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The Unholy Trinity by trishthewriter
The Unholy Trinityby Trish Edmisten
What happens when the daughter of a mass murderer falls in love with the son of Satan? That’s what sixteen-year-old Fallon Keyes will find out when her father’s unspeaka...
Gatekeeper -  [ BL ] by s_iriu
Gatekeeper - [ BL ]by shwn
Erebus, A unidentified ruin gatekeeper. He has been protecting this ruin, serving his mistress, whom he pledged his loyalty to. even death cannot separate the knight and...
Ghostbusters Egon x OC by Constable_John_Mills
Ghostbusters Egon x OCby John Mills
A young woman named Jasmine Noelle Stanz is a small-time scientist who is Raymond Stanz sister, and she is about to go on the ride of her life. She will also meet many o...
The Secret Land of Otrâlmondé [1 | The Other Realms Series] by stella_vigo
The Secret Land of Otrâlmondé [1 | A Traveller...
𝐅𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐛𝐲 @𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 @𝐘𝐀𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐲 [The Other Realms Series | Book 1] The quietest towns always hold the most magical secrets. That was wha...
Behind the Mask of an Angel by nicholasdearpeace
Behind the Mask of an Angelby Nicholas Dearpeace
This is a story about a fallen angel Samael, better known as Lucifer, and how he became the Devil and created the nine rings of hell. As we begin our journey, we will fi...
one shot stories. by AdrianGonzalez558
one shot KiraaLinks
One shot short stories that I wanna do just to throw something out there from time to time. One of them already being Fire emblem. And more to come
things i aggressively hate by 1800-plzrailme
things i aggressively hateby pay
tbh i just enjoy bitching and complaining if u don't like it don't read it, it's pretty much just meaningless things that annoy me
Donkey: Independent Donkeyboss ✨😍😘💕💞💖❤💋 by lnformality
Donkey: Independent Donkeyboss ✨😍 υмi ツ
After Woody finds out the things Donkey has done, he leaves. Donkey, free from those chains, leaves with the hopes of setting a life of his own alongside his foal (?) (I...
✬StarGazers✫ by LoonaPlayz
✬StarGazers✫by LoonaPlayz
✬✬✬StarGaze is a AU of my own Characters, its mostly about People Changing or personality Swaps. Sometimes they stay the same due to death but that doesn't mean They can...
Guardians Of The Gate: The Book of Lore by Natalie480025
Guardians Of The Gate: The Book NatalieFaulhaber
Going to school, getting up for work, chores, and paying the bills. These are daily tasks that we all have to deal with. Or as most call it, "reality." Reality...
Excalibur Rising by me2you804
Excalibur Risingby Kat
Xandria has been blind since birth but coming from an ancient bloodline of guardians, she has a great destiny before her. As the descendent of Arthur's Merlin she has to...
The Hidden World of Nitea [2 | The Other Realms Series] by stella_vigo
The Hidden World of Nitea [2 | A Traveller...
[The Other Realms Series | Book 2] Actions, well-intended or not, have consequences. Some of them may be deathly. One year after the events that happened at Otrâlmondé...
Ask The Power of five by 10073890cg
Ask The Power of fiveby 10073890cg
This is going to be an ask book for The Power of five since I don't see that many funny stories that revolved around these guys. It'll take place after Nightrise but be...
sexy times with hitler bae by anathecumlover69
sexy times with hitler baeby anna sucks cum6969
Hitler and Rudolf Hess are sharing a a cell after being locked up. But things are beginning to get a little spicy...
RIVERS ( oc tag book ) by -bodycount
RIVERS ( oc tag book )by cassie ♡
" JUST GO WITH THE FLOW " in which i tag you guys in ocs for different roleplays (started 8 / 22 / 18 ) (ended x / xx / xx ) (cover made by @)
7 Deadly Sins - The Lost Banished Heir by Tri3LyriX
7 Deadly Sins - The Lost LyriX
The Seven Deadly Sins have awoken and are now in search of "The Lost Banished Heir", Cain who would be the key to their ascension to power. Cain's reincarnatio...
A Touch of Heaven by MariluDippenaar
A Touch of Heavenby MariluDippenaar
If one was to stop in the midst of your crazy life, to pay attention to those around you, you might just realize that you were never alone in the first place. Sometimes...
Gate Keepers  Timeline Trouble by yugenbard
Gate Keepers Timeline Troubleby JC John Sese Cuneta
Based on the anime/manga series "Gate Keepers". A defeated opponent appeared in the 90's, in the ASEAN region bent on conquering all the member nations. 2nd Ed...
Esta historia esta basada literalmente en dos elementos principales: 1.- Un juego de mesa interactivo llamado ATMOSFEAR. 2.- Una Pesadilla que tuve recientemente que tra...
Lost and Found : ON HOLD! by pababy123
Lost and Found : ON HOLD!by Bethany
Raven is in Brazil for her 17th birthday. When she meets a golden-eyed stranger he life will turn upside down. Twists and turns and love and heartbreak, how will Raven...