The Unholy Trinity

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Trish Edmisten By trishthewriter Completed
What happens when the daughter of a mass murderer falls in love with the son of Satan? That’s what sixteen-year-old Fallon Keyes will find out when her father’s unspeakable crime forces her family to relocate to Lockwood. There, she meets Lucian Locke; a descendant of the town’s founding family and son of Satan. From the moment they meet, they’re drawn together by something neither of them fully understands. While they grow closer, the son of Jesus Christ and his followers do everything they can to come between them in the name of saving Fallon’s eternal soul. Together, she and Lucian find themselves in a battle against the son of Jesus and everything she thought she knew about good and evil is challenged in a way it’s never been before.
I'm sorry but I'm actually finding this so hard to read, the guy I like has this name and I'm just thinking about all the times in science when I made an absolute idiot of myself in front of him :/
I just successfully didn't read the book at all but some how still managed to get a A+ on my essay and test
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about the fourth or fifth time I've read this series and I'm so fucking pumped for this roller coaster of emotions HELALALALLALALala YESSSYEYSSES
                                    I guess the saying I am my worst critic is true in her case
isnt this sounding a lot like twilight? and yes I read those God dammed books...
Read this freshman year for english/ lit  and comp....then saw the movie  after