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Shrek x Woody *SHREXY* by daddu_shrek
Shrek x Woody *SHREXY*by lindsay baxendale
Shrek is a struggling artist. A poet to be exact. Then he meets the dreamy woody who turns his life around. *smut* With special guest Guy Fieri ~ highest ranking: #...
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  • fluff
  • toystory
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Thanos x Antman by apdoot
Thanos x Antmanby apdoot
im going to expand in thanos's ass
  • daddythanos
  • makeamericagreatagain
  • thanos
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smash bros ultimate x reader / one shots by pittco
smash bros ultimate x reader / i’d die for wallows
one shots for super smash brothers ultimate! enjoy uwu pittco 2019
  • smashultimate
  • imagines
  • ssbu
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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
  • mum
  • engineer
  • boyfriend
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Shrek x Donkey- A layer away from my heart. by Plopness456
Shrek x Donkey- A layer away Shrek Swamp
Follow the intense love story between Shrek and his noble steed, from prison to a wedding, from friends to lovers, find out how the pair finds the layer to each other's...
  • gay
  • romance
  • lol
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Bob Ducan x Shrek by itsamentalbreakdown
Bob Ducan x Shrekby Satan
Bob Duncan has been a naughty boi and Shrek will not have it
  • barrybenson
  • donaldtrump
  • shrek
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Shrek x Thanos by ItsNotAsIfYoureFake
Shrek x Thanosby ItsNotAsIfYoureFake
Fiona was unaware of the fact that her husband, Shrek, had been cheating on her. First, it was Farquaad, a small gay man who couldn't help but be attracted to Shrek. But...
  • luv
  • donkey
  • relationship
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Face Reveal And Stuff by may_bornmia
Face Reveal And Stuffby Mia
I might be boring to talk to, but trust me, I have some interesting stuff to share hehe. Just some stuff about your author, her upcoming stories, and updates on her lif...
  • fanfiction
  • authorsuniverse
  • poetry
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The tiki among devils (a male abused and neglected tiki tong reader x dxd harem) by marionettesson
The tiki among devils (a male Onii chan
What happens when an abused boy gets left in the suicide forest to die but then finds objects so powerful that all three fractions feared it, well hope you aren't found...
  • school
  • donkey
  • dxd
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InCorReCt qUoTes! (Countryhumans,cause why the fuck not?) by KoreaiiChu
InCorReCt qUoTes! (Countryhumans, Idiotic oppa
WhY dId I dO tHis? Because I saw loads of these incorrect quote thingys,so why not do this?- Most of these are from vine lmao and maybe from tik tok.
  • ass
  • cute
  • donkey
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Untold Love Story by Lord_Farquuaad
Untold Love Storyby Lord_Farquuaad
It's been two years since Shrek and Fiona got married, but Fiona hasn't been truly happy, wondering if life would've been better with Lord Farquaad instead. Little does...
  • donkey
  • lordfarquuaad
  • fiona
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Shrek and Cory Fanfic by shrekxcory
Shrek and Cory Fanficby Layers Of Onions
Shrek and Cory from Cory in the house do things
  • onion
  • donkey
  • love
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Shronkey mpreg fic. The big mistake  by rob_loves_rats
Shronkey mpreg fic. The big ✨ᵣₒᵦᵦᵢₑ✨
Shrek and donkey have been having a secret affair for a long time. One day Shrek and donkey did the frickle frak and donkey got Shrek pregnant. How will they tell Fiona...
  • shrek
  • waffle
  • wowza
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Donkey Kong X Reader Fanfictions (Taking requests!) by JokeFics
Donkey Kong X Reader Fanfictions ( JokeFics
These are joke fanfictions about characters from the Donkey Kong Animated Series! Feel free to request anyone you want! :)
  • jokefics
  • dk
  • thecrystalcoconut
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Finally Together (shrek X Farquaad)  by Jamonk
Finally Together (shrek X Jamonk
About three things I was absolutely positive. First, the hot guy's name was Farquaad. Second, there was a part of me that wanted him to farq me. Third, onions. Shrek X...
  • lol
  • shrek
  • gingy
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A by Gorillazfreak089
Aby RD
  • donkey
Fifty Shades Of Green - Shronkey by theafterpartykilljoy
Fifty Shades Of Green - Shronkeyby theafterpartykilljoy
Shrek and Donkey are in love, but can they be in love without hurting Fiona and Dragon? Find out in this rom com story about hardship, broken hearts, and of course, true...
  • donkey
  • dragon
  • shrek
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Jumpman by LegendaryEpidemic
Jumpmanby Lincoln Reign
Before the Mario Brother's climb to fame, before the Kart tournaments and the Parties, before the Mario Brothers themselves were even born, there was another man with th...
  • game
  • mario
  • donkey
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Ogre Heels (SHREK X READER) by honeybuddah
Ogre Heels (SHREK X READER)by MustardKami
Are you Shrek? Because I'm Ogre heels for you. I don't own Shrek btw.
  • xreader
  • shrek
  • fem
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Trafalgar Law X reader by TrafalgarDLaw99
Trafalgar Law X readerby I AM FABULOUS HONEY
  • xreader
  • eustasskid
  • donkey
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