
When Vivian and Lucas meet at a friends Summer Pool Party, they instantly feel a connection. However there is something that do not know. Can people really forgive and...
Behind Every Desire Is A Boundary by e_katinic
Behind Every Desire Is A Boundaryby Mrs_Shakespeare18
A story about the boundaries within love. It's a hopeless crush that takes a turn. The modern Romeo and Juliet. The new Aria and Ezra.
My schools tea😜 by Waytocool4thisshi
My schools tea😜by Jj💪
If ur from my school and happen to see this...leave. basically fights and tea that's been going on. Idk im just bored
Just because  by bnm0915
Just because by bnm0915
Jayden was just your average kid but one thing changed it all, and for the record never tell her no.
Forgotten Rules by stardust-33
Forgotten Rulesby stardust-33
What if a student and staff member are unexpectedly thrown into war? What is left of the typical world when they are put in a situation where they must break the profess...
My Boyfriends Brother by Isabella485643
My Boyfriends Brotherby Isabella
A teen girl who had been dating this boy for two years but breaks up with him and discovers she has feelings for his brother. **DISCLA...
Our Lives Together by Aniko_Uzamaki
Our Lives Togetherby Aniko
This is about a group of friends who are trying to find true love, but instead dig up ancient history called drama and find themselves fighting, fussing and forgiving. T...
Jess's Life (TEENAGE DRAMA) by QuteBoyx3
Jess's Life (TEENAGE DRAMA)by ♫ ✞ ł ₳₥ ₲ØĐ ⚥ ✯
Jessica is a normal English teenager girl who is nerdy until her father looses his job and they need to move to America.. what will happen then?
Journal Entries by JusticeisServedXD
Journal Entriesby Julia M. Donovan
Destiny Hart writes in her journal about her life in Carson City, Nevada.
City Lights by EfeUnuigbe
City Lightsby EfeUnuigbe
Laina is a girl from a small and all she's ever wanted was to fit in. One day when her family packs up and modes to New York city she sees this as her opportunity to sta...